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1.1. Background

With globalization, advances in technology also evolved. One example is the technological advancement of the internet. Therefore, a lot of actors who use the Internet for negative purposes. Examples pornography. This has become a common word among masyaraka especially children under the age of which is now fluent in the internet. Many researchers who discovered the rise of pornography to children. This is not just talk but merely proven in the field.

1.2. Problems

In this paper, we have formulated several problems as follows:
1. Understanding pornography.
2. The cause of the pornography.
3. Its impact factors of the child.
4. The process of its impact children.
5. The characteristics of the affected and addicted to pornography.
6. The impact of pornography to a child's development.
7. How to cope with.
8. How to prevent.

1.3. Destination

Our goal writing a paper titled "PORN" is as follows:
1. Notifying the impact of pornography.
2. Inform signs an affected child pornography.
3. Provides information on how to prevent the child is not affected by pornography.
4. Provides information on how to cope with an already affected child pornography.

1.4. Research Methods

The method we use to compile this paper are:
1. Methods of study books
            We assembles this paper by examining several sources of books that are related to the problems that we formulate.
2. Interview Method
            We interviewed some of the children who often browse.
3. The method of mass media (electronic)
            We use this method to find the sources of the Internet.


2.1. Understanding Pornography

Pornography is pictures, sketches, illustrations, photographs, text, voice, sound, moving pictures, animation, cartoons, conversation, gestures or other forms of messages through various forms of communication media or show in public that makes obscenity or sexual exploitation that violate norms decency in society.

2.2. The cause Pornography presence

Pornography emerge shortly from the discovery of photography. The spread of pornography first time in the United States. There they make a men's magazine whose content pictures nude or semi-nude women.
In this day and age of pornography in the United States is growing and they are also spreading to other countries. One of their goals is Indonesia, especially to children.

2.3. Its impact factors of child

Some of the factors that influence children to commit pornography or watch pornography are:
 Do not get parental affection.
 lack of religious values.
 a bad neighborhood.
 free association.
 The video off sensor.
 The child reading a destructive spirit.

2.4. The process of its impact child

There are several processes that cause the affected child pornography, namely:
 often hear the curious.
 Want to know and find out.
 Want to look and see.
 Want to try and try.

2.5. Characteristics of Affected People and Pornography Addiction

The characteristics of people affected and pornography addiction are:
 Easy thirsty.
 Frequent urination.
 often delusional.
 It's hard to concentrate.
 often play the "Play Station" and the internet in a long time.
 decreased academic achievement.

2.6. Negative Impact of Pornography for Child Development

In fact, pornography raises a lot of negative effects, especially on children. These are the negative effects of pornography, are:

2.6.1. Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is any form, behavior undertaken unilaterally and not expected by the person to whom to cause adverse reactions, such as shame, hurt and so angry at the person who becomes the victim.
After watching pornography, usually the person concerned to find a way to vent his sexual urge. Well, children are individuals who are vulnerable to sexual harassment, especially in Indonesia sex education for children for most of the parents are still taboo and yet time is given. The result is often a victim of child sexual outlet by the people around him, especially close to the child. Besides being easily exploited children also did not know that vital organs should not be shown to others.

2.6.2. Sexual Deviations
Sexual deviance is sexual activity pursued by someone to gain sexual pleasure with acts.
Children who have not had time to see a scene or display intimate relationship of husband and wife or other pornographic images beamed, and unknown to the parents so that the parents do not immediately give an understanding (in a language that is easy to understand the child). When young adulthood may experience sexual perversion because that is in the child's mind is the scene nasty, sick, sinister, and so on.

2.6.3. Difficult Concentration
Concentration is the focus or concentration of the mind on the things we do to rule out anything else.
With its impact children against pornography, child becomes difficult to concentrate because he has in mind are the bad thoughts that they have not understood. The danger again, if pornography is deeply rooted in the mind will be more difficult to remove when its future is still long. Children still need a lot of concentration in his life.

2.6.4. No Confidence
Children can be so confident because he sees frame from TV shows or even the rise of the surrounding environment.

2.6.5. Withdraw
Children who experience sexual harassment or sexual violence tends to pull away, covered and insecure. Moreover, if parents do not immediately seek help psychologists and tend to always blame the child, scolding or use of force. In the future, it could be the child will hate their parents because it reminds the sinister events of his childhood.

2.6.6. Mimic

Children are the great imitator, what he saw and what he heard from the adults and the environment will be replicated. Children do not know what is right or what is wrong, what is allowed and what is not allowed, that they know an adult is a model or the best source for the copy. You can imagine if the contents of the TV show, the scene porn on the internet, HP, behavior of people in public places unscrupulous raw imitated by children.

2.7. How to Tackle

We can cope with train children to be honest and then the child will be honest. If the child is honest then he will realize that he was doing was wrong. Children are expected to have the will to quit pornography addiction. Here are the steps that can be passed parents in tackling child pornography, namely:
 Put the pictures worth seeing kids in the room and another room frequented by children at home.
 Move the computer to a place that is easy to watch.
 Implement commitments prevent addiction in children.
Apart from parents, the government also as a way to mitigate blocking pornography sites, conducts seminars and counseling for teens, etc..

2.8. How to Prevent

We can prevent that child pornography is not affected. The most important role of a parent. Parents should always give love to their children also look after even more of the negative outside influences. Ways that parents can be taken are:
 Identify the child.
 Encourage self-esteem and confidence of children.
 children think, choose and make their own decisions.
 Provide children with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves and always be aware of any possible danger.
 Instill moral values ​​and religion.


3.1. Conclusion

Of this paper, we can conclude that:
 Pornography is a thing that can destroy the moral character and the next generation.
 Pornography can lead to decreased academic performance and increase the number of free sex in Indonesia.
 We can prevent pornography occurs through the role of parents, to always keep their children from negative influences.
 Pornography can be overcome with the role of parents who give positive suggestions to his son.

3.2. Suggestion

We suggest a few things, namely:
 Parents are expected to pay more attention to early childhood.
 Keep early childhood from negative influences.
 The government should immediately establish a firmer Pornography Act.
 Give children sex education appropriate to his age.

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