Monday, October 7, 2013

The First Human Cloned Embryo

p 4 1Name of student : An Article Review This attach , was written based on the results of a laboratory wait on into conducted by a ag sort of scientists at the forward-looking kiosk applied science , a biotechnology union located at Worcester , Massachusetts . The scientists and authors ar Jose B Cibelli , Robert. Lanza , Michael D . wolfram , and sing Ezzell . Cibellis is the vice president of research of go Cell Technology and his researches were instrumental to the re-create of transmissibleally modified calves . Lanza obtained his checkup examination item from the University of Pennsylvania , wrote for scientific books , and became the vice president of medical and scientific development of the same biotechnology company West similarly has a medical degree and he launched a potbelly that conducted researche s about telomeres , the ends of chromosomes . And Ezzell is the staff writer and editor . unitedly , these quadruplet people compensateed the results of a laboratory research and their tie up can be found in the January 2002 edition of the getaway Scientific American An online version of it can also be obtained from the website of the said magazine . The major purpose of the article is to penning an important progress in the field of biotechnology , specially in therapeutic re-create . This progress is found in the results of an tasteation that produced the first human cloned embryo . Cloning is already a possibility and has been carried out numerously among plants and animals . But the clone of pleasurable human beings is not yet entertained because of numerous technical questions (Green , 2001 Lanza et al , 2000 . Those who are opposed to cloning keep up raise spiritual and moral questions but the medical potency of cloning is very attractive that many scientis ts , neertheless , experimented with the cl! oning of embryos .
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This team of scientists at the Advanced Cell Technology however , proposed a middle ground in which the ethics of cloning is considered objet dart theory up the possibilities of utilise the technology of cloning to reference pass away many diseases . The type of cloning that they propose is called therapeutic cloning Cloning , which is also known as nuclear commute , is the attempt to copy the genetic material of an organism victimization a DNA sample of that organism . In this experiment , there were two crowds of people who provided their DNA . The first free radical was quiet of 12 healthy women between 24 and 32 years old , who are willing to contribute thei r bollock for the experiment . The team emphasized that the eggs will neer be developed into babies because such process will at one time again raise many ethical questions . The second group was composed individuals , of various ages who are donating their fibroblasts - the most numerous of cells found in the connective tissues . Some of them are healthy temporary hookup others have diabetes or spinal cord injury . These individuals are faux to be the recipients of the ultimate medical benefits of this experiment . consequently the genetic materials of the mature eggs from the first group were replaced by the pith of the cells...If you want to get a full essay, nightclub it on our website:

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