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            Once you have completed your DJ course, you will find that there are a huge number of avenues that will allow you to put your education to use. The first step after you graduate is building up a stable of gigs, or specialize and work for one employer. Usually though, DJ school doesn't just mean that you have to confine yourself to being a DJ on a radio station or a single source of income. With the audio courses that you took, you might choose to go into business for yourself where you provide entertainment for private bookings, events and parties. This decision will create limitless opportunities for you. You will be able to play for weddings, school events, and you will find that you can also get yourself a regular position by playing for night clubs on the nights that they don't have a live band. You may also be needed on the night when live band is used, to cover prior to when the band starting and while the band is on a break. There are also high school reunions, benefit events, college parties and so many more ways to keep your career flowing and the income coming in.


99.99% of aspiring copywriters who read this article will fail to craft winning sales letters to clients, because they don't know these under-the-radar ideas. If you want to soar like an eagle and succeed in this area, it is imperative that you apply these marketing copy basics. Today is your lucky day, my friend! Why? Because you will be privy to information here today that your competition, more than likely, don't know anything about. Let's get dig right into the lesson! There are far too many people attempting to write copy without understanding what makes it sell. I can share with you an enormous amount of ideas and tips that will help to make writing a sales letter quite effective, but for the sake of time - I will discuss only three tips in this article. The first tip that we will take a look at is this one: No jargon should be used in the copy, the next tip I will discuss is to remember to ask for the order, and the last tip will be on keeping it brief. Okay, that said, let's dive right in. Really, this time. Tip #1 No Jargon: I know that I said that no jargon should be used in your copy, but I need to say that there are of course, exceptions to this rule. If you're writing to a very upscale business crowd, a jargon here or there scattered throughout the copy would probably work. But for the most part, stick with writing as if you were going to deliver the letter to a fifth grader. It's important that you keep things very simple so that your points come across in a very clear manner. Tip #2 Ask for the order: Believe it or not, there are many sales letter writers who get so caught up in the writing of their masterpiece, that they forget to ask their readers for the order. What do you want your target audience to do? Email you for a consultation? Call you? If yes, you need to say so. This is a very important component that many leave out and thus they fail to write up a sales letter to clients that brings in the money when they don't tell the reader what it is that they want them to do at the end. Tip #3 Keeping it short and brief: You don't want your words to go on and on forever. Get to the points you want to get across towards the beginning of your letter or something else will come along and snag your readers' attention. You have now learned some of the result producing components to include in your sales letter copy to make it sizzle like a hot, juicy, steak. In this article, we discussed not using jargon and the reasons why. The next thing we talked about was remembering to ask for the order by giving instructions to your readers what it is that you want them to do. And the last thing we discussed was the importance of keeping your words in the letter brief. If you want to be successful in copy writing, then you will do well if you follow what is shared here so that you can create sales letter to clients that makes you money. STOP! Pay Close Attention Right Now. Listen very carefully. Take 2 minutes to read the next page. You will discover a simple, yet, powerful, step-by-step formula that reveals little-known strategic techniques on writing good sales letters to clients.

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