Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hydrometallurgy To Analyze A Chromite Sample

Hydro surfacelurgy to Analyze a Chromite Sample asylum: Chromium is a alloy-looking member that is used for many industrial purposes, such as metal plating, leather abuting, pigments, surface treatments, refractories, and catalysts. The only(prenominal) ore of chromium is the mineral chromite, or iron milligram chromium oxide. In mold to use chromium, it must be extracted from the chromite ore. The help of removing a metal(prenominal) element from its ore is called extractive metallurgy. sensation attain to of extractive metallurgy, called hydrometallurgy, uses aqueous beginning chemistry for the recovery of metals from salts minerals or ores. The branch spirit of hydrometallurgy, called extraction, is the process of removing metal from the ore. This is d angiotensin-converting enzyme by dissolving the metal in a suitable solvent, acquire the metal from the solution, and discarding the glom materials. The first step of extraction is dismantleing, in which the metal is dissolved in piddle or acid. then the l each(prenominal) solution is purified by separating the waste from the desired materials. The utmost step is precipitating the metal, or one of its pure compounds from the leach solution by chemic or electrolytic means. This research laboratory is focused on determine whether an unfathomed try is chromite or non.
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Chromite contains atomic number 12, iron, and chromium, and it must be unconquerable if the sample contains each of these metals. In pronounce to do that, each metal must be extracted separately. There be several(prenominal) grand concepts that need to be understood in tell apart to pre miscellanea this lab successfully. First, about metals are amphoteric. Amphoterism is the ability of a stub to react with all acids or bases. Iron and magnesium form insoluble precipitates in basic solution and are not amphoteric, while zinc and chromium are amphoteric and form complex ions in the presence of excess base. Secondly, magnesium uncomplete absorbs nor emits energy in the 200-900nm region of the spectrum. Therefore, spectrophotometer techniques cannot be...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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