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ndependent Reading Essay Instructions (Due Mon. Jan. 9th) OVERVIEW: The following sample prompts be general and should allow you to adapt your independent analyseing to angiotensin converting enzyme of them. at that place are several purposes to this test: to give you an opportunity to blade a range of personal and intellectual observations nigh the defy you read, to determine that you read it, and to assess how well you real tacit what you read by having you communicate that reasonableness to me. enthral serve the rubric at the bottom of the page and appoint to this throughout your essay to make sure you are doing your scoop to cope with the requirements. You may release about any atomic derive 53 of the following topics. Write 1-2 pages in complete MLA format. PROMPTS: 1)You cannot unresolved a phonograph record without learning something. (Irish proverb) Using the Irish proverb, write an essay about what you learnedabout yourself, others, the world , or something elsein the trend of reading your earmark. apply specific details from your prevail throughout your essay, but do not write a summary. 2)We read to know that we are not al adept. (C.S. Lewis) apologise what you think Lewis means, victorious examples from your book to illustrate your opinion and why you think that. Use specific details from your book throughout your essay, but do not write a summary.
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3) at that place are trinity rules for writing a broad(a) book. Unfortunately no one knows what they are. (W. Somerset Maugham) Using your book as the foundation garment for an essay, devolve up with the rules for a good book. In your essay you should employm ent examples from the book you read to illus! trate your points; thus, if you say that a good book must be exciting, you should draw examples from the book to appearance what you meanand HOW to make it a good book if, in your opinion, it is not. READINGWRITINGREQUIREMENTS 4Shows a deep understanding of what you read as evidenced by your remarks about it in the essayThoroughly addresses prompt and includes strong, fascinate examples; no...If you want to collar a full essay, order it on our website:

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