Friday, September 20, 2013

What Happened in Weed

What Happened In Weed? George and Lennie were in the townsfolk of Weed, walking sprout down main street when they saw a petty(a) male child yelling Extra! Extra! state all intimately it in todays news stem!. The sons yelling startle Lennie of course, because even though he has the body of a ox he has the fountainhead of a preschool child. As Lennie wined his wits George was walking to the child. George tell hey kid what happenin? the boy tell Mister the town ships comp each is misfortune this night, you should come you could meet a straightlaced gir- just as Lennie walked back over he ripped the paper from the kids spends, but the boy held his grip and the paper ripped. The boy verbalise hey since this giant basterd ripped it your remunerative for it now the boy then started to slug Lennie in the upper legs. George who was snickering verbalise to a man who came to what the racquet was This damn kids got a Napoleon complex. The boy became tired by and by his punc hes were to of no avail. George tossed many quarters to the kid and he scurried off. Lennie ran to George said Cmon George lets go to the party George said sure weve had a bulky days prevail on the farm, we could use some(a) relaxation So ulterior that evening George and Lennie went to the party which was held in the town square. at that place was terpsichore women in dresses with their partners, a food table, and music.
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George went over to the leaping realm while Lennie wandered off towards the food. He got his plate and started to gather some food when he stopped at this howling(a) hogget looking foring thing on a magnetic disc when he said whats this? the man standing ne xt to him said Its hunt down Which came as ! a shock to Lennie and he dropped his plate on the ground and said Who cooks up minute baby rabbits and ingest em Lennie then walks away with a disgusted look on his face. George on the other hand has not been any better by himself, hes been slapped three multiplication for using the harm words talking to women and punched in the expect for bumping into a guy. When he sees Lennie walking his...If you want to get a full essay, aim it on our website:

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