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1.1 Background
A world of information at this time if the technology can not be separated from. Public consumption will technology make the world more and more sophisticated technologies of communication that was once a time-consuming now in its delivery technology to be very close to everything and without distance.
Initially, the technology was created to simplify every human activity. Starting from the human mind that seeks to facilitate activities which are then applied in their daily lives. Now the technology has advanced rapidly expanding and growing along with the times resulting in the transfer of technology functions. For example in one of the advanced facilities at this time we will discuss about the mobile phone that is better known as the mobile phone.
A few years ago, mobile phones owned only by the pembisnis who really need it to work smooth. Over time the phone can be had by all. For now the phone is equipped with several features that make the phone has some function other than to call or send short messages to each other. Mobile is no longer just a tool for communication. But also as a lifestyle, looks, trends and prestige.
Besides, the price offered is quite affordable, many mobile phone features are also provided to support the advance of technology. With the development of technology, more and more mobile devices everything from Games, Mp3, Camera, Radio, and Internet connection.

Among teenagers using cell phones as a tool for multi-function multi-function teens may use positive and negative depending on each individual.
Positive examples of the use of mobile phones by teenagers:
1. Facilitate communication to connect Hospitality (messages and phone).
2. Means of finding information needs (internet).
3. Assist the learning process.
4. Means for entertainment (games, audio, video).
Negative examples of the use of mobile phones by teenagers:
1. As a means to store things that contain obscene.
2. As a means for competing show prestige.
3. The use does not comply with the conditions. For example, when the learning process is underway using a mobile phone for sms's with friends.

1.2 Objectives

Purpose of the paper is as follows:
1. To determine the development and use of mobile phones by teenagers.
2. Provide information to students, teachers and the public, especially teenagers about mobile development.
3. Provide information to students, teachers and the public, especially youth on the impact of mobile phone use.
4. To train students to be able to make a scientific paper well with data that already exist.
1.3 Problem Formulation

    What is the definition of a mobile phone?
    How is the development of a cell phone from time to time?
    What is the role of mobile phones on the lives of teenagers along with the development of technology and communication?
    What about the fact the attitude of the teenagers who use mobile phones?

5. What is the effect of using mobile phones for life?
6. Any action taken to avoid teens?

1.4 Troubleshooting

1. Definition handphone.
2. The development of mobile phones from time to time
3. The role of mobile phones on the lives of teenagers along with the development of technology and communication.
4. The fact the attitude of the teenagers who use mobile phones.
5. Effect of the use of mobile phone in life.
6. Actions taken to avoid abuse of teenage mobile phone.


2.1 Definition Mobile

What is a mobile phone? Handheld or mobile phone is an electronic telecommunications device that has the same basic abilities that conventional fixed line telephone, but can be brought everywhere (portable) and need not be connected to the telephone network using a wired (wireless LAN).

2.2 Development of Mobile From time to time
          - History of Mobile
Mobile phone technology was first introduced on April 3, 1973. Mobile telephone business community as a day to remember the birth of the mobile phone. When was the first time long-distance conversation with mobile phone portable devices do. The first to try was Martin Cooper, General Manager of Motorola's Communications Systems Division. The idea that the phone came from Cooper dreamed of making a flexible communication tool. He wants to get out of the limitations of fixed telephone (landline). Mr. Mobile. Cooper weighs almost 1 kg with height 33 cm. As a new technology, mobile phones are not sold directly to the public. It took 10 years to move telephone service is available commercially.
Precisely in 1983, when Motorola introduced the DynaTAC 8000X. This is the first phone that received permission from the Federal Communications Commission) FCC and can be used for commercial purposes. FCC is the U.S. government agency that regulates all the regulations regarding broadcasting (broadcasting) and dispatch radio or television signals over the airwaves. Mobile is available on the market in April 1983. Weighing approximately 16 ounces or 1/5 kg. Sold at a price of 3500 U.S. dollars, or approximately USD $ 30 million-an.

2.3 The Role of Mobile Phones On Life Teen
Of course this led to technological advances such great changes in the life of mankind in all civilizations and cultures. Especially for teenagers. This change also gives such a huge impact on the values ​​that exist in the community. Especially people with oriental culture and customs, such as Indonesia.
Currently in Indonesia so we can see the effects of technological progress on the cultural values ​​that embrace the community, both urban and rural communities (modernization). Advances in technology such as television, telephone and mobile phone (HP), even the internet not just hit the city, but also can be enjoyed by people in remote corners of the village. As a result, all the valuable information both positive and negative, can be easily accessed by teenagers.
Today we can see how advances in technology have affected the lifestyle and mindset of youth. They interact with technology such as televisions, mobile phones, or the Internet. And also in effect, they were the most vulnerable to the effects / negative impact of these technologies.
Indeed, mobile is very important for the youth, such as the mobile phone, the teens can be more easily and smoothly to communicate, however, when it was mobile phones could become a thing of the danger when it turns out the phone was abused by the child to negative things such as saving pictures or videos porno and also used as a tool facilitating communication with the opposite sex for the things that are less useful as dating, so the phone had a negative impact on children, especially teenagers like the promiscuity, sex outside of marriage and declining achievement learning can occur even children take money or valuables owned by his father without permission just to buy credits.
In essence, the advancement of technology and its influence in life is something we can not avoid. However, we can make a wise move for ourselves, families and the public to the tremendous technological progress is not to shift our identity as human beings with the norm.
However, as a member of society, and especially as parents, we have to make the selection terhaqdap technology advances, so as much as possible to prevent the negative effects of technology on children especially the teenagers who are the golden generation that will be the successor of our struggle to form a moral and civilized nation in the future.

2.4 Facts The Teens Who Use Mobile

Kids today already have a mobile phone and no day without  felt uncomfortable because the phone can be in use as a communication tool, and as a tool that can store files that are very valuable. Children today are more concerned with phones than lessons.
Following an act of teenage students in particular are often found. There are positive and negative attitudes.
- Negative Facts
1. Many students who have taken up much of his spare time mobile phone for texting or phone each other (not to learn).
2. When the learning process taking place in the classroom students choose busy with their mobile phone.
3. Some students who use communication devices to communicate with each other when the current test.
4. Many students keep things smelling pornographic and pornography.
- Facts Positive
1. Students do not stutter technology, students can follow the development era technologization world and students can be more productive, effective and efficient in time, energy and money because there is no means of communication that allows business.
2. Students can find material to search through the phone via the Internet.

2.5 Effect of cell phone users Toward Health
            Apparently besides influential  style everyday, cellphones can also health for its users. Can we know from research scientists about the dangers of cell phone use. U.S. experts said, that we should avoid the 6 bad habits and the use of mobile phone users there are 8 types should be avoided.
Relevant experts show 6 bad habits mobile phone use to adverse health include:
1. Hanging mobile  or waist. For those who arrhythmias (no heart rhythm), cardiac function is not perfect should not place the phone in the chest. e hung on the waist or the sides of the abdomen may be fertility function. A safer and healthier is stored in a carry bag as well.
2. Attaching the phone to the ear when calling. When calling, and yet connected, the radiation will get stronger, then you should keep the phone from the head, then a new interval 5 seconds back.
3. Cell phone signal weakened when his ear. Based on the working principle of mobile phones, in a state of rather weak signal, the phone will increase the power of the waves sliding elektromagnetnya automatically, so that the intensity of the radiation getting stronger. By attaching to the ear, then the radiation experienced by the head will double.
4. Phone conversation for too long. The experts advise, do not touch the phone for too long either, if so could consider fixed or wear a hearing aid, if forced to relate in the long term should also be heard alternately on the left and right ears 1-2 minutes.
5. Hide in the corner of the wall and whispering received a call hiding in the corner of the building in the prevailing conditions, the closure of the signal at the corner of the building is not so good, and so it can phone radiation power angle increases.
6. Pacing (always moving). Some people subconsciously prefer to walk slowly when called, always moving to and fro, but did not realize that moving the position of DAPT instability of the received signal, thereby causing high power slide in a short time that can not be required.
In addition, the following eight types of people should reduce mobile phone use:
1. Epilepsy
2. Heart
3. Weak severe neurological
4. Cataract
5. Diabetes
6. Pregnant and lactating women
7. Children
8. Parents aged over 60 years

2.6 Actions to Avoid Abuse Adolescent Mobile
Here are some actions that can prevent misuse of mobile
1. Refusing an invitation to keep friends and see things that and pornography.
2. Do not bring cell phones to school or turn off the phone when the lesson so as not to disturb the concentration of study.
3. When at home you should set the best time between learning and using mobile phones.
4. Learning as possible in order not to use mobile phones during exams.
5. Avoid accessing porn sites or downloading pornographic content
6. Using a mobile phone if necessary and for the things that are important only.
7. Increase the religious content on mobile phones.
8. Giving the security code on the phone if needed.
In this case the control of the parents is also very important. Given the number of juvenile delinquency is less noticed by the parents.

1. Advanced facilities that have been provided in a mobile phone is supposed to be used appropriately and properly.
2. As a teenager should prioritize learning.
3. As more people should consider everything to be given to the child by looking at the effect on the development of children, especially teenagers.
4. The use of cell phones that are too long can lead to negative things, then you should teens who often use cell phones to call reduces the intensity and use as needed.


3.1 Conclusions
From the discussion, it can be concluded that:
1. One technology that is currently the trend in Indonesia is a mobile phone to various communities. Mobile is now a staple of Indonesian society. Besides, the price offered is quite affordable, many mobile phone features are also provided to support the advance of technology.
2. Mobile is no longer just a tool for communication, but also as a lifestyle, looks and trends.
3. The development of technologies that are on the phone so amazing cause enormous changes in human life with all its civilization and culture, especially the young.
4. Mobile tantalizing us with a variety of technologically implemented. And the more variety also means increasingly sophisticated use of the facilities.
5. Often the phone turned a student should learn as a key task.
6. Mobile Function is not used as it should be but instead misused by various parties.
7. And the number of the positive and negative impacts to the phone.

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