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when silent you must feel something different in you. Now life is just a utopian and nothing more than that, Million goals as high strung, just drop by the wind. It is time we start up with this situation, but dairy milk glamour  keeps us lying listless in contempt. How much evidence do we see!!! How much evidence do we hear!!! And how many lives of our brothers lost because of the actions of societies who are not responsible. I'm tired of seeing they are exactly like a monkey. I'm tired of seeing the depravity of life in this modern world.
Life is just a matter of the destruction and humiliation, how tough we saw a bright light, even though we know this is the nature that is  pitch darkness.
O friend a my freedom. Instill our young souls. Spirit souls we are going to break this foolishness. It has been many years of living without a goal we've been through, been a few years of our lives marred by unbelievers la'natu alla 'alai. The carriage of destruction they had seen, Islam is now the one who will lead, this is the reality of my comrades. Let us look at and examine the left and right beside us. 've Seen the destruction of this system-the system of kufr. American with a superpower country now just waiting for its demise. Since they had no money folks, if there is at best they simply alone", he he.
Therefore, my friends, boys and girls, in short who still has a soul and a spirit to knock them. Because we are at the forefront of people that will destroy them. It's a lot of evidence that we see around us today, man. And this is not a joke.
waiting us ......!!! We will go forward and help our brothers who have been in  by you.
I've been burdened with the moral decay of our brothers elapsed weeds here and there. They just know to modern  era. That has brought them in garage destruction. Throwback to the Islamic values ​​that we see is a lot, man. Oppression of innocent people. Sexual harassment they do. But we do not ever want to move against them with others. It's where our eyes are all comrades. It's where our conscience friends. We've been blind to it all. Why do we only see is so selfish selves. Though our friends screaming beside them.
O people, the revolutionaries who would bring Indonesia will be better, show teeth is our change, let us save Indonesia as soon as possible from the evils of capitalism are destroying it without feeling human. Already 65 years we selved with their sweet wings. There is no other way we have to go through his soldier. Silence is not an option. Let us move forward to the death we are. Let us aspire to live. in road  noble life or martyrdom.
Be honest in every caution you all, our lives are filled with toxic poisons western accidentally throw him into all our hearts. But the least we were never aware of it all, but it's all very dangerous my friends. If you are really people who to want  to change Islam and Indonesia. So there is no other way but let us cultivate our souls to each to become the man who really understands Islam with fanatic.
It's a lot of tyranny and evil which is done by our enemies, they always laugh and rejoice over our suffering comrades. They have taken away our rights all the treasures we have taken and including three volcanologists off is by them while we're here, but we still live under the misery of poverty, malnutrition and even once a week we eat brother.
Let us think, if we do not move from now when we'll be moving, I invite all my friends not to my personal friends. However, look at the eyes of our heart friends, injustice, hostility, humiliation and sadistic murder that we have had a lot of feeling and even when shown to us all. So what we hope to our country. Our government is only taking care of the stomach and in-group. Actually many victims as part of our family-the result of their brutal oppression. It's blind eye and vision if we moved our hearts to see the incident and the riots and destruction of the country's barrage friend. Want proof what else would we wait. Do we wait for the State is destroyed to like iraq and iran there fella.
Comrade brave comrades, they are afraid to look hand our hands, hands of "Allahu Akbar" only. they would be scuttled friends, especially if we
You're our only carry syringes, they may faint look at us. In fact, they are simply people who are afraid of man. They will pee standing looking at us. They do not know that we are brave and willing to die for freedom of religion, and they dare any man, they do not have anything, they come to our country thief. They came to spend our money.
They are always happy tiafe  property rights of others. It is shameful, really shameful and embarrassing friends. Americans all, unfeeling. They do not have a taste. means they are like animals: dogs, cats, pigs and so forth. Yes friend?? not really man?? If not true!!!  right, yes he, he, he. They do not know what is!!! That we also need wealth, why do they always jealous. Mean. You fool, you fool, you're a dog style.
Comrades, remember that they only without him we see he is great. But their guts like froth seafaring. They are just garbage on the street that makes everyone feel restless and spreading disease everywhere. It's despicable yourself.
Life is just a temporary companion
Behavior and conduct will be held accountable
  haiii infidels
Already bored we heard and saw Mu
Luxury living with money confiscated
He he he
Why do not you just work disbelieve in our own land
So laborers or daily work, Huh
Let us be sarrow  Day 20 thousand
that is infidels lawful
But why you would take our rights forced pagan
Though that is  sinned! You idiot infidels
Look at us!!!
Living dead quiet too quiet
Although treasure barely fit
  it's we work and sweat
Not the result of a steal especially with the colonized people
Remember that dog  ya!!!
Do not attempt to try to come to our place
Caution yes
Because we are not willing to stamp your lie
Really You're a heathen

Our life has been tarnished by you, we will never accept to and with all thy ways. It's enough you colonize the old people we used to dive hundreds of years. You invade, confiscate our property, stupid  us, and force us to give up our possessions and honor. Our degrees are not like you step on as you use your horse. Then the heart's what you want. What is not enough that you looted our treasures hundreds of years. But why now will you still robbed of our rights again. Many companies and our mines you take our hands, while you spread a sweet smile. And it was hell for us.
This stupid ass you follow us we pity those without reply. Our religion you are stained, our bodies with bullets fired at you, all your problems you throw at us. We pondered and weighed only waiting slanders group  bad and intentions. You want us to leave us this glorious religion. You threw us terror  said, when you are killing our brothers of innocent millions that you never refer to yourself as a terrorist mastermind. Then what you want.
¬ Already a lot of humiliation and throw you give to us. Our treasure is you spend. Then again to us with your stupid issue.
Let us rise up comrades. It's time we open our eyes and ears. We prepare our genius brains against their rotten brains. If they can build ships, why we can not make it. It was small for us guys, but let's cultivate our souls blood . Soul passion for learning. Because all keys in the key is to learn.

We the peasants not for you to colonize,
Had I not had mu
We work for our needs not to rob you
There have been many evil and stupid which we willingly accept by force
It often we get the punishment of your iniquity
Never will you come before your face presented to us
I sliced ​​you
I cut you like a wild horse food
You thief and the same country


So long we waited for the resurrection of you, but we do not see clearly which way you take us. Already dozens of years we waited, we were there here asking about the progress our beloved country, we declare this welfare. But not come visit home too. We are facing to east  advance and westernized as you suggest. Still no bright spots we could look to our future. Actually that's what you want anyway. Many property or our welfare anyway,,
Already many have you promised so far, with a low tone, said a polite, you come up with a gift from hell. To you and give alms he said. One word you are then applied to the thousands of millions of promise. You want us to stay alive. You promised us prosperity, tranquility of life you promised us. You bamboozling us with fine words, beautiful and melodious with low and your symbol said. we decide  and dream as if living like forever. Every day we continue to wait, every night we could not sleep because of hunger waiting for you who helped us. But day by day, we are still waiting patiently we wait, every cry of motorcycles and cars in front of our house, as if the shadow of thy coming to bring the promise which you have to say. Traces of ink our ears warm still holds promise, but until now you had not come.
The question arises in our minds ... where our welfare that you promised ....? Which reassured that you promised that day ....?
But what is their answer, which we see what we feel and what we natural for this!!! He had already become the ruler statues, she could no longer hear those words, those words had they considered not yet  wind that makes them unable to sleep, the words were considered, challenging, words are like thorns they have always regarded as dangerous words for themselves and their work. We are already considered junk anymore that have been exploited and discarded without reply if so just love.
We laugh alongside a fence, wearing clothes unfit for use by humans, the sun is so hot, make us sweat boiling and melting fur our bodies so hot, demanding our rights. With her face radiant with to us, we say word for word, by force us shout-shout, we came ......................................... They actually facing us, telling people to body big and tattooed for our brick. We are not waiting >>>>>> why ambushed like a beast. You lie. you  lie. Now I know you taint us with sweet words, it turns out we know you are not different from its human-like demon. Bored bored bored, heard the words you again,,,,,
why is like to live in someone else's life. And it's got us all, not have anyone who has, but I think, this country is just a personal private property.
only people who have a big bag that takes advantage of the money we put them as PD but it got us.

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