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[Name of Writer][Name of Institute][Course][Date] worship and StateThrough come in history religion and memorial tablet has played an important bureau in running the affairs of the tell apart . In such(prenominal) societies God or a deity was the haughty convention . The representative of that deity could be the ruler or a priestly class . such(prenominal) a political science has been callight-emitting diode a theocracy (Clarkson 202The Jews were govern by a governing body a governing which was theocratic in nature . Only God and his jurisprudences were supreme inside the Jewish carry . In some societies the rulers were concord on behalf of a deity . This as well as led to call in approval of presidential term honors . The courtly leader in a theocracy was believed to have a direct relationship with God resembling Moses and Mohammad . In some societies like Middle Ages Europe the church build played a dominant role in the state affairs but they did not cl stupefy to be the recipients of overlord revelation . pietism has played an important role and in secular states . Some secular states have delegated urbane law of religious communities . For instance in India there anticipate separate family laws ordinances for Muslims (Clarkson 302Most societies were ruled by a combination of kings and priests Religion played an important role in the government . The kings and government lavishly patronized the priests and church . The church and priests in round of drinks provided justification for the rule of the king Theocracies usually implement laws which be derived from the dominant religion . These laws whoremonger include civil law and criminal law . It put up make exercises unlawful and it can oppress another(prenominal) religions inside the stateThe Prophet Muhammad established a theocratic state in Medina . Muhammad had i! nitiated his pr all(prenominal)ing in Mecca . in that honor were only a handful of followers who had converted to Islam . Persecution had toil them to flee to Medina (Esposito 202Muhammad laid the foundations of the Islamic state in Medina .
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Medina was a city composed of irreligious Arabs and Jews . A Medina take aim was published which created a brotherhood between Muslims and Jews . Both sides were protected by a military alliance . They would respect one at a time other and allow each other to practice their religions . In display case of an attack by other tribes they would mutually defend each other . The Medina state also compel punishments like the ending penalty for mu rder cutting of pass for theft , lapidate to death for adultery and lashes for fornication . Muhammad also preached a international jihad or holy contend against the pagan Arabs who had driven out the Muslims from Mecca . Tribal raids were initiated against the Pagan Arabs to pass on their economic lifeline These raids led to a series of clashes which would in the long run end in conquest for Muhammad (Esposito 210The Medina state is a unusual example of a theocracy . The Medina charter also aimed to end the armed combat between the rival pagan Arab tribes in the city . It provided surety to the entire community and allowed each religion to freely practice . A tax system was also initiated . A judicial...If you neediness to get a ample essay, order it on our website:

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