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An Artistic Ideal To Which They Cannot Hope To Asp

The novel does not take place at the spot of the even upts recounted, but at the time its vote counter rec anys them. in that respect argon three main characters: the narrator (who is the only survivor), Glenn Gould, who died a indispensable death at fifty-one, and Wertheimer who committed suicide somewhat time later. The novel consists almost entirely of recollections and ruminations relating to the relationships between the three. Wertheimer and the narrator were students in a indulgent class taught by Vladimir Horowitz at the Mozarteum in Salzburg in 1953, where they met a new(a) Canadian piano reckon (Gould). In Mozarteum in Salzburg in 1953 the main characters met a newborn Canadian prodigy who played the Goldberg Variations miraculously and who, they quickly came to realize, was a sweller pianist than even their teacher -- indeed, the most distinguished piano mastermind of the century, as the narrator puts it in the novels enterprisingness sentence. The brea k with Gould affects both characters decisively for almost three decades, as they stick an endless series of personal and intellectual travails.
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In fact, Goulds talent triggers the suicidal tendencies of his two colleagues: so great is the squeeze of Goulds genius on the other two that, even as it nourishes them, it destroys them: they realize that Gould represents an artistic ideal to which they cannot hope to aspire. So the narrator eventually decides to give up the piano in prefer of philosophy, and spends much of his subsequent time composing a rambling, never-completed test entitled About Glenn Gould. Wertheimer, who had been a very shining virtuoso himself, follows suit, abandoni ng music and moving into the human sciences,! the meaning of which is unexpended vague. Eventually, Wertheimer deportment becomes more and more erratic and self-destructive; he alienates all his friends, and tyrannises his devoted sister. It was Gould who, with his ruthless and open, yet healthy American-Canadian flair eldest called Wertheimer, to his face,...If you want to get a full essay, auberge it on our website:

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