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Out of wanted to preserve the special food of SasakIsland which now are seldom to be produce and consume by the Sasak community, paradigm of the less important subject of Muatan lokal (Mulok) as one of subject at Elementary School, Appearance of life skill Education so that to take advantage of Banana cups (bonggol pisang) as a learning media of Mulokthat correlating orientation of life skill. Effectiveness of this utilization of Banana cups (bonggol pisang) as a learning media Mulok traditional food topic to check by instrument of research on observation pages, proliferation of questionnaire and assessment of output on the learner’s creativity to use the media Banana cups (bonggol pisang) as the replacement for the main stuff to making “Jajan pangan” (Sasak special food).
Process and  achievement of learning Mulok traditional food by take advantage of Banana cups (bonggol pisang)make the creativity and the Mulok learners interest have been increase and change the paradigm of Mulok learning as not important subject become the interest learning and it will do the learner’s future good.

Muatan lokal (Mulok)is the regular subject that have not a master plan for it’s standard competence (Standar kompetensi) and competence base (kompetensi dasar) from the central Government. So that the regional government available the independence in control of teaching materials and it’s content that in concert with each Region’s needs and condition, in this case it is caused the teacher became apathetic and underestimate the subject which without standard competence and competence base from the central Government.
It is not unusual matter if the teachers more dominate the subject which will be done into UAS, it’s condition more be not good if the teachers only giving the materials of Mulok by emphasized the cognate aspect without take the skills and attitude aspect into consideration, As a result, the subject of Mulokhave not a good attentions from the learner because for them it is not interesting subject.
The reality into daily life, the society can be keep going their life by just depend on their skills without have to get Education and learning from the School, it’s mean that Mulok via it’s learning competence have to giving the skills, ability, and the functions for the learners to change paradigm that the social’s skills can be useful and scientific learning.
The life skill Education more can be stabilize the important of Mulok subject so that the teachers should can be carried out the life skill learning process for the subject in which local scope.
Based on those matter , writer motivated to developing  the media on learner’s environments, writer tried to developing and take advantage of Banana cups (bonggol pisang) as a media replacement for the black sticky rice (beras ketan hitam) that use for the main stuff to making the traditional food.

Based on the explanation above, know the writer want to know how far utilization effectiveness of Banana cups (bonggol pisang) as an alternative ingredient to over comes the problem of highly price the black sticky rice to making Sasak traditional food in SDN 45 Dsn.agung Mataram.

Purpose and benefit that be supposed can reached:
1.      Apply the region study passes education that correlating oriented life skill.
2.      As a think contribute applied effective technology for students.
3.      Suggestion gift for the teachers that study process of Mulokthat interesting and become use for the students.
4.      Push the students and teachers creation about media and matter teaches truthfully assumed less useful at students life environment.
5.      Give teachers and students motivation that the matter and teaching media has local obvious can make study process more interesting.

a.       Muatan lokal (Mulok)
Mulok(especially mulok of Sasak culture) is the subject of study matter many aim to skills matter and artistry, the purpose of study be gives so that the learner can be developing and preserve their region special culture.
b.      Life skill
Life skill interpreted as an ability that needs to someone to look full in the face alive problems and natural life without felt to depress then proactive and creative look for with find solution and finally can to overcome it.
c.         Banana cups (Bonggol pisang)
“Bonggol pisang” that is the part of banana plants that is as a tool to reproduce nature vegetative (bud).
d.      Pangan butik
Is one of Sasak traditional food that made from black sticky rice flour upon which main, augmenting red sugar, white sugar, and coconut milk, upon which addition.

Banana plants (Musa paradisiacal) is a plants bear fruit to do not know season, Banana three thrives as interrupt plants, house fence, even less planted at the  garden or house yard, it’s maintenance is even also very simple, doesn’t need special attention, when banana plants maintained and give it fertilizer, it can increase product the fruits. (Lasmiati, 2001).
Banana plants be cultivation to taken it’s fruits, and parts of other can be make use, it’s leaf to wrap up food or cake, it’s stick is made as vegetables (Ares special Sasak), it’s root for medicine and only make use to reproduce seed according to vegetative with upon which staple food successor in colonial period and the Paceklik season or less food, but only it’s boiled like to boil cassava (Erni rohanah, 2006)
Wet banana  cups chemical compositions every 100 gram consist of: Calorie (43), Protein (0,5), Fat (-), Carbohydrate (11,16), Calcium (15), Phosphorus (60), Ferrum ( 0,5), Vitamin C (12), Vitamin B (0,03), and water (86). (Munajim, 1988).
Threaten in benefit all banana plants parts, so at crisis period likes now, writer tries to make use banana cups upon which main from “Jajan Pangan” that is food previous use black sticky rice staple supplies, that staple supplies now the price very expensive among low class society.
Utilization of banana cups be one of the learning media that available overflow at the student’s environment. Threaten to decision of Mendikbud No. 0412/U/1987 about applications of Mulok in Elementary School, declared Mulok is an education program that it’s contents and it’s delivery media concerned with nature environment, social environment, and culture environment with region need necessary studied and made use by the students at that region.
From this formulation shows that is ingredient teaches, also studying media are take away from and use environment closest or around student’s environment that cover nature environment, not alive environment also culture social environment.

The tools and ingredients that we need for maker “pangan butik” cake: Banana cups (ingredient base), Black sticky rice flour (addition ingredient), Coconut milk, red sugar and white sugar, blender to refine, grater, raffia fiber plastic string, oil paper (bread paper) or corn skin, brass, oil stove, frying pan, washbasin and knife.
1.      After cleaned the banana cups then washed, then be grater it.
2.      This coarse scraped is then be blender with coconut milk.
3.      After the ingredient be soft likes porridge, then add sand sugar, red sugar, and a little black sticky rice flour with black sticky rice comparison with banana cups and coconut milk equal to 1 ounce black sticky rice: 1 kg scraped banana cups, and coconut milk 1 liter from one coconut grain.
4.      Ripe up to coagulate and appear oily.
5.      Make cool with brass so that easy sliced.
6.      Pangan butik is ready  wrapped up with oil paper or corn skin.
Banana cups utilization in traditional food topic is carried out at SDN 45 Dsn.Agung MATARAM. Use the population of students class VI, number 38 person as a whole.
The instrument that use into this research are as follows:
1.      Observation sheet
Use to look the students interest and liveliness with the creativity makes use the ingredient teaches as a study.
2.      Inquiry sheet
Used to detect the students conceptions towards utilization of study that oriented of life skill.
3.      The work result
The data is to detect the students success towards study result (out put) and students creativity toward of learning media using, then later they can apply in their life at the future (out come)
Study Mulok by utilization of banana cups, use descriptive method that is gathered based on percentage of liveliness, creativity, interest and delight with students opinion of aftermath banana cups utilization  as a black sticky rice successor media in will present traditional food topic study especially in will make cake or Pangan butik.

Data collecting is continued with study presentation steps as follows:
1.      Beginning activity
a.       Teachers begins study process with focus to the students attention and ask about everything Sasak special food which ever they are consumption and made it at each of their home.
b.      Teacher give an information to develop ingredient to make Pangancake with ingredient other cheaper.
c.       Teacher ask to the students about tools that be used.
2.      Main activity
a.       All of students digs banana cups at School garden (be group)
b.      Students practice the maker manner, the students may increase or decrease ingredient as according to each their creativity.
c.       Students discuss their job result.
d.      Teacher gives facilities passes little seminar, report discussion result with give the conclusion, base on appropriate the ingredient comparison.
e.       Teacher concludes with motivating the students to make a creation with the other ingredient that reside in students environment.
3.      The last activity
a.       Activity to decorate into the shows room (class) each of group creations.
b.      And the teacher evaluates students artistic productions 

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