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1.1 Background of the Analysis

Literature is a permanent expression in words of some thoughts or feeling or idea about life and the world (Rees, 1973:9). Literature also the writing or the study of books, valued as works of art (drama, fiction, essay, poetry, biography, contrasted with technical books and journalism). The main generic of literature today is poetry, drama and the novel. Poetry and poem describe a wide variety of spoken and written forms, styles, and patterns, and also a wide variety of subjects. Because of the variety, it is not possible to make a single, comprehensive definition (Roberts, 1955:547). The poem is arranged in lines, but does not follow measured rhythmical patterns, nor does it rhyme. The most important thing about it is that, as it engages us and amuses us, it also rings of truth. Robert Frost said,” Poetry is the kind of things poets writes” (Miller, 1981: 44). To define poetry is not easy because not everything can be named or explained. So it is enough to sharpen your perception as a reader and to permit a fuller understanding of what it is in a poem that gives pleasure and creates form and meaning.
The poem that the writer would like to analyze is literary works by Robert Frost, because the writer thinks that Robert Frost poems are good and give her inspiration. Robert Frost is an American poet, teacher, and also a lecturer who wrote many famous poems. He got four times Pulitzer winning Prize.
Robert Frost’s poems describe about human life especially about village and nature and theme of his works content social and philosophical values. In this thesis, the writer analyzes the moral value that found in Robert Frost selected poems. Moral values are the standards of good and evil, which govern an individual’s behaviour and choices. Individual’s morals may derive from society and government, religion, or self The moral values found in literary works by Robert Frost inspired human to be a better human in their life. It can be seen in his famous Poems “The Road Not Taken”. In this poem Robert Frost wants to emphasize that ‘you are what you think” as a human, we are the object of what is going to be in our life. Be focus of what will we do in our life, in a short word; do the best in your life.
1.2 Scope of the Analysis

Robert frost has written many literary works especially in poetry. To limit the analysis, the writer selected six poems written by him namely: Fire and Ice, Neither out Far Not in Deep, Out, Out, Provide, Provide, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, and The Road Not Taken. 1.3 Problem of the Analysis Problems that the writer would like to analyze are:
1. What are the moral values found in Robert Frost’s selected poems?
2. How Robert Frost’s literary works can inspire and influence people?

1.4 Objectives of the Analysis

1. To know the moral values that found in Robert Frost’s selected Poems.
2. To know how Robert Frost’s literary works can inspire and influence people.

1.5 Significance of the Analysis Significance of this Analysis is to give more understanding about moral values found in literary works especially Poetry. In literary works, like Novel, Poetry and Drama, there is a moral value that the author wants to send and emphasize to the reader. The poet send a message directly (explicit) and the reader get the moral value easily and sometimes, it’s send indirectly (implicit). 1.6 Reviews of Related Literature In supporting the data of analysis, the writer gets several books that containing some information related to the subject. Some of them can be mentioned as follows:
1. Literature: English Literature by R.J. Rees (1973).

In this book, R.J Rees writes about Literature as whole. This book is very useful to the learners who want to study more about literature. Rees states, literature is the permanent expression in words of some thoughts or feeling or idea about life and the world.
2. Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing (fourth edition) by Edgar V. Roberts and Henry E. Jacob (1995).

This book is about literature. It guides us to understand more about literature especially in fiction, poetry, and drama. This book is complete enough and good to read in other to enrich our knowledge about literature.
3. Teori Pengkajian Fiksi by Burhan Nurgiyantoro (1995)

In this book, Nurgiyantoro explains about literature, the Intrinsic and Extrinsic elements in Literature. This book also explains about the Moral Value in literature.
4. Poetry: Poetry an Introduction by Ruth Miller and Robert A. Greenberg (1981)

This book contains of famous poetry and explanation of the poetry itself. This book is an interesting book for the reader in order to know about poetry furthermore.
5. Thesis: The Analysis of Moral Values in Some of Robert Frost’s Poems by Rizka Elfira (2010)

This thesis analyzes some of Robert Frost Poems. She analyzes eight of Robert Frost’s Poems in moral values. She emphasizes the analysis in ‘Despair’ of Robert Frost poems.
6. In this poem also, there are some commentary of the people that they inspired of Robert Frost “The Road Not Taken” poem:

Yaakoub Zerigui (4/25/2010 9:54:00 AM)
first of all l would like to say that Mister Robert Frost when he write this poem as if he was knowing that l will born and l will live its events in reality (l mean my life) so what l can say about this poem is that it reflect a period of my life when l choose to study in Biskra rather than Algiers but now its too late to come back to the starting point to take the right one.lm not regreting for that because what is essential for me is that even if l did not
study there but at list l study the speciality that l want and l will graduate soon in addition l met new friends, great teachers, new mentalities....etc this poem is perfect lm realy very proud of you sir
Melinda Djorah (4/17/2010 1:41:00 AM) Life is all about making choices. I like this poem because it real to me and sort of a life guadance to young people who not really experience real life. Any way we may travel in one that is not helpful at first but from there we may turn back and choice the good one.... This only done by individual.. REALLY LOVE THIS POEM...
Mostafa Ghedier Bachir (4/15/2010 9:17:00 AM) What can i say about this poem that it seems to be real, and probably it happens to many people story like that, in addition, it shows to us the real life that we live belong, if we choose right way it means we win, however, when we choose the wrong one we cannot say we loose, but what we can say that try again with asking the others helps if you cannot.At the end, i'm too happy to read and study this excellent poem, and really we're lucky to teach us a teacher like Mr. BOUKHAMA.Thank you very much.
Adelouahab Boukhama (12/12/2009 9:33:00 AM) This is a favourite among the poems I have suggested to my fourth year students. The reason is mainly that at their age, it can be said that they have come to the fork in the road of their lives. They have to choose among many alternatives in various fields: studies, social life, sentimental life, etc…. This poem inspired many of them to pause and think carefully before they select what would be their future.


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