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1. Introduction.
Facebook belong to the category of social networking sites myspace, my space, twitter, etc., that provide a medium for users to exchange information and interact.
Facebook users or whose name is shortened to fb now nearly all over the world, also had an impact on people, especially the youth. For example, the lifestyle, habits, and personalities teens

2. 2. Problem formulation.
a) What is Facebook?
b) what are the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook?
c) is there any effect of facebook to the students?

3. 3. Extent of the problem.
 a) understanding Facebook
b) the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook
c) the impact of Facebook on personality

4. 4. Writing Methods
A.Metode Library Studies
This method is used in the whole process of making paper from the beginning to the end of the paper-making by utilizing a wide range of literature relevant to the social phenomenon being observed.

5. 5. Destination
The purpose of writing this paper was to determine the effect of Facebook on adolescent personality

6. 6. The foundation of the theory

A. Understanding facebook
Facebook is a social networking website launched on February 4, 2004 and was founded by Mark Zukerberg.

Facebook was founded by alumni of Harvard Student university1) named Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's origin is actually an application that is intended to mark the communication between harvard students, and it turns out within two weeks after Facebook launched, almost half of all Harvard students have registered and have a account on Facebook. and not only that, some of the other campuses such as yale, stanford and closest campus is asking to be included in the network Facebook

B. Advantages and disadvantages
a) Facebook has become a means of identity formation.
b) The network of Facebook users say this as a place where a person can be himself and freely communicate with close friends, mother, father, brother, boyfriend, friend, business or the wider network.
c) Users can share photos of themselves and friends, video, and build virtual communities, including awareness raising.
d) layout is excellent although there are several menus whose position is not easily found.
e) without banner ads or flashy images.
f) Network, at the beginning we were told to choose the account creation or our network by country.
k) Status updates, we can fill in whatever status we are. For example, again at home, then go to college, they can be updated and can be viewed by other users.
l) Mobile access, the features are very mobile.
m) Mobile Browsing, Facebook can access the website directly from your mobile phone.
n) Anti Fake accounts and Spam, Facebook has a feature that prevents steady fake accounts and spam.
o) Photo Tag with this feature, so when a picture together, fellow Facebook users can "tagging" or marks of others who are in the photo, and will be sent to the Facebook people that tag.
p) A lot of good games that can be directly dimainin on Facebook directly.

a) individualistic. People use Facebook be unwise confined within individual narcissism and isolated from the real world.
b) social relations at Facebook is just an illusion.
c) People who are addicted to build friendships over the Internet without a physical meeting with the person will lose ground in the real world.
d) Reduce the effective time as you can play Facebook for hours
e) Pornography, Facebook is very possible to spread the photos pornography
f) Spend your money, because when in the cafe and playing up, do not feel you have to use a lot of your money.
g) task abandoned school for students.
h) Work dormant.
i) At the time of signing up users sometimes confuse the layman

7. 7. Analysis and conclusions

After I did the analysis and research, I can conclude if

a) What is Facebook?
facebook is a social network that has several advantages and disadvantages that point in bringing people in different places.
b) what are the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook?
There are several advantages facebook user its quite profitable. That can unite people who are far away, and with its superiority to publish any facebook desired.
Apparently there are some losses that we do not seem to imagine. Such psychological harm and physical harm.

c) is there any effect of facebook to the students?
                Apparently after doing research, there are some facebook influence on students. Psychologically, some students use this site for hours so forget about time. Thanks to the "contribution" facebook, several students admitted will often forgotten coursework. There's even volunteered to play his college facebook alias hooky.
Physically, many students admitted that after they play on facebook for hours and routine in a month, they dropped Because eye conditions in front of the computer too long, too many their exhausted just sit in front of computer. even there are also some who fell ill.

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