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Drug is kind of a dangerous drink and dangerous for those who a saying of the Prophet Muhammad cursed khamr or liquor Fifth Major Precept include the ten categories:

* That is one hadith history of At-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah. Al khamr literally means closed, taken from the vocabulary khimaryang Means veils (head coverings) and katakhamr Fifth Major Precept meaning drink or liquor (Miras). Such people taking khamr cause minds closed so that no bias given his or mambuk.Rasululah SAW set khamr (Miras) not only of the material to make khamr (Miras), but more than the effect caused, is intoxicating. Alcohol (Liquor), regardless of the name used by humans but can make people drunk, lost my mind, such as Ganja, Arak Toak and the like. The law is haram khamr defined by the Prophet Muhammad Fifth Major Precept is something that can result in loss of precious organ . even reason is the pleasure of Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala to control the movement of members of Islamic law asserts tubuh.Maka khamr drank a good bit especially many law is unlawful . Rasulullah SAW said "any drink that much it's Fifth Major Precept, so little else is haram" (HR.Ahmad, Abu Daud and Tirmidhi)

Liquor divided into 3 groups, namely: -Goal A 01% -05% Goal B-grade 05% -20% Goal-C levels of 20% -50% Several types and levels of alcoholic liquor contained in it: -Beer, Green Sand 1% -5% -Martini, Wine (Wine) 5% -20% -Whisky, Brandy 20% -55% CachacaDivininha.jpg

Impact People who drink alcohol 1. Physical Aspects (Health Physical / Physiological)
Impact of alcoholic beverages among others, will cause damage to the liver, heart, pancreatic and gastric inflammation, muscle nerves, disrupting the body's metabolism, making the penis become disabled, impotence and other sexual disorders.

A. how alcohol damages the liver
Organic damage caused by the use of alcohol continuously often fatal. Organs most frequent structural changes caused by alcohol is the liver. Normally, the liver has the capacity to hold active substances in the cellular section. In case of poisoning various poisonous compounds, we analyze liver as if it is the central of foreign objects. It is the same with alcohol.
Liver of an alcoholic is never free from the influence of alcohol and often met him. Capsular structures or membrane fraction of the liver from alcohol affected thereby preventing dialysis and secretions should be. Heart be great for vessel-dilating veins, extra fluids and tissue thickening.
This is followed by contraction of membrane and shrinking cellular parts of the whole organ. Then the bottom alcoholics become dropsikal due to disruption of the blood vessels that carry blood backflow. Structural heart filled with fat cells and undergo what is technically designated as 'fatty liver'.

b. How does alcohol damage the kidneys
Kidneys also suffer due to excessive alcohol consumption. Renal blood vessels lose elasticity and strength for contraction. Tiny structures inside the kidneys go through the modification of fat. Albumin from the blood easily pass through their membranes. This causes the body to lose its power as if the body is gradually bleed.
c. Congestion of the lungs
Alcohol soothe blood vessels of the lungs easily as they are most exposed to the fluctuations of heat and cold. When experiencing the effects of rapid variations in atmospheric temperature change, they become easily congested. During the severe winter, lung congestion fatal easily influence of an alcoholic.
d. Alcohol weakens the heart
Consumption of alcohol greatly affects the heart. The quality and structure of the membrane that surrounds the heart lining and thicken turned into such as cartilage or chalky. Then the valves lose their suppleness so-called valve disorder becomes permanent. The structure of the lining of blood vessels of the heart also changed the structure so that the same veins lose elasticity and strength to supply the heart with a decline from its distention, after the heart through denyutannya, has filled it with blood.

Again, the muscular structure of the heart fails due to degenerative changes in the network. The elements of the muscle fiber is replaced by fat cells or, if not so replaced, are themselves transferred into a modified muscular texture so that the force of contraction is reduced drastically.
Those who suffered damage from the central organ organist and organ blood circulation arrangement tacitly aware, it is difficult to see until the damage is more severe. They are aware of the failure of the power center light causes such as fatigue, difficulty enough rest too long and can not touch the food.
They feel what they call "drowning", but they know that wine or other types of stimulants will relieve the sensation quickly. So they tried to remove it until they found out that the way has failed.
The heart of the faithful, have worked too hard and become jaded so it can not work anymore. Heart has expired and regulating blood flow has been damaged. Reverse flow can overwhelm the network has gradually stem the course or stop completely in the center with just a mild shock or excessive movement.

e. For women Disorders
Alcoholic beverages for this is identical to drink man but now a growing number of women who start drinking alcohol craze. In fact, the more over-consumption of alcoholic beverages is bad for women.
The fact studies suggest that women get drunk faster turns, doctors have warned that diseases related to alcohol more quickly emerging in women.
Women alcoholics can suffer brain damage, particularly on cognitive neurological function. But that does not mean alcoholic men free from problems. Female alcoholics have poor test results in terms of visual memory, cognitive flexibility, problem solving and planning.
In addition to damage to brain nerves, alcohol also damages the liver. Again, the impact damage occurs faster in women than men. The composition of water in the body of a woman less than a man. In the male there are 65 percent water, while only 55 percent of women so that women get drunk more easily. Alcohol is absorbed into the blood and then carried by the water into the cell. Well because the water in the female body a little more, then the concentrations of alcohol in the blood is higher even if they drank the same amount as men. Although the liver is not sensitive to women on alcohol, but the concentration of alcohol in the body of a tall woman would make women more easily damaged liver than men.
The impact of alcohol on the metabolism of women different from men. In addition, men have more body water content so as to reduce the impact of alcohol. Another reason put forward is an enzyme that converts alcohol into an inactive material less on women. If women and men are given the same weight in the same amount of alcohol, blood alcohol content three times higher than women.
In addition, alcohol abuse can also lead to malnutrition and lowered resistance to disease, while a negative effect on your appearance. No one can say for sure, but to abstain from drinking alcohol may be one way a woman can stay healthy and look younger alcoholic drinks for women who are pregnant will damage the baby. Consumption of the effect on a child's later cognitive abilities. In addition to problems koginitif child born to a mother who consumed alcohol during pregnancy also might have problems with lack of attention and reaction.
Here is a bad influence for health akohol you who may not know before:

Drunk: Consumption of alcohol may make a lot of drunk and causing casualties suffered headaches, nausea, vomiting and pain in certain body parts.
Weight gain: Since most alcoholic beverages have calories and sugar levels are high.
High blood pressure: Alcohol is a trigger of blood pressure.
Decreased immune system: The immune system is weak, then your body vulnerable to infection.
Cancer, heart disease, respiratory problems and liver disorders: The more often and the more the amount of alcohol you consume, the greater your risk of contracting cancer, heart disease, respiratory problems and liver disorder.

2. Impact of Mental Disorders (Psychological) Can permanently damage the brain tissue, causing a power failure memory, judgment skills, study skills and specific mental disorders.

Memory Disorders. Memory impairment is usually the initial trait don prominent in dementia, especially in the cortex of dementia, such as Alzheimer's type dementia. Early in the course of dementia, memory disorders are mild, and most definitely for the events that just happened.
Orientation. Because memory is essential for orientation to person, time and place, can be subject to a progressive orientation during  Dementia. For example, patients with dementia may forget how to get back to the office after going to the bathroom. However, no matter how hard disorientation, patients show no interference on the level of consciousness.
Language Disorders. The process of the cortical dementia, especially Alzheimer's type dementia and vascular dementia, may affect the patient's ability to speak. Characterized by language difficulties locution vague, imprecise stereotyped, or spinning.
4. Personality changes. Changes in personality is the most disturbing picture for families affected patients. Patients with dementia have paranoid delusions. Impaired frontal and temporal possibilities obvious changes, irritability and explosive - explosive.

Psychosis. An estimated 20 -30% of patients with Alzheimer's type dementia, having hallucinations, and 30-40% have delusions, especially with paranoid or persekutorik nature and not systematic ..

Side effects that caused:
Depending on the amount / level of alcohol  small amounts, alcohol produces a feeling of relax, and users will be easier to express emotions, such as joy, sadness and anger, mouth feel dry. Pupils dilated and the heart is beating too k. may be will also arise sense The effects after consuming alcohol can be felt immediately within a few minutes, but the effect is different, at first raised difficulty breathing (for those in need of a little air fresh).
Type of physical reaction is usually not too lama. will emerge feeling as if we become great in every way and every feeling ashamed of being lost . head  feels empty, relax, and love when drunk, we feel needs friends chat, friends reflect , and also to talk about things secret . all feeling will gradually disappear within 4 to 6 jam.setelah that we will feel very tired and under pressure . if consumed more, will appear the following effects: feeling more free longer express themselves, without feeling constrained to emosiona (sad, happy, angry to excess) appears due to the function - motor, the slurred speech, blurred vision, staggering, and motor incoordination until unconscious bias self  ability mental obstacles, the disorder to focus and recall tergangu. user a usually feel in control and control attitude . in fact they are unable to control themselves as they can. Therefore, it is found that the car accident caused by a car driving in a state mabuk.Pemabuk or heavy alcohol users threatened to serious health problems such as colitis, liver disease, and damage brain. sometimes alcohol use with hazardous drugs, so that the effect is so folded ganda.bila this happens, the effects of poisoning from the use of the combination will be even worse and the possibility of over-dose will be greater.
Not surprisingly, the Islamic religion as Ummul khabaa khamr look-its or other heinous deeds and mifathu Kulli syarrin believe the key to all disobedience when the mind is obscured by the influence khamr is natural for someone to act outside control. not crime be performed, such as fights, murder , crime, disturbing the peace and disturbing the environment.

The Quran commands people to stay away from or forbid khamr this, as in revealed by Allah in Surah Al-Maida verse 90-91, "O you who believe, the truth is khamr, gambling, sacrificing to idols, raffle fate with arrows is a heinous act and is doing devil . So shun impact  actions so that you get lucy. is just meant cause enmity and hatred among you because khamr and gambling, and hinder you from going to stand in the remembrance of God and prayer, then stop you "
From the meaning of Quranic verses can be perfectly summed bahwa.khamr (alcohol) was rijsun, something vile and dirty (unclean). Khamr (alcohol) is the act syetan.khamr (alcohol) was always dragging the crime, hostility, and resentment among human .Khamr (alcohol) prevents people from doing good, keep people from the remembrance of Allah and hinder people to establish prayers . and  khamr (alcohol) in all forms and levels are forbidden. Similarly, Allah forbid and ordered people to stay away, only to save human was also there. When consumed in excess, alcohol can cause side effects mental disruption organic (GMO), which is impaired in function to think, feel, and behave. The emergence of GMOs is due to the direct reaction of alcohol on the central nervous system cells. Because of the addictive properties of alcohol, people who drink it in the long run will unwittingly increase the dose / dosage until the dose poisoning or drunk. They are exposed to GMOs usually experience changes in behavior, such as looking for a fight or commit other acts of violence, unable to judge reality, impaired social function, and impaired work. Physiological changes also occur, such as an unsteady gait, flushing, or crossed eyes. Psychological changes experienced by consumers such as irritability, talk shit, or loss of concentration. Side effects of too much alcohol is also blunting the immune system. Chronic alcoholics makes it much more susceptible to viruses, including HIV. Those who are addicted usually experience a phenomenon called alcohol withdrawal syndrome, that fear stopped drinking alcohol. They will often trembling and heart palpitations, anxiety, restless, moody, and a lot of hallucinating
The purpose of writing Dangers Liquor
The purpose of writing is to order booze Danger Man does not drink alcohol, because drinking alcohol is not allowed by Religion and also resulted in drunk or lost control How to avoid Liquor Liquor or alcoholic beverages are drinks that are prohibited by religion and government. But among the public, it is no secret that many people still consume miras.  environand than ment also teenagers, for example, is not hypocritical
in the first also had plunged into active users of illicit beverages. How to avoid alcohol itself actually bother easy, depending on our intentions as individual. if we can limit their interaction with users of alcohol, of course we are also able to stop myself not to consume alcohol again. Limiting social drinker does not mean to stay away from it, we could still hang out with them but on bad habits such as drinking alcoholic beverages if you can not at another environmental factors, factors from within oneself is also important if you want to stop consuming alcohol. Because if we want to really 'intention' to stop doing negative things, for sure one day there will be on the way .that is a little review on how to avoid alcohol, alcohol users may they soon realize that these drinks are not useful but it can lead to bad consequences the body and prohibited by religion. In chemistry, alcohol is the name for an organic chemical compound containing a hydroxyl group (-OH) and attached to the carbon. Carbon atoms, and then attached to another carbon atom. The benefits of alcohol in the lives of so many. Alcohol can be used for medical, automotive, beauty, and mixed drink ingredients.

But what happens if you do not enjoy alcohol sensibly and tend to be exaggerated. Definitely the negative impact that will always arise. Before discussing further, you need to know in advance what it is alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are drinks containing ethanol. Ethanol is a psychoactive substance and its consumption causes loss of consciousness. In many countries, the sale of alcoholic beverages is limited to the number of the course, most people who have passed a certain age limit. Ethanol or usual type of alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages can be produced from the  fruit, wheat, or yeast. Ethanol is a type of alcohol that can be created naturally. Ethanol, in fact, has existed since thousands of years ago and was known as a drug for the fun of the oldest and most widely used. Consuming alcoholic beverages is now such a part of the lifestyle of some communities in Indonesia. Starting from a mere trial and error, many of which later end up addicted to this one type of beverage. Alcoholic beverages have different levels. For example, beer and soda alcohol (1-7% alcohol), wine (10-15% alcohol), and alcohol or commonly called the spirit (35-55% alcohol). Blood alcohol concentrations reached within 30-90 minutes after drinking. So far, the negative impact of excessive alcohol consumption are the most widely known is drunk alone, and that too may disappear by itself. But it turns negative effects not just stop there. Not just cause drunk, but alcohol also have other negative effects to the body. The impact of alcohol-containing beverages high in humans are destroying the human body's metabolic system, which led to addiction and damage to some elements of the brain.

How to prevent the influence Liquor Someone who has been addicted to alcohol or drugs is difficult to break away from dependence on these items, but that does not mean can not. Here are some things you can do to break away from the shackles of dependence on alcohol or drugs:
1. Create a condition where  busy with some business (preferably affair indeed likes / hobbies positive), so it's time to recall these items can gradually forgotten. 2. Create a condition that  himself determined to leave this world for they do, and this is the best and most important. 3. If  often got drunk with his friends, then it should be kept away from her social 4. If a Muslim, it is frequently in mosque congregation, listening to religious lectures and mingle with the scholars. 5. Families should more often advised / reminded him gently, about the dangers of alcohol / drugs. Do not use violence, ridicule or yell at him.

Similarly, we can describe the material that is the subject of this paper, of course, there are still many shortcomings and waitnesess, due to limited knowledge and lack of references or references that are associated with the title of this paper.
The writer much hope dear readers Dusi give constructive criticism and suggestions to the author for the perfect paper and writing a paper on the opportunities next . hope this paper is useful for writers in particular are also dear readers generally
Criticism And Advice: Finally the paper entitled Danger liquor has been completed and hopefully this paper can be useful in such a short time for all of us whether it is for teenagers so they can understand about the dangers of liquor that can be biting our moral and the younger generation.
If there are errors in the writing of papers and language deficient and lacking in content paper .we expect criticism and suggestions, so that this paper is better

From the above papers can  conclusion that: 1) alcohol is the stuff that is very dangerous and can damage the nervous system that can change a person's personality to be getting worse. 2) alcohol is a source of criminal acts that could undermine norms and public tranquility. 3) Potential negative impacts that affect the body both physically and psychologically 4) waste

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