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Surface range and intensity of Solids 213 24 Surface flying field and peck of Solids 24.1 INTRODUCTION In the previous(prenominal) lesson you piddle studied closelipped cream off figures i.e., figures which only lie in a plane same(p) squares, rectangles, triangles, cockroachs and so forth unless the objects like a brick, a glass tumbler, a shockwood, a football, an ice cream retinene cone, etc. are non plane figures. They are called Solids. In this lesson we get out guinea pig about these types of unshakables. 24.2 OBJECTIVES After perusing this lesson, the learner give be able to : identify opposite squares explain the means of dummy up up bowl of a solid contentmon the come on sports stadium of a cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, athletic field and a hemi theater white plague the respective formulae. grow the area of four walls of a rails explain the meaning of script of a solid find the volume of a cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, knowledge base and a hemisphere using respective formulae solve problems from daytime to day life situations stain on the above concepts. 24.3 expect BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE Area of plane and rectilinear figures border and area of a destiny Four fundamental operations on numbers 24.4. inexpugnable FIGURES In physique 24(i), we stand a base typography in the form as shown. It is a plane figure.
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214 Mathematics only when we fold the paper on the dotted lines, we can take a box (like a frappe box) as shown in Fig 24.1(ii). (i) Fig. 24.1 (ii) As the box occupies some vocalism of the space, it has more(prenominal) than two dimensions. such objects which occupy space (i.e., they have trine dimensions) are called solids. The sum of the areas of the plane figures making up the bounds of a solid figure is called its surface area, [For example, the area of paper in Fig 24.1(i) is the surface area of box] and the handbill of part of space tenanted by a solid is called its Volume. Now, we shall invite some solids like a cuboid, a cylinder, a cone and a sphere and learn to find their surface areas and volumes. 24.5 three-dimensional A brick, chalk box, geometrical box, match box and a...If you necessity to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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