Sunday, September 15, 2013

French Revoulouton

CAUSES OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION There are 3 master(prenominal) causes of the cut Revolution 1. Economic & Financial Crisis 2. Agricultural bankruptcy 3. The Influence of Liberal Thought 1. frugal AND FINANCIAL CRISIS: ➢ Louis 16 (16th) and his predecessor Louis XV (15th) participated in a series of order of wars that had a detrimental effect on the constancy of France. ➢ downstairs Louis XV, France was defeated in the seven years war with Britain (1756-1763) and mixed-up many of its most important colonies ➢ Louis XVI send army forces to support George Washington during the American War of Independence, as an movement of revenge for defeat during the seven year war. ➢ Louis XVI and XV had also spent lavish amount of currency (especially on the palace of Versallies) and Louis XVI continued the habit, placing a massive institutionalise on the French economy and also bankrupting the state.
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➢ To carry break through the difference between income and expenditure the King borrowed heavily from the members of the genius ➢ The grandeur jealously guarded there privileges and especially their right from gross ➢ The nobility also received a sizable income from grain prices, which were unplowed artificially high due to egis from foreign competition ➢ A series of finance ministers – Jacques Turgot, Jacques Necker and Charles De Calonne – proposed the changes to the taxation system in methodicalness to prevent the debt spiralling out of control. ➢ Turgot believed that a system of free affair should be contemplated, and barriers to the creation o f exchange and wealth removed, but competi! tion from the nobility and the Queen Marie Antoinette, prevented him flesh reforming the system ➢ Necker continued to borrow silver and increasing the deficit, spot failing to reform the system ➢ This placed the monarchy in a to a greater extent unstable position and do them more dependant on the nobility ➢ In 1787, Calonne attempt to...If you want to nark a full essay, order it on our website:

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