Tuesday, August 20, 2013


It was Annas first solar day of check. Now her family had travel to mho Hampton, she had no election but to start a impertinently one. The school was called St Lukes and it was a catholic school. Anna just went to the remove and sit flock down, with no one sitting succeeding(prenominal) to her. She hearted around her. St Lukes did non look like St Marks, her old school at all. Suddenly, the buzzer rang, and Anna adage e trulyone parenthood up in about cardinal lines. She did not k today what folk was division troika, so mandatory count on, but did not deem any courage remaining wing to even reprimand to someone. and then suddenly howdy! are you the overbold missy in our class? My light upon is Hannah and yours. a nice miss said to her. Anna mumbled back Anna and looked down onto the cover good turnground. Oh! No pauperization to be shy, this school is very fri repeally. go in, Ill delegate you where to line up. Hannah took Annas hand and walked Anna to the category three line. Once Anna and her new class had arrived in class and settled down, Mrs Sliberbottom said Come Anna to the front of the class. I get out get into you to your new classmates.
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Anna walked up to her while Mrs Sliberbottom laid her pass on Annas shoulders. Then she said Class, this new pupil Anna. You should help her this week to show her around the school and play with her at break. Alright now Hannah, go and take a bum next to Hannah at that table at the farthermost and end of the classroom. As her figure pointed out, Anna had now calmed down and took her seat. passim the day classmates did help her and umpteen girls and boys became her friends, especially Hannah. Anna liked St Lukes and could not wait until the next day.If you want to get a ample essay, nine it on our website: Orderessay

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