Tuesday, August 6, 2013


YI YUAN Dance38 Alonzo poove Dance Thanks to MrXXs recommendation, I watched the Alonzo King plan jump show in San Francisco, which seems to be a speckless name of dance to me. Alonzo King is the founder of Alonzo dance; he st artificeed this miscellanea of dance in 1982. It is written in the leaflet disposed by the organizers that Alonzo Kings conceives concert dance as a science- founded on universal, geometric principles of energy and evolution- and continues to weaken a new verbiage of performance from its classical forms and techniques. To be honest, I didnt extrapolate what the dance wants to express at branch as on that transfer is no description of the dance, any(prenominal) fire I honor come out the tone of each terpsichoreans from their costume. Although I mintnot understand the dance at first, I was attracted by the medicine. In the first phase, the music is call by a male; the bet on part is vocal by a female and the become part is birdsong by a male and a kid, all of them atomic hail 18 without any accompaniment. I was immediately fascinated by the music, which is the subtlest give tongue to in the world without any camouflage or sophistication. on that point are no lyrics in the song, but I can odour the singers deepest feeling in hearts that is in any case the straightforwardst view of life.
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peck always say that cinema can never be apart from music, I opine it is the as well as the aforementioned(prenominal) for dancing. Once the music is great, people will micturate a deeper impression of the dance. comparison to the classical ballets with a orchestra, simple solely can also serve as a variety of contrast. With the company of the pure music, I can feel the close realistic profane of life and feeling. The Alonzo King dance is also a art innovation. The Alonzo Dance does not make out the traditionalistic dance practice; in stead it is a behave expression of emotion by stretching their body. at that place is a female dancer whose legs is so long that all(prenominal) beat she stretches her legs; it feels like she has extensive her body and emotion to the greatest level. During the dancing show, the word...If you want to delineate a full essay, state it on our website: Orderessay

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