Sunday, August 25, 2013

Drug Legalization Debate

Lillian Garcia English 101 10/26/11 Essay #3 Final do medicines Legalization There are ceaselessly two sides to every assertion. Currently, at that place is an ongoing intervention in American clubho function most drug legalisation and the wisdom of the continued so called contend on Drugs. It is an unquestionable fact that drug use is gift in the U.S. fit in to figures by the Drug Enforcement political science (DEA) each division Americans toss off millions of tons of marijuana, thousands of tons of cocaine and spacious amounts of other intelligence altering substances including methamphetamines, heroine, angel dot, deification and abuse blush legal drugs available by prescription medicine or over the counter products much(prenominal) as spit up medicine and toxic materials much(prenominal) as glue and pass around paint. The reality is that Americans smoke, inhale, snort, inject, ingest and heretofore rub drugs for the pleasure or relief from their problems. Each year billions of dollars are exchanged for the beat of illegal drugs, that of which are produced both(prenominal) domestically and that are calamitous into the country. While domestic mathematical product accounts for some of the consumption, according to DEA figures the secure majority of the most customary drugs, cocaine and marijuana, are import from Latin American countries, in general Colombia for cocaine and Mexico for marijuana.
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Given the cock-a-hoop American dependence on drugs, the vast amounts of substances smuggled or produced domestically, the billions of dollars washed-out in justice enforcement, as well as the represent in human life taken by drug violence and the millions of large number incarcerated for drug trafficking bears many questions: wherefore do Americans go to much(prenominal) great lengths for something so pricy that they insure no diverse than alcohol. On the pro-legalization side the argument concentrates on the fact that in spite of more than forty days after(prenominal) the start of the War on Drugs initiated by the Nixon administration, we are no closer as a nation to defeat consumption, assay the smuggling of billions of dollars in...If you want to irritate a full essay, be adrift it on our website: Orderessay

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