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1. Background
\Humans have various kinds of habit. Starting from exercising, reading, writing, composing, and etc. In  among the many human habits, there is one habit that is very detrimental to human health them . it stranger , bad habits are often done by our society, the habit of smoking.
Smoking itself is not considered taboo in our society, although doing so is the child still sitting on the bench school . thing is very alarming, because as we know that in a cigarette there are many toxic substances which will affect our health.
Made up for it with this paper is expected to be conscious citizens and immediately leave or reduce their habits are not good . because  however offender health effects of smoking (current smokers) and the health of people exposed to secondhand smoke exposure of active smokers (passive smoking) is very large , because the toxic substances contained therein.

2. Destination
Seeing the increasing number of smokers each year, which will be the negative impact we are feeling good too fast or slow. So with these papers made public is expected to:
a. Knowing the ins and outs of smoking and toxic substances it contains
b. Knowing how big the impact of smoking for health
c. Reduce or even stop smoking after knowing the impact that caused the
3. Limitation Problem
In order to be a more focused discussion of issues and weight, in this paper will discuss the "dangers of cigarettes for healthbudy us".
4. Systematics Writing
The sitematika writing this paper are:

This chapter contains background about the problem, the purpose of writing, writing systematic problems and limitations.
In this chapter elaborated explanation - an explanation of the "Danger Cigarettes For Healthy Body You" which includes substances - toxic substances contained in cigarettes and its impact, some studies about smoking, barriers and how to overcome the problems.

This chapter contains the conclusions about the contents of the paper and suggestions that I convey to the reader the paper here . hopefully  bring benefits
                                                  CHAPTER II

General Description
1. General
Cigarettes are objects that are familiar to us. Smoking is a habit that is very common and widespread in the community. Dangers of smoking on health has been researched and proven a lot of people. Adverse effects of smoking were already clearly known. Many studies have shown cigarette smoking increases the risk of various diseases such as heart disease and blood vessel disorders, lung cancer, oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, cancer osefagus, bronchitis, high blood pressure, impotence and pregnancy disorders and defects in the fetus.
In fact, the habit of smoking is hard to break and people are rarely recognized as a bad habit. Moreover, people who smoke to distract yourself from the stress and emotional stress, are more difficult to break away from this habit than smokers who do not have a background of depression.
Recent research also shows the dangers of  handsmoke the smoke inhaled by the non-smokers around smokers or can be referred to as passive smokers. Smoking can not be separated from the raw material of manufacture of tobacco. In Indonesia, tobacco plus cloves and other ingredients are mixed to make cigarettes. In addition to tobacco cigarettes can also be used as a hand-rolled cigarette, cigarettes, cigars, pipes and cigarettes tabacco  smokeless (chewing tobacco).
From day to day the number of smokers increasingly increase . This is what will be making a huge disaster for the health of our bodies.
2. Substances - Toxic substances contained in the Cigarette and Effects
As we know in the cigarette smoke that is inhaled by the smoker, not less than 4000 toxic chemicals. Chemicals released consisted of gas components (85 percent) and particles. Nicotine, carbon monoxide gas, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, acrolein, acetylene, benzaldehid, urethan, benzene, methanol, coumarin, 4-etilkatekol, ortokresoldan perylene is sebaian of thousands - thousands of substances in cigarettes. But among the substances - substances mentioned above, there are 3 of the most dangerous substances contained in cigarettes. Substance - a substance that is:

a. Tar
Dangerous substances in the form of concentrated impurities that can clog and irritate the lungs - pulmonary and respiratory system, causing chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and in some cases lead to lung cancer - lung (deadly disease that is almost unknown to those who are not smokers). Chemical Toxins in TAR can also seep into the bloodstream and then excreted in urine.TAR left in the bladder can also cause bladder cancer. Additionally Tar can seep in the bloodstream and reduce the ability of cells - red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body, so it's a great effect on the circulatory system.

b. Nicotine
It is a substance that can be addictive and affects the nervous system, speeding up the heart rate (exceeding the normal rate), thereby increasing the risk of disease jantung.Selain that these substances most frequently discussed and researched people, because it can poison the body's nerves, increase blood pressure, cause constriction of peripheral blood vessels and cause addiction and dependence on the wearer. 4-6 mg of nicotine which is inhaled by adults every day are able to make people addicted. Additionally Nicotine plays a role in starting the tooth supporting tissue disease because nicotine can be absorbed by soft tissues of the oral cavity, including the gums through the blood stream and the attachment of the gums to the teeth and root surfaces. Nicotine can be found on the surface of the tooth root and yield metabolites that can be found in the fluid kontinin gums.

c. Carbon Monoxide (CO)
These substances can penetrate the bloodstream and reduces the ability of cells - red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body, making it a great effect on the circulatory system blood . antoher  that facilitate the buildup of carbon monoxide - substances plug the arteries, which can lead to heart attack fatal but it also can cause impaired blood circulation in the last foot . the effect  make women smokers are more at risk (than female non-smokers) had harmful side effects when taking oral contraceptives (birth control pills). Due which is why the gynecologist (gynecologists) generally reluctant to give birth control pills in women who smoke.

3. Some Research About Smoking
According to the Minister healthy  Indonesia Year 2004 Mr Dr. Achmad Sujudi, smoking in Indonesia tends to increase. Based on data Susenas (National Socioeconomic Survey) Indonesian population aged adults having ever smoked as much as 31.6%. With the large number and high percentage of the population who have the habit of smoking, Indonesia is the fifth highest consumer of cigarettes in the world by number of cigarettes consumed (burned) in 2002 as many as 182 billion cigarettes a year after the People's Republic of China (1.697.291milyar), United States (463.504 billion), Russia (375 000 billion) and Japan (299,085 billion).
Additionally, in a report recently released by WHO titled "Tobacco and Poverty: A Vicious Cycle or Tobacco and Poverty: A Vicious Cycle" in commemoration of World No Tobacco Day on May 31, 2004, proved that most smokers are poor communities . Even in the developed countries, the highest number of smokers come from the grassroots. They also have an economic burden and health brunt of cigarette addiction. Of the approximately 1.3 billion smokers worldwide, 84% of them in the country - the developing world.
The results also found that the highest number of smokers in Madras, India actually comes from illiterate communities. Then another research proves that the poorest communities in Bangladesh spend almost 10 times earnings for tobacco than for educational needs. Then research in three provinces of Vietnam found that smokers spent 3.6 times more on tobacco than on education, 2.5 times more on tobacco than clothes, and 1.9 times more on tobacco than on health.
4. Obstacle
In practice, it is not easy to implement a ban on smoking regulations. Because it is caused by several things:
- There is still lack of public awareness about the dangers of smoking to the health of their bodies, making it difficult for them holding coaching.
- Lack of dissemination of relevant agencies about the dangers of smoking, so people do not know how big the dangers of smoking to their health.
- Less tight control over distribution of cigarettes in our country, thus increasing the number of cigarette manufacturers.
5. How to Solve Problems Existing
Some of the ways we can do to adapt kit to avoid dangers of secondhand smoke is as follows:
a. Tarbiyah or genuine faith of Education - indeed for every individual communities so that they realize how impact  smoke cigarettes.
b. There is a good role model for the child at home, at school, or in the surrounding environment.
c. Person Prohibit smoking in front of the teacher to the student when teach .why? because we know that the task of the teacher is a role model for the students at the school. So it's only natural that teachers should set a good example for their students.
d. A vigorous and intensive counseling of related institutions. In this way the number of smokers is expected to be reduced, as they gain direct knowledge about the dangers of smoking to their health.
e. Creating Act - Act as done by Jakarta Provincial Government ban on smoking in public places such as schools, hospitals, playgrounds, and so on. And for that violation will be subject to sanctions or penalties 50ribu some dollars.
f. Disseminate fatwa MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council) of illicit cigarettes. Because this way people will think again to smoke.


1. Conclusion
By the fact that the previous description, it can be said that cigarette more (negative impact) of the positive impact. If this cultured continues, it could lead to serious problems in human health. And the public should be aware of the dangers of smoking to health them.However it is still difficult in Indonesia.
2. Suggestion
After reading this paper, hopefully people can be awakened to the dangers of smoking to their health and leave the habit of smoking, to maintain their health and will make their body fit and healthy to avoid life-threatening diseases.

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