Saturday, September 28, 2013

"M.U.R.D.E.R." -A Study System

*Mood: Set a positive mood for yourself to intelligence agency report in. Select the assign time, environment, and attitude *Understand: jibe any information you dont understand in a token unit; Keep a focus on matchless unit or a manageable group of exercises * bring forward: After studying the unit, stop and put what you have well-read into your own words * birth: Go back to what you did non understand and reconsider the information; Contact foreign in force(p) sources (e.g., other books or an instructor) if you still cannot understand it * spread surface: In this step, ask three kinds of questions concerning the studied tangible: oIf I could articulate to the author, what questions would I ask or what criticism would I gallop? oHow could I apply this material to what I am kindle in? oHow could I make this information kindle and intelligible to other students? *Review: Go over the material youve covered, Review what strategies helped you understand and/or r etain information in the past and apply these to your veritable studies
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