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Origin of PB Point Blank Online Game | For those of you who want to know much about the origin or meaning also Point Blank PB or understanding is correct then you continue reading this article, because these will be presented in detail to you about the ins and outs of point blank.

First to more clearly our knowledge about point blank, then surely we must first know what exactly is the meaning of point blank itself, where Point Blank is a computer game or game genre FPS or shooting that is played online.

Point Blank PB or Zepetto itself was developed by South Korean and later published by NCSoft. Currently this game has a server in several world countries such as Thailand, Russia and also in Indonesia. To regional Indonesia, Point Blank is managed by PT. Kreon. Maybe different management company PB for each of the countries which have had their servers.

In terms of game in the New Testament tells the tale of the feud between the government and the Free Rabels called Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force). The feud itself of the growing immigrant who did not get a job and expelled from society. To survive the immigrants who do not get the job ended up doing a variety of criminal acts, such as robbery, to drug trafficking.

As more and more immigrants who commit crimes, they eventually formed a group called Free Rabels. To monitor also oversees, as well as finding the existence of a terrorist government finally decided to form an organization known as the Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force).

Currently Point Blank or PB is also identical to Gemscool, because through a site located at you can start register a new account can access the game point blank further (for more details please read how to register point blank that has been written on previous article).
Point Blank is an air-genre of computer games that are played online FPS. Game point blank is being favorite by many people. The game was developed by Zepetto from South Korea and published by NCSoft. In addition to South Korea, the game point blank has its own server in Thailand, Russia, and Indonesia. In Indonesia alone point blank game managed by PT. Kreon through Gemscool. Point Blank is about the feud between the Free Rebels and the government in this regard is the Counter Terrorist Force (CT-Force).

There are several important points that we know from the beginning of history and story in the game point blank, among which are:

1. Background Games

Establishment of Free Rebels - The growing immigrant who did not get a job and expelled from society, so to survive the immigrants and then perform a variety of crimes from robbery to drug trafficking. This criminal action developed into an organized movement to form an organization called Free Rebels. The goal is not to control the entire drug trafficking and weapons around the world and create fear for the community.

Formation of CT-FORCE - Due to conflicts with immigrants is widespread, the government decided to set up a special organization to deal with the teroris.Sejak establishment of this organization, they start looking for information and the existence of a terrorist organization called Free Rebels. In line with the increase in the terrorist threat, the government then sends reinforcements best ever in the government who then came and joined and renamed the CT-FORCE (Counter Terrorist Force)

2. Game Mode

Point Blank has 7 game modes, namely:
Death Match: Kill an enemy player to score your team reaches a specified value or try to be the team with the highest score when the time runs out the game.
Bomb Mission: Free Rebels team goal is to blow up an area called bombsite with C4, while CT-Force team goal is to prevent teams bombsite Free Rebels blow up.
Destroy Mission: Destroy the objects that have been targeted in this fashion.
Eliminate: Finish all the enemies are there to win the round.
AI Mode: In this mode, players are required to fight an enemy who is controlled by the computer (AI). AI mode consists of Level 1 to Level 10, where the higher the level, the higher the difficulty level of the AI ​​enemies. This mode has been removed from Point Blank Indonesia because there are bugs that make the experience and point that should not be had obtained.
Shotgun Mode: Only shotgun type weapon that can be used in this mode.
Sniper Mode: Only the sniper rifle type weapon that can be used in this mode.

3. Weapon

Point Blank has a lot of variety of weapons that can be used, which consists of:
Assault Rifle
1. K-2
2. AK-47
3. F2000
4. SG 550
5. M4A1
6. SG 550 Special
7. G36C
8. AUG A3
10. SOPMOD AK King Cobra (not yet released in Indonesia)
11. K-201 (not yet released in Indonesia)

Submachine Gun
1. K-1
2. MP7
3. MP5K
4. Specter
5. UMP45
6. Gold MP5K
7. Specter Wood
8. P90
9. Kriss Super V
10. P90 Custom Matrix

1. K-5
2. Mk.23
3. Glock 18
4. Desert Eagle
5. P99 & HAK
6. Colt Python
7. Dual Handgun
8. Dual Desert Eagle

1. M7
2. Dual Knife
3. Amok Kukri
4. Mini Axe
5. Combat Machete

1. MCS 870
2. MCS 870 Wood
3. SPAS 15
4. M1887

Machine Gun
1. Mk.46
2. M197 (contained in a helicopter in folder "Helispot" and "Outpost")

Sniper Rifle
1. SSG-69
2. SSG-69 Special
3. PSG1
4. PSG1 Special
5. Dragunov
6. Gold Dragunov
7. Dragunov King Cobra
8. L115A1

1. K-400
2. K-413 Dual Grenade
3. C5
4. C4 (only in Bomb Mission)

1. Smoke
2. White Phosphorus Smoke
3. Flashbang

Another weapon
1. RPG7 (There is in the folder "Outpost" and the folder "Helispot")

Most guns have an "extension" that can be used by right mouse click or button B. Extension of a weapon varies depending on the weapon used, ranging from optical binoculars, dot sight, silencer up. There are few weapons that can only be obtained through the "Supply Kit", ie M4A1 Custom and RANGEMASTER.
4. Character

Point Blank has a total of 8 characters are divided into 4 characters for each team.
Acid Pool (Paul) - Graduated as the best police of the University of Elite Police and has a cool demeanor. However, because of the cute style of speech that he was given the nickname "Acid Pool" by his friends after graduating he then signed up to be a cop. Because it has a high ability and always have a good tactic, he was then assigned to join CT-FORCE. To prove his loyalty and to the government, he is ready to fight the Free Rebels is increasingly rampant.

Keen Eyes (Ayse) - is a crossbreed between natives and newcomers. He has a high capacity and is one of the leaders of the police. Due to this reason the CT-FORCE intend to ask her to join. Because it is a mixed breed and has a keen eye then his friends called him "Keen Eyes". It is the only breed in the police.

Leopard - At age 17, he migrated to the United States along with his entire family. Because he is of Asian descent were harassed by classmates. After graduating from college at 22 years old she immediately signed up to be the U.S. Army. At age 24 he was already a member of the Green beret special force. He then acquired the rank of Sergeant at the age of 33 years. After that, he returned to his birthplace to enjoy life. Not long after came the news that the central government wants to recruit all the soldiers that are reliable to form a team against the terrorists are increasingly rampant. The team called Ct-FORCE. Green beret get command to find someone who has a high ability to join CT-FORCE against terrorists. At the time of joining the CT-FORCE him to get the call "Leopard".

Hide - He was born in England, his parents were former soldiers in Tokyo. At age 19 he enrolled to become infantry in the British Army. The age of 22 years he became the most famous soldier in the British Army for tactical support and have high ability. At the age of 26 he got a hard battle, causing injuries to his face. Due to the ability and experience of the CT-FORCE interested in recruiting him Because it comes from a foreign country he was given the nickname "Hide". However, because it is a loner he can not get along with each other in the CT-FORCE With a short haircut and black as well as scars on his face, making him look very cool.

Free Rebels
Red Bulls - Because only an immigrant he lived in a small village along the tuanya.dan other immigrants. He was also a great football player. Shortly after receiving the MVP title in soccer championship, he heard the news that his parents were killed while defending their villages from the government that wants to destroy the village. He soon returned to his village, but he only found his village that had been destroyed. His heart was filled with anger and hatred against the government. Then he joined the Free Rebels to avenge the death of his parents. Physical possession of the ball and a player has a keen eye like a bull making his friends at Free Rebels call him "Red Bulls"

Tarantula - He was born in a family of immigrants. Lost both parents in a child due to accident, was later adopted by another family. Day after day passed in his new family. But the racist nature of his adoptive father increasingly large and treated him roughly. One day he found a revolver in the closet, then he took the revolver and a chest to his adoptive father. As a result of this incident he was put in jail. In prison he often was called "Tarantula". After a few years he was free of he heard the news that immigrants always have discrimination, it made him very angry. Then he to join the Free Rebels.

D-Fox - Both her parents are from the Middle East and Asia. Although he has a mix of good physical. At the age of 20 years he has been a Lieutenant and has done a lot of special missions. At the age of 25 years he has been a team leader. He was famous for never leaving a trace in every battle. At the age of 26 years he has become an Army Ranger. Not long after that he got a secret assignment from the government. However, due to no fault of the government information, all members of his team were killed. Government delegate all the blame on him for what happened. Not accept the government's treatment, he later rebelled and joined the Free Rebels To commemorate and honor his friends who had been killed on the battlefield he later named himself Desert Fox, which was later shortened to "D-Fox". On a mission he does not have time to escape before the bomb exploded mounted, so that his hand was injured. Therefore he always use gloves.

Viper Red - He follows his foster father's footsteps coming from France to become a bodyguard. Fighting ability and his endurance has been forged with both small time. He was adopted by a person from another country 25 years ago, because his mother would carry a secret mission. Now she's trying to look and see his mother again. He then got the news that his mother was a Free Rebels and had been killed by the government at the time of the battle to protect immigrants from Latin America. Hearing that he then decided to join the Free Rebels to help immigrants who are oppressed and avenge his mother. Unlike other women. He possessed a high speed and great strength. He is also an expert in developing tactics and slippery as a snake is always moving while on the battlefield. He does not like the sun and always use sunglasses.

5. Problems Illegal Program

Point Blank Online game which was a success and has many user is not free from criticism, namely because of the many players who cheat or use fraudulent means to win the game regardless of the interests of other players. Therefore, the Game Master Gemscool vigorous action for players who use cheat ranging from blocking (banned) ID and IP violators, to be processed through the law if proven to sell or supply or distribute illegal software.

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