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More and more responsibilities and duties of parental education on children feeling bigger. This can happen because on the one hand, the development of the information is particularly remarkable. While on the other hand, supplies parents to educate children is minimal. The explosion of information flow can be seen from the various TV broadcasts from within and outside the country that most of the time to watch. As a result, children are often beyond the knowledge of their parents. The development of science and technology, for example, the child can easily rattled and asked the meaning of the term "cloning" might rarely heard his parents, let alone know its meaning. Similarly, the scene kiss up to the bed scene will often see children on TV. Moreover for teens who have a chance of having a computer that can be connected with the world via the internet, it is a more "hot" more easily available freely and quickly.

Indeed, as stock educating children, the Buddha in the Digha Nikaya III, 188 mentions some parental duties towards children include encouraging children to do good, to prevent crime and give young children the opportunity to obtain an education. Education is not just education through schools, but also mental morality education. It is expected to get a decent education children are able to distinguish between good and evil. Understanding the good or bad is not just about daily actions that we know, like charity - steal; help - killing living beings, meditate - drinking and so on.
However, as well as maintaining decency. More specifically, to provide education for a person - in this case - teen, was able to use the sexual organs properly. It is obvious when we remember the three of Pancasila Buddhist precepts is determined to train myself to avoid adultery. In other words, adultery is the abuse of the sexual organs.
Children at an early age should begin to be introduced to sexual education in accordance with the stage of development of their maturity. Indeed, sometimes the parents rather difficult and awkward to start being open with children specifically talking about sexual education. In fact, with the wrong attitude, the child would likely try to find your own knowledge related to sexual life from a variety of sources that may be less feasible. As a result, the knowledge gained will be half and half maybe even completely false. Even worse, eventually the child would like to try the all-round knowledge that responsibility. Of course as the end result, parents will return dizzy took a decisive step when his son proved to impregnate his school friend, or vice versa, maybe the girl who still has not graduated from high school had to quit school because of pregnancy. It's a confusing thing.
To avoid that the paper is organized. Expected that after reading this paper will have little parental guidance to provide sex education to their children. Indeed, the information in this paper is not given in detail for the later implementation should be tailored to the circumstances of each family. Keep in mind here that in giving sexual education, indeed we can not avoid using the term to some to be obscene. But it is fair, as he had been told by George Bernard Shaw: "We are not taught to think about sex respectable. Consequently, we do not have the language for sex, but that is not honored " 

Sex education is an attempt to provide knowledge about changes in the biological, psychological and psychosocial services as a result of human growth and development. In other words, sex education is basically an attempt to impart knowledge about the function of reproductive organs to inculcate moral, ethical, and religious commitment to avoid "abuse" the reproductive organs. Thus, sex education can be called family life education.

The purpose of sex education
The information presented is to illuminate not to stimulate
Provides understanding of the consequences of any sexual behavior
Helping a mature decision-making in sexual problems arise.
Of sex education goals above, it can be prepared a couple of topics that need to be given to adolescents, namely:
Know the difference and function of male and female sexual organs

Know the risks of misuse of the sexual organs
 Giving religious provisions as a guide socially 
In introducing the diversity and function of male and female sexual organs, a parent at the first stage to use animals as a tool. Invite your child to observe gender differences between male cat with a female, for example. Show significant difference between the sexes. Later, they also indicate sexual activity. It can be obtained from the pictures, TV movies, or maybe we took the kids to the zoo.
When children begin to understand the gender differences that exist in the vicinity, from kenalkanlah with the difference that in humans. In this stage, the role of parents really very important for dad and mom actually represents the type of men and women. Dad will have to begin to explain step by step, to his son about the development of the sex organs that have been experienced. Similarly, should a mother explained to her daughter her development. In an effort to explain this, parents should have a little reading material so the information can be given clear and focused. The talk is open and full of friendship will help build a positive atmosphere in providing sex education is still quite sensitive in our society. Never caused an atmosphere of tension in children, just relax. Invite them in dialogue. Hear also the experience and information about sex that they get themselves in everyday life. If the information they heard it right, say so too if one correctly, fixing them in order not to get lost.

Once children understand the physical differences between men and women, parents should be wise now starting to show the function of the sex organs. Sex organs include the organ is outside the body, such as the genitals and breasts, and also that there is in the body, such as the uterus. Real sex organ function is also used to perform a variety of sexual activities as well as to conceive and give birth. In performing sexual activities, one of which is sex. Sexual intercourse should only be performed by men and women who are bound in marriage. Therefore, actual sex aims to:
reproduction (have children)
Strengthen relationships and increase intimacy inner pair
Giving pleasure
 Improving self-esteem
Loosen the tension
It is clear here that the sex as a means of trial and error and entertainment among friends, girlfriend or any of the opposite sex is wrong! Understanding is worth remembering because in our world, adolescents are often encountered in the courtship has dared to have sex. However, strangely the people around are also able to receive this kind of thing. In fact, some time ago, when there were people who were caught having sex dating scene then it would be very shameful disgrace for the perpetrator or his family. Is this so-called progress of time? Is this suggests that social values ​​about sex are changing? Indeed, the concept of sex will always change because there is no basis of a clear decision, there is no intrinsic connection standard. The former is considered aberrations, now become commonplace, homosexuality, use of contraceptives, for example.
In addition, pre-marital sexual activity causes more and more is because:
pullback average marrying age so that the continued insistence sex
Equipment readily available family planning
 Most importantly, the shift in the concept of love of self-sacrifice (self-sacrifice) to self-service (serve and satisfy themselves).
Society increasingly permissive (allowing) the behavior is because they are mostly in the group of self-service.
The results of the study by Liu Dalin Sex Sociology Research Center, Shanghai revealed that 86% of the city could accept premarital sex although the majority of respondents still consider a woman's virginity is the most precious possession to be brought to the marriage.
Pressure from peers or spouses themselves:
"If you really love me, prove."
"Do not obsolete, so early humans."
The need to love and be loved and fuzziness teens will love and sex.
 "I wanted to do it because she loves me."
I do it because I love him."
 Young adults tend to rebel against parental rules, including sex as a forbidden fruit
Curiosity and stimulates curiosity due to coverage or exaggerated in the media, internet etc.. In the atmosphere of mystery curious about sex, teens were doing 'research' of his own.

Although today premarital sexual activity became almost a natural thing, does not mean the act is permitted and safe to do, especially by teenagers. There are some logical consequences which may be obtained the offender. The first consequence is a perceived change in the offender himself. These changes include changes both physically and mentally. Physically, the perpetrator may be affected by some kind of diseases associated with sexual activity. There is even the possibility that AIDS infected until now still not be found cure. Or, for girls, the risk of pregnancy often have to be borne by the boyfriend left after learning of her pregnancy. While mentally, the perpetrator will often overshadowed by a sense of guilt, shame and low self-esteem because they feel he has tarnished. This feeling will appear in a person who does have a bit of morality. When you have no morality at all, maybe they are even proud of the "achievements" of its sexually transmitted disease or pregnancy during adolescence is. While for those who are immoral, clearly an act that violates a third precepts in Buddhist Pancasila would not exist in the dictionary of life.
In addition to an effect on the offender, sexual relations before marriage can also have a negative impact on the environment where the offender resides. The first environment is the parents and family. They, at least, would be embarrassed to have children who are seen as less moral. Another environment is the friend who might be ridiculed and even, exiling him.

3. RELIGION of provision
Religion, in this case Buddhism teaches Right Action as one of the Noble Eightfold Path (Majjhima Nikaya I, 151), so there must be guidelines so that the younger generation does not easily fall by the negative impact of the progress of time. Guidance is evident in the regulations implementing Pancasila Buddhist (Anguttara Nikaya, III, 203). Buddhist Pancasila consists of the determination to train to avoid murder and assault, theft, adultery (violation of decency), lies and get drunk.
As already mentioned above that adultery is an abuse of the sex organs. The condition of an action as a violation of decency are:
People who visited inappropriate / object adultery
 Intentions have sex with him
Enterprises have sex
Occurs sex
With regard to adultery, the Buddha explained that one of the ten good deeds (Digha Nikaya II, 322; Digha Nikaya III, 269; Majjhima Nikaya I, 287) is: do not do adultery. Instead one of the ten bad deeds (Digha Nikaya II, 320; Digha Nikaya III, 269; Majjhima Nikaya I, 286) is: do adultery
The Buddha recommends avoiding adultery because the act would lead to a result that would be detrimental to the actor and the environment. One description of the Buddha about it contained in Khuddaka Nikaya, Sutta Nipatta 18, Parabhava Sutta, 18, that:

Anyone who is not satisfied with his own wife, Seen together with the prostitutes and wives of the other causes of deterioration Here
Further in the Anguttara Nikaya IV, 287, the Buddha explained that one of the causes that can lead to one's downfall (Ap√£yamukha) is a seductive woman.
Even the bad consequences not only in this life, but also in the life to come, it is mentioned that:

Adultery, do yourself, encourage, permit, it brings people reborn in hell, in the animal kingdom, in the devil, or at least it will make the enemy by his environment.
(Anguttara Nikaya VII, 4:4) 


Technological developments obviously will never be blocked by anyone. Parents should be in addition to overseeing the development of their children, should also be able to provide education as clear guidelines so that they have stability in tread life. Sex education should be given to the young from an early age so that they can understand the benefits and consequences of the misuse of their sex organs. But of all the advice, teens should be allowed to self-provision moral face negative impacts socially waves. This is caused because the parents obviously are not able to supervise their children at all times. Children should be allowed once independent. Bekal moral guidance in the form of the Buddha contained in the Anguttara Nikaya I, 51:
Hiri: evil Shame
Ottappa: Fear due to misconduct With a growing sense of shame and fear of doing something wrong, the child will always try to avoid misconduct wherever he is. Buddhist Pancasila will be implemented well in front of the parents and if the child away from the parents. Indeed, the Buddha has said in Khuddaka Nikaya, Jataka, 1048 that without pegetahuan and without learning the Vinaya rules, people will undoubtedly go through life like a blind bull in the middle of the jungle.

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