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A. Background Issues
One way to improve human resources is through education, both formal education, non-formal and informal. More education perceived a man from birth until they reach the adult stage is informal and non-formal education but education makes someone people experiencing social environment is because it has a level of formal education that will meet the requirements according to age level. an obligation of a person to learn and to get a formal education. Further study must be carried out for life.
To get an education in the household and the community do not need to worry because it is part of the constraints of daily life. But that is still a constraint is the right to education of the school environment. Indonesia is a developing country so there are still people living below the poverty line. to undergo education is something that is not prioritized. School is a very expensive thing that felt by the people on the layer.
The government has in order to resolve the issue of a program organized by the name of Free Schools. The policy is one of the government's strategy in achieving the medium-term program to improve the quality of education with the following objectives:

APK SMP / MTs = 98%; APK Higher = 18%
Giving equal opportunity to all students from different classes according to the categories of economic level, gender, region, level of intellectual ability and condition
Expanding the capacity of educational units in accordance with national priorities
The use of ICT to reach remote areas .

The program is also in accordance with Article 31 of the 1945 Constitution which states that (1) Every citizen has the right to education, (2) Every citizen shall attend compulsory elementary education and government finance, (3) The Government shall establish and conduct a national education system that improves faith and piety and noble character in the context of the intellectual life of the nation, (4) State budget prioritizes education to at least twenty percent of budget revenues and expenditures of state and local revenue and expenditure budget to meet the needs of national education, and (5) Government advance science and technology with upholding religious values ​​and national unity for the progress of civilization and prosperity of mankind.
The government program to bring fresh air for Indonesian citizens who are less able to attend school education. Giving hope to not give up in their studies. However, the implementation of the regulations imposed application gives problem-problematic education although the other side favoring one party. But in terms of the organizers, students to people who do not see the paradigm thoroughly and wisely so as to influence the school management, and attitudes that can affect the quality of education.
There was a problem in the process of implementation, the issue of education funding for free school begins. When teaching and learning to walk. This is where the look, that there is no free education. Activities and any infrastructure, would require the fee. It can not be denied, that the quality of students and educators, should be supported by the fund factors. However, according to the philosophy of education, money factor is not the only determinant of teaching and learning.
This paper will lift disparities SMA 6 Palembang. In addition to SMA 6 Free Schools program has been organized, well organized RSBI or Plan International Standard School, though new destined class X. This is where the gap started to happen.

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