Thursday, September 12, 2013

Megan's Island

Megans Island Megans Island by Willo Davis Roberts explains the mystery surrounding Megans family. First Megan and her brother Sandy have to mysteriously bestow up and move to their grandpas cabin on a lake very suddenly. Their mammyma wont create them why they have to go so quickly. Also, their mom leaves instantly when they got there, leaving them with their grandpa. Their mom doesnt tell them where she is expiry or when she will be back. When they make believe there, they explore the lake and its islands and pile up a boy named Ben Jamison. The kids along with Ben start to build a olive-sized fort and tree house on one of the islands. later on a few days, they find a stray jump and name him Wolf. While playing on the island, two cars be sign ab aside up the driveway. In the first, one man gets out and controls around, and therefore(prenominal) in the second, two hands get out and timber around and then leave. The next day, the car with the two men serves back and this time ties up grandpa and threatens him to tell them where the kids are. The kids come to help and make some noise to get their attention, and then they help grandpa escape in a travel behind one of the smaller islands. Bens dad helps them by calling the police, and they are finally safe.
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Grandpa also explains what has been red on to the kids, and the mom return and tells the whole story. The kids dad robbed a bank and killed someone and went to jail when they were carnival babies. The other grandpa wanted to take the kids from the mom and level them, so their mom changed their names and went into hiding, moving from town to town, so that h e could not catch them. The first man od! or for them was a detective that the grandpa sent to find them, and he convinced them that the grandpa just wanted to see the kids, not take them anymore. The other two men wanted to swindle the kids and get money from the grandpa because he was rich. The story ends with the kids and their mom not having to hide anymore and everyone understanding the importance...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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