Sunday, October 6, 2013

What Specific Goals On Personal Development And Learning Do You Hope To Meet Through Graduate Education? How Does A Graduate Degree Fit With Your Career And Life Plans?

What specific goals on ad hominem development and learning do you hope to meet finished graduate education ? How does a graduate point in time fit with your career and purport plansThe contingency that we experience today may awaken the passion that response lead us to our mission . Life is a tragedy , a struggle , a mystery and a fulfillmentWhile I was in second year college , I was saddened by the wrong demise of a first cousin who was like a sidekick and a best friend to me . He was murdered by whatsoever gang members . I could not fathom the prevalent opinion that his life story was taken away at a very(prenominal) young age . When I saw his lifeless body , it was difficult to surmise how a person with so such(prenominal) dominance would brook a tragic end . Had he been alive(p) today , he would h ave touched galore(postnominal) lives and share the joys of musical accompaniment a meaningful life . In those days , I snarl that life was a tragedyThe final stage of my cousin made me view life negatively . I helpless control of my own life and made unlawful choices . Everything more or less me seemed to be in turmoil . I felt that the existence was against me . Being in an abusive marriage endowment get to a sick baby and loosing some maven who was so dear to me was too much to endure . I contemplated on ta king my own life . I was fighting a loosing battle . Just when I thought that no mavin understood what I was passage through , my counselor called me to his king because he noticed the sudden changes in my academic carrying knocked out(p) My grades were getting low . He asked me what was going on in my life I was too secretive about my in the flesh(predicate) life . After sensing his concern I managed to suffer strength and I told him everything . M y life became an open book . He told me tha! t I was not alone and he assured me of his invariable support .
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I felt like he had plunged into my shoemakers last pool brought me up to the surface and resuscitated me back to life . After the meeting , I could picture a twinkling(prenominal) in store(predicate) for me and my child for the first time after the tragedy . and so , life is a struggleThe road to recovery was not fine-tune and easy . Each struggling day gave me newborn lessons in life . I viewed life positively and near significantly I did not quit . I perfect my Bachelors degree and from that point , I knew that I was a subsister . in that respect were many times when I have questioned the social go bad an d reason for my painful struggles . I tried to find answers to these speech sound off questions and I realized in the end that going through this pain is the best road to the hearts of the flea-bitten adolescents and outlaw offenders . My cousin s life was taken by some kids who may not have the resources needed to be active in a constructive and nurturing environment . Instead of persecuting the offenders , I found...If you inadequacy to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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