Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Three Major Philosophical Schools, Confucianism, Daoism, And Legalism

1Legalism , Taoism and ConfucianismLegalism , Taoism and ConfucianismAll three most influential philosophical schools of thought i .e legalism , Taoism and Confucianism originate from the same tenet of peace and accord in the Chinese society in particular and in temporal concern in general But their methodologies and philosophical r step forwardes to achieve this heading are different . Legalism project a real and of import political body as remedy for all the maladies of modern Chinese society whereas Taoism and Confucianism do not favor a strong political entity and fortify the ideas of private independence and companionable cohesionThe philosophical system of legalism believes that strict laws and punitory measures are preconditions for a strong central government that gage bring peace and successfulness in the society . This doctrine is found on the speculation that homophile personality is irredeemably despiteful and is prone to produce conflicts . These conflicts maltreat the tender cohesion and fall in panic and dis in the union . That is the reason that strong laws and punishments place make them (people ) in conjunction with require of the political entityIn that valet reputation is constituted of swell virtues . Taoism was directly opposed to the tenets of Legalism and believed in a close association between man and nature . They further reinforce that nature is virtuous in stub and intend at achieving greater unity and universal governing . They view man-made laws as artificial and transient that has hold in life . So Taoist are against Legalism and believed that these were fabricated to make the vested interest of the rulers and they have null to do with the common good of the people . This basic remnant between the philosophical principles leads the Taoist to rebe l against the established accessible patter! ns as they considered it a rotating shaft to perpetuate the regime of the imperative rulersConfucianism is considered a rationalization of these dickens extremes i .e legalism and Taoism .
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Confucianism neither believed in the idea of harsh punishments , indifferent laws and inhuman rules toward the mass nor it gave applause to absolute individual freedom of thought and action as it would lead to utter outlawry . Confucianism adopted an equidistant fire between the two extremes and propagated a philosophy based on the beautiful combination of individual needs and social needs Confucianism served as a balance between the extreme centralization of power and subjugation of usher outa ille as embodied in Legalism and the utter chaos created by the absolute individualistic shape up of TaoismLegalism was an advanced political system whereas Taoism was inclined toward primitivism . Taoism reenforce the idea of a personal and individual reaction to the everyday and complex social problems According to its basic precept of Tao (way , human nature can find its own way out of many . So it negated the formulated laws and established social patterns . indispensable judgments were made accord to the needs of the occasions . Mostly these judgments were based on the quaint teachings and traditional principles with outsized personal taste In bedevil contrast to Taoism , Legalism established a complete code of laws and they (Legalists...If you call for to get a full essay, localise it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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