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Bicycle Moto Cross BMX or often called the first appearing in 1970 in California. Origin of the name of sport motocross BMX which at that time were popular in the United States, many children and teens who want to participate in motocross but was unable, to make his own tracks and perform like a race bike motocross, BMX and therefore a human-powered motocross .
BMX racing era ago
BMX racing is so popular in California, compared to other towns in the United States, as BMX racing featuring exciting action, the cost is not expensive, and can be played close to home. For this type of bike, size and availability of the model design by Schwin Schwin called Sting Ray (designed and produced in 1963) into the appropriate bike choice, because it is easy to use and in accordance with the appearance and capabilities BMX bike. BMX race is phenomenal in the mid-1970s. When it was adopted offroad race (ground track). In mid-decade, it has become a popular sport and many producers are keen to start producing it.
Sting Ray bicycle Schwin type used for BMX racing first
George E. Esser which funded the National Bicycle League (NBL) as a non-profit organization bicycle. Before he prepares NBL, George and his wife, Mary, entered the race with the American Motocross Association. Their two sons, Greg and Brain, motorcycle rider, but also enjoys BMX racing. The second is their children who inspired her that at that time there were no BMX organizations, it makes George to set up the NBL in Florida. In April 1981, the International BMX Federation was founded, and the first World Championship was held in 1982. Since January 1993, BMX joined the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).
 While BMX freestyle annual international competition took place at the Summer X Games Extreme and Etnies, organized on a large scale in two U.S. states. The sport's popularity has increased due to easy availability and BMX freestyle tricks and actions are quite interesting.

At the end of the 1960s Southern California to be the birthplace of BMX. At that time a very popular sport of motocross and teenagers trying to imitate start doing exercise on a bike. Their children Schwinn bicycle converted into a homemade dirt bike and ride on tracks that they made themselves. The sport never get to the originator of the game that they are organized and held the race with rider numbers in a competitive atmosphere.
BMX bikes were first used is not really intended for that purpose. BMX bikes were first used is not really intended for that purpose. At that time most of the bikes on the market made for transportation and they all have the same basic design. At that time most of the bikes on the market made for transportation and they all have the same basic design. The most popular bike is the Schwinn Sting-Ray, this bike is different to the current offerings at the time. This bike is different to the current offerings at the time. It was designed to take advantage of interest in motorcycles and muscle cars and the kids love it. The Schwinn Sting-Ray quickly capture the market and receiving 70 percent of all bicycle sales within five years of launch. Riders will modify the initial BMX Schwinn Sting-Ray and race in a small local races.

Organizes BMX racing was held in Southern California in 1971 and hosted by Scot Breithaupt. Homemade equestrian wear suits and gear and drove on the track they made themselves. In four years this event manufacturers began producing BMX bike with 20-inch wheels made specifically for pro sports and the first race was held.
In the early 1980s began to etch sport into popular culture and the popularity of BMX grew at a rapid pace. Riders do not just want to race their bikes again, they continue to test the limits of the trick. Many riders began imitating skateboard tricks done on their bikes and eventually this led to the development of freestyle BMX riding.
In the early 1990s the world has become extreme and BMX riders across the world are testing their limits and the bikes themselves in the pursuit of new tricks. It was about this time that the world began to develop recognition of extreme sports and ESPN saw the potential for a large following. ESPN hosted the first X Games in 1995 in Rhode Island and BMX was Introduced to the mainstream. The first ESPN X Games host in 1995 in Rhode Island and BMX was introduced to the mainstream.
X Games BMX Riders provided a competition like the Olympics and the exposure that they could have never imagined. Riders began to see an opportunity to make a legitimate career for themselves as a BMX rider and television deal and support followed. Children across the country have a new aspiration to become like their riders look at the X Games and travel the world competing in the sport of BMX.
Many new competition following the X Games and riders have more opportunities every year to compete in the BMX pro circuit. Current professional BMX riders and many professional athletes actual salary and fame comparable to the NFL star. Many New Article X Games competition following riders have many opportunities and ongoing related more year to compete for the article in BMX pro BMX circuit. Professional riders athletes and many professional fame now actual salary comparable New Article And NFL Star.

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