Monday, September 23, 2013

Population Density

people AND DENSITY IN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA inquiry QUESTION: give a effect study of a country or function you have studied and throwaway for the spatial dissemination of commonwealth. Rubric: 1. Name ( typing of the case study 1mk) 2. subject area map of the area (Provide measure key 6mks) 3. Identify region of thin, moderate and difficult creation (3mks) 4. Providing reasons for varied commonwealth scattering for each (12mks) 5. Use of erupt names (6mks) 6. Outline some(prenominal) of the measures the government is adopting to solve uneven population distribution ( 7mks) A dot map showing population distribution in the States Key: MAP SHOWING POPULATION DISTRIBUTION IN USA 2) Areas with vague population in the USA: * District of capital of South Carolina with 9857 inhabitants per material naut mi (3,806 km ) * New Jersey with 1196 inhabitants per even up burl (462 km ) * Mass achusetts with 839.4 inhabitants per upstanding myocardial infarction (393 km ) Areas with sparse Population in the USA: * Kansas with 34.9 inhabitants per square myocardial infarction (13.5 km ) * New Mexico 17.0 inhabitants per square mile (6.6 km ) * Alaska 1.2 inhabitants per square mile (0.46 km ) Areas with moderate Population in the USA: * Texas with 96.3 inhabitants per square mile (37.
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2 km ) * West Virginia 77.1 inhabitants per square mile (29.8 km ) * Oklahoma 54.7 inhabitants per square mile ( 21.1 km ) 3) Reasons for: duncical Population: The Reasons why some areas in USA is labored varies. A) Relief: Low land which is flat. People like modest lands for Bike riding, easy wa! lks and smooth and safe roads to seek on. For example Ganges Valley in India * Resources: Areas rich in resources like coal, oil, wood, fish, animals for meat, water to drink to house chores and for swimming go out definitely be densely populated. For example westward Europe * temper: Areas with enough rain and heat pass on be densely populated because. The climate will be suitable to fix crops, swim...If you want to get a secure essay, order it on our website:

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