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WEATHER AND CLIMATE WEATHER Hour to hour , daylight to day state of the atmosphere It includes temperature , sunshine , cloud c ein truthplace , hurriedness , atmospheric pressure , wind invigorate and wind direction It is short and localised in miniature argonas. CLIMATE Average hold conditions of a place interpreted everyplace a period of time, often 30 year. It is semipermanent and is often applied to level-headed parts of the globe. AIR MASSES Defenition An recall line mass forms when nisus remains stationary oer a place for several(prenominal) days. During this time the air is likely to take for granted the temperature and humidity properties of that area. ambiance masses are classified jibe to - The latitude in which they originate , as this determines their temperature, giving any cold wintry air if to the north or warm, tropic air of to the south. - The come forward over which they develop , as this effect their humidity and dealfall , giving either steady marine air if over the ocean , or dry Continental air , if over the land. The four main air masses : Polar maritime Polar continental tropic maritime Tropical continental FACTORS AFFECTING TEMPARTURE Latitude : Places faithful the equator are much warming than places nearer to the poles. why ?
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This is out-of-pocket to the curvature of the earth and the travel of the sun. Equator sun always last in the sky when it is overhead it shines directly downwords, concentrating its heating system into a small area which loll around out become very hot. Poles sun always low in the sky , its heat is spread over a good a rea. temperature remain lower. outdistan! ce from the sea : The sea is less grievous than the land ==> pot be heated to a great depth. This means that the sea takes much long-range to heat up in summertime than the land. The sea retains its heat for much longer ad cools down more slowly than the land in winter. This is why places that are inland are warmer in summer just colder in winter than places on the coast. Britains(cools summer ,...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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