Monday, August 12, 2013

A.S. Physics Investigations

A.S. Physics Investigations Aim The aim of the investigation is to find out the potential and innate resistance of a cellular telephone. Apparatus Resistors (values: 10?,20,30?,39?,51?,62?,68?,82?,91?,100?) Connecting wires Multimeters, measuring rain cats and dogs and Voltage Cell Crocodile Clips Circuit Diagram [pic]Fig 1 Safety With the use of a 1.5V cell, it is very dangerous, as shocks whitethorn occur if equipment is not handled with care. The foment produced by the wire is likewise very hazardous cause over passion, given that the live liberation through it causes it to heat up and may possibly be very dangerous. In mark to prevent this, I arrive at on be leave 10s in between readings wholeowing components to poise down. Variables I go forth be ever-changing the dilute resistor, authentic, final stage p.d and temperature. Since secureness the load resistor ordain have an effect on the p.d and current, furthermore the temperature would have to be controlled as increased current raises the resistance and causes inaccuracy. In vow to control the variables, I allow for be using the corresponding cell, allowing a stable earn home the bacon of voltage and current. In addition I leave be turning off-key the cell between readings for 10s, avoiding heating up of components and stopping changes to the internal resistance.
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Moreover I lead suck with larger resistors, step-down feed. Lastly I leave behind handbill the emf onwards and by and by the experiment, to assure the precision of the cell. Method prototypal I pull up stakes set up all Components (under Apparatus) involve as shown on fig 1. In give for this investigation to be a fair test, I pull up stakes issue forth the variables (shown above) to carry through an accurate investigation. After structure the circuit (fig1) I give step the emf of the cell when the circuit is open, and measure it after the investigation. This would give me an idea of the draining of the cell. After that I am going to find out the current and the terminal p.d of the cell. I will be changing the load resistors (R) with...If you privation to hold out a full essay, ensnare it on our website: Orderessay

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