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This paper describes the impact of the internet on the students,  positive or negative events. Internet is one of the ways of learning that so well, but this method is difficult to apply the method by teachers to students, the main thing is the mind of their not for  used to do the work, but they think game online / browsing on the internet in the computer , then that is cause and effect -current impacts of the students who have studied


1.1 Background

     Today many people who know computers including adult people  play or young people, but its use is still less efisien , because only the advantages of using the computer as for mediaa game and do not know the effects of what later will the hell .
     This makes a lot of damage to the young people who will lead the Indonesian nation n, therefore I take top topic  about the effects on the students.

1.2 Restrictions problem
     Internet is one of the very fomous  electronic media and now widely used by teenagers circles. Internet have many  good function, but the students mostly wrong for using

      I wrote this in art  it discusses the positive and negative impacts  using for students and the entire community.

1.3 Problem Formulation
1. Is  internet important in the life of our day-to-day?
2. What are the positive impacts and  cause that exists in the Internet?
3. Is  Internet can damage the computer?

1.4 Purpose of Writing
1. Knowing the important role the Internet
2. Knowing how to use the Internet
3. Determine the impact of Internet use

1.5 Methods of  writing
The method I use is -research on various internet café in little information to the user / internet addict.

1.6 Benefits

1.Bisa know use that! good and right
2.Menambah insights on Internet
3.Bisa makes us get up / conscious in using  Internet


      Internet (short for interconnected-networking) is a global system of interconnected computer networks all connected using the standard Internet Protocol Suite (TCP / IP) for service billions of users worldwide. When the Internet (the letter 'I) is the common computer system, which since globally and using TCP / IP as the protocol  (packet switching communication protocol). That big Internet circuit called the Internet. How to connect a series with is called internet working.
      A large number of Internet users growing and very , has embodied the culture of the Internet. Internet is also a great  on science, and world view. With only like Google, users worldwide easy Internet on a variety of information. Compared with  library, the Internet represents a (Decentralization) / knowledge (knowledge) and data information to extremes.
      The development of the Internet also i economic development. Various transaction that can be done by way of face-to-face (and some very small or telephone), is now extremely easy and often done through Internet.Transaksi over the Internet is known as e-commerce.
      Associated with the government, trigger the growth of government transparency through the implementation of e-government in the district such as Sra! gene successfully delivering enhanced scalability with area for transparency in the management of public funds and trimming i, so that residents in the area on the stretcher so profitable thus i civil can also be improved because increased sharply.


3.1 Types of Research

Type of research that I wear acorrelative. Which means it is connecting results I get are from people who cafe internet addicts and merge into the conclusions in Chapter any discussion about the positives and negatives that will be explained in Chapter 3.2 Data Collection Techniques
I put together some frequently asked questions a people I kl and the data that I enter in the discussion


Internet has a positive impact and  negative that is
1. Internet as a medium of communication, the internet is  most widely used wherein each user communicate with other users from around the world.
2. Media data exchange, with , newsgroups, ftp and www (world wide web - a network of websites) internet around the world to exchange information with cheap.
3. Media to search for information or data, per the rapid development of Internet,
making www as a source of important and accurate
4. Ease of obtaining information that is the internet so that people know what happened.
5. Can be used as a land information  education, culture, etc.
6. Ease of doing business  transact and trade, so no need to go to get to  / sales.

Negative Impact
1. Assumption that internet pornography synonymous with pornography, it is not wrong. information owned by internet, pornography was this, the manufacturers 'browsers' ability to complete the program choose the type of home-page that can be images of pornography and violence can to someone for criminal act.
2. Violence and Gore too much cruelty displayed. Because the business side and the content on not limited to, the owners of the site using all sorts ofcan 'sell' their site. One of them is by displaying the POINTS are taboo.
3. This fraud is rampant everywhere in the field. Internet was not immune! of impostor attacks. way to ignore it or confirm informatio on the information provider.
4. Carding Because of its 'realtime' (direct), how to shop using credit cards is widely used in internet world. Internet criminals even  commit crimes in this field. With the open nature, able to detect the presence of transactions (using credit card) on-line and record the card code is used. For further data they get for their evil purposes.
5. Other impacts. With the available networks, the gamblers do not to a special place to fulfill his wish. You just ri site like this, because gambling sites are generally not aggressive much approval from the visitors.
6. Reduce the social nature of human prefer to connect via the internet rather than meet (face to face).
7. Of the nature of social change in the changing patterns of interaction.
8. Crimes such as cheating on the internet (also growing crime).
9. Can make a person addicted, especially those involving pornography and can spend the money serve the addiction. So depending on in the way they use the technology, but should hand norms they should hold on to the internet or virtual world.


5.1 Conclusion

Of all! fish are:
1 Internet is very good if used regularly will be a very good all.
2. Both the rely on actors to use it! her.
3. Using see maximum hours 1 day 2 hours playing health.

5.2 Suggestions
I want to give this to the cover:
1. Do not be Internet including online gaming / browsing and other entertainment r play and not be used as basic necessities such as food.
2. Play internet not too close to the computer later deer eyes can! k.
3. Do not be too , time better when used to learn to be more beneficial.

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