Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hiv Mono

MONOLOGUE 2- Her Lies She told me to leave. My girlfriend of 5 years couldnt sort at me anymore. She wanted me to go home. So I left. And that was the put up of my happiness. Off somewhere, I thought she was going to meet me in front of her porch. But she didnt. So after 2 age I began to worry. And I only waited two days because I was angry; I was infuriated by her actions. Whyd she disappear, and why did she have to let me go? *speaks louder* Why couldnt she have told me that she was the one fooling around? I misconstrued her invention for insecurities after the first time she caught me talking to the next boobut thats bullshit. It was an act to cover up her genius that was eating her alive. *DEEP SIGH* To know that my girl had been dormancy around with other men while we were in a committed relationship almost hurts as painful as the living with the aftermath of it all.

I ignored all the signs. The bumps on her lips, the strange odor coming from her private parts, her not absentminded to lay down after we made love, all the anti-biotics on her dresser; all the signs that were staring me in my face. My girl had promise something, and this something was not from me. Through all the constant check-ups and medicationthe hospital visitsthe support group session. I never got the chance to establish her, whyd you do it? Whyd you rig it all away?If you want to get a well(p) essay, effect it on our website:

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