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What is Facebook

Facebook trend in society is strong enough, make a lot of fans who end up buying a smartphone in order to be able to continue to access and to change status. Facebook is interesting, as a mini-blog, Facebook allows its members to write status in the wall, what he feels or what he was experiencing, then other members can comment makes it even more exciting.

Website Facebook lets you accept a friend request from a close friend, school friends, relatives and even your old friends. People who do not know before you can invite friends through Facebook. Or you can also enter the picture and mark the ones that exist in the image, so that people can see the marked image. You can also enter the event schedule and invite others via Facebook. Another feature is that you can chat or chat with other members who are your friends when you are online simultaneously.
Indeed, many interesting features that you can get through Facebook. Often people use Facebook media to promote their products because of the many members of Facebook. But even as a knife can be used to cut food to be cooked and can also for a crime, then Facebook also has a negative side if misused. What are the negative effects of Facebook?

Negative Effects Facebook
Update your status, upload photos, chat or watch the walls of others can be very exciting and make sure time. It is often perceived that the members of Facebook. So, in order not to lose track of time have good discipline. For your child, takes measures how long they can access the Internet and could not run out of time to rest, study or other activities.

For couples who are married, using Facebook can cause a rift in their relationship. When you see the words sent by a romantic opposite sex from your husband or wife may be able to cause an argument. Or with Facebook, communication with the opposite sex can be very intimate, making you often tell your problems to him to make in the end you're interested in the person, not the couple themselves.
Include complete biographical data, even phone numbers or home addresses to lure people who are not responsible. This is because if it is not dealt with specifically, everyone can read this information. And if this information is used by people who intend evil, then it is easy to do. Protect your privacy while feeling confident that the site has been completely safe. Share your information only to those who really know. Ignore the invitation of friends if you are suspicious of the person's membership on Facebook. Even if you've got a threat or act less fun than anyone else on Facebook, you can report the person to the manager up.

Many people compete to have as many friends as possible on Facebook. Always check who you invite friends and who invites you to be his friend. Because it could be your only friends with people who intend evil or send spam on your wall.
Various interesting applications are also available on Facebook. However, some of these applications may contain viruses or malicious applications. If there is an invitation to use a particular application, and you are not sure then just ignore the invitation. You can ask other people or your friends who already use these applications to request recommendations.

The Importance of Monitoring Your Child
When adults only able to be made infatuated with Facebook, especially teenagers who are at times delighted met and wanted to show his true identity. Facebook has become the virtual space as a forum for friends who liked them. The lack of experience of the teens make them often an easy target of criminals, especially sexual predators and pedophiles.

Various news in the newspaper showed that many children who leave home due to meet with someone and possibly find love with new friends. In fact, it is not certain who the person is, given the virtual world, one can only cover up his true identity. It may be that the person claiming to be a young single or disguised as a good kid. When your child to leave home to meet someone like that, of course, can cause harm to your own child and bring grief to the family.

So, how as parents can safeguard and protect children from bad influences Facebook? You can try to do the following things in order to keep control of your child's Internet activity either via a PC or laptop as well as through HP.
Attempting to learn about the Internet
Maybe for parents who do not understand about the Internet technology, learning is a challenge. However, in order to monitor your child, at least you have to understand about the Internet. Learn about how to use email, chat or have a Facebook account. By knowing it, you can also teach your child about this. Even you can become Facebook friends with your children, so they can simultaneously monitor any updates that your kids do on Facebook. Never too late to learn the technology. Even many members of Facebook are the elderly!
Tell about the dangers that lurk in the use of Internet
Remind your child that while interesting, they must be aware of the dangers the Internet. One way is to remind them not to tell the complete personal data to strangers and do not include them in a personal profile.
hanging out fairly in cyberspace
Tell your child not to accept everyone who wants to be friends on social networking sites like Facebook. It is not necessary to have a lot of friends in the virtual world. Because if a stranger is accepted as a friend, a stranger can more easily access the profile and range of your child's information. Do not also are too familiar with friends on the Internet or even a serious relationship only being interested in his face, his skills or anything else that is not necessarily true. Having friends in the real world is much more secure than friends with people who may be hiding his true identity in cyberspace.
Do not allow your child to access the Internet without direct observation
Putting a computer with Internet access in rooms is a big mistake that might be a parent. Children who do not fully understand the dangers of the Internet, it can secretly access the Internet without your knowledge. In the bedroom, children can freely access the Internet without being noticed. To reduce this effect, the computer should be placed on a lot of people passing by, for example, in the family room.
Facebook as a social networking website can indeed be useful to all users. If used correctly, you can enjoy the many positive and beneficial. But do not relax your vigilance, because behind a lot of benefits, if misused then Facebook could be a danger of destroying your family. Always use Facebook wisely.

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