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Machine Function: crushing various rocks into smaller sizes. Percentage result / output will be a lot of material into stone dust or sand. This machine is often called the engine hammer mill or impact crusher. Another function of this machine is a shredder shredder debris and coal.
Technical Specifications
- Capacity: 750 - 1000 Kg / Hour
- Engine Type: Hammer Mill
- Material Input: A maximum of 12 Cm
- Material Output: Flour s / d granules 1 Cm
- Engine: 7.5 Hp Dynamo Electric or Diesel 24 PK
- Operator: 2 People
- Engine Size: 75 x 100 x 160 cm

2. Machine Stone

Machine function: crush various kinds of stones to stone flour (Powder / flour powder) with different mesh sizes. Among the people who already are widely used as stone, stone galena,  limestone, stone gold, zeolites etc..
Technical Specifications
- Capacity: 250-270 Kg / hour
- Engine Type: Hammer Mill
- Material Input: A maximum of 12 Cm
- Material Output: Flour / Powder in various mesh sizes
- Engine: Electric Dynamo Diesel 10 hp or 28 PK
- Exhaust Blower: Dinamo Electric 5.5 Hp (as a vacuum cleaner / flour)
- Cyclone: ​​Diameter 90 x 150 cm (as a dust collector / flour)
- Operator: 2 People
- Plant Area: 5 x 5 Meter

3.Breaking Stones / Stone Crusher
Machine Function: to break all kinds of stone (stone, mountain stone, coal etc.) to split the stone with a variety of desired size.
Product specifications Jaw Crusher 5/8


1. With Motor, Electric 5 Hp 5/4 Kw Making Machine Capable of Operating For 24 Hours Continuously.

2. Designed With Special Construction Materials At Home Using Steel Frame Length 20 Mm, So Strong And Tough Against Shocks machine Happens When Being Used.

3. Other features Wrecking Knife Set In Hard Rock Samples Using Special Steel That Has Hardened Krupp, So They Hold In Case of Conflict Between Two Hard Surface Knife.

4. Using a Switch That Allows To Set Round Knife Position As Desired With Destruction.

5. Equipped With Automatic Safety Switch, The Ensure Safety Of Electric Motors, In Case Of Short Circuit Power Source.

6. Using Perforated Pipe In Bottom of Frame Machine, Dust Enables Remaining In Frame Currently Used Engines, And Will Quit With Itself, Not So Settled In To Crank Bearings.

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