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        Since humans in ancient times up to the present, man has grown in every period of time that has passed we are familiar with the time period as meolitikum, Neolithic. Human civilization has progressed until now. During development, human life depends on farming and agriculture. With the orientation of life, man has always tried to maintain and conserve the environment as well as possible that aims to preserve the human race as well.
And in time, human development has undergone an industrial revolution era of human life depend on the industry sector. With the life orientation, the agricultural world was slowly deteriorating. The values ​​of human life underwent a change, especially in human interaction with the environment. The changes that happened generates both positive and negative impacts.
        One of the effects of the industrial revolution that has taken place and is still continuing in the present life and human civilization is its impact on the environment that exists around the man himself. Expansion efforts made by industry players such as the construction of factories and manufacturing large-capacity production to the exclusion of attention to its impact on the environment is slowly but surely have resulted in omission that will ultimately harm the human living environment and human life.
           Environmental experts have discovered the biggest indications of the impact on the environment and the world as a global result of efforts made and the industry has been growing rapidly this. This negative impact is the warming of the world and is often referred to as Global Warming. However, the problem of global warming as an environmental problem is still disputed truth by some who think Global Warming is a reason that was created to limit the pace of industrial development. Although there is still debate about the truth of the state of global warming among environmental experts, but the problem is not global warming is inevitable to be researched and explored further for the survival of human life.
            To that end, which made this Essay will demonstrate and explain the truth about the global warming issue is a study based on literature from a variety of sources are reliable and competent. Discussion and explanation will be done from the point of view of the pros and the cons. In this Essay will present facts strengthen the global warming problem is.

How does global-warming prevention?
-What is the cause of global warming?
What is the impact of global warming?
         General objective of this research is to determine the extent to which global warming has been happening? and what the exact cause? All of this is still a question mark for humans. Because until now they have not received the exact cause of this global warming and humans also want to seek the truth about the effects of global warming will be experienced by the man himself, living things and the environment around it. If this happens then the global warming effect caused not only experienced by humans but also all living in the vicinity, such as the rising temperature of the Earth cause dryness, so the result of this addition to the drought experienced by humans are also animals and plants where the plant will wither from lack of water or and so forth. Therefore, through this study is expected to be able to better prevent human activities that can lead to global warming as greenhouse carrying out activities, burning of substances that can cause the temperature of the Earth increases, and others.

Statement  problem
Puroses research
4.Sistematika writing
5.metode writing

1.what isglobal warming
what is  Green House Effect or the Greenhouse Effect
what isClimate Change

1. global warming
2.Causes  global warming
Impact of  global warming


        In making this paper the authors use the method library collection data is taken from sources or library books and the Internet to supplement the data that the authors would need as the content of the paper.



      Global Warming is literally translated as Global warming. Global warming on Earth starts from the fact that the heat energy emitted from the sun that enter the earth's weather and climate as well as creating heat in the earth's surface globally.
2. Definition of Green House Effect or the Greenhouse Effect

Conditions that mimic the impact on greenhouse also occurred in the earth, the energy trapped in the earth's surface by the gas concentrations in the atmosphere. In fact, global warming is the gradual increase in temperature of the earth as a result of increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the outer layers of the atmosphere. And when the earth radiates energy it receives back into space, some of the incoming solar energy to the earth, trapped in the earth's surface caused by blocked by gases in the atmosphere such as water vapor and carbon dioxide.
3. Understanding Climate Change
        Increasing the concentration of gas in the atmosphere has accelerated change in average weather. Since the 19th century and up to the 20th century, the Earth's surface temperature has increased F. And  average 0.5°the estimated increase in the earth's surface temperature   F or 0.6-2.5 experts say will reach the next° °- 1.0 C in 50 years  1-4.5 depending on the region in earts . seen in the changes that occur with the real conditionsprove it snow in Northern Hampshire and the decline of ice floating on the Arctic Ocean.
Globally, sea level has risen 4-8 inches over the past century. Evaporation that occurs in the world has increased by about 1% and the frequency of occurrence of rain has also been increased.
Gases generated from a variety of human activities, such as activities in the industrial and combustion, will be concentrated in the atmosphere and will cause trapping of solar energy into the earth. The energy is not irradiated with the same conditions that occur in the greenhouse, so that energy will remain in the surface of the earth and cause global warming on the earth's surface.



Here are some tips that ckup easy and useful to prevent global warming and the Climate Crisis:
* In the beverage and food
1. Reduce consumption of meat-vegetarian is the best
Based on research, 1 kg of meat, the resources spent the equivalent of 15 kg of wheat. Imagine how we could save the world from lack of food if we are vegetarian.
2. Eat and cook from fresh ingredients.
Avoid foods that are processed or packaged will reduce the energy wasted due to process and transport repetitive.
3. Buy local products,
local agricultural products are very cheap and also very save energy, especially if we calculate the energy and transportation costs. Organic food is more environmentally friendly, but also check their home. If imported from other areas, it is likely that the carbon emissions will be greater than the benefits.
4. Recycling aluminum, plastic, and paper. Energy for aluminum cans equivalent energy to power a TV for 3 hours.
5. Buy in large packs. It would be much cheaper, it also saves resources for packaging. If too much, take a friend or relative to share the time of purchase.
6. Turn off the oven a few minutes before time
not be lost.
7. Avoid fast food
Fast food is the world's largest producer of waste. Besides the consumption of fast food is also bad for your health.
8. Bring a bag that can be reused.
9. Use washable cups.
10. Shop in your neighborhood.
11. Planting trees every chance.
* At home
12. Lower the temperature of your air conditioner.
13. Use a timer to turn off the air conditioner to avoid forgetting.
14. Use of solar water heaters.
15. Turn off unused lights and do not leave the water dripping.
16. Use energy-efficient lighting.
17. Maximize lighting from nature.
18. Avoid stand-by position on the electronics.
If  our household off (not in standby position) then we will reduce CO2 emissions tremendous electrical energy savings. Use the lamp socket there is the on-off-her. Or unplug from the electrical source.
19. If recharging your battery is full, Immediately Unplug.
20. Reduce time in the open refrigerator.
21. Do not buy cut flowers.
22. Cut foods in smaller sizes.
23. Use cold water to wash and wash it in large quantities.
24. Use environmentally friendly detergents and cleaners.
25. Use re-furnishing your home.
26. Donate toys that are not appropriate for your child's age.
27. If you use a deodorant spray or other products, do not use aerosol.
The causes of global warming can be classified into two types, natural factors and factors of its inhabitants.
Natural Factors
Our planet 4.6 billion old history, this happened at the end of the ice age the Mesozoic era, the Quaternary age (68-140 million years ago.) One of the effects of the ice age, in addition to the environmental impact, is the merging of some of Asia.
things archipelago with the mainland can be seen from equation species of flora and fauna that exist between the mainland of western Indonesia Asia. Because  Earth's temperature rises, the ice age was ended . But  was enough to show us that the earth had global.totemperature changes at this time also, the earth experienced the same . Only  again, if before the change is from a cold to a warmer cool alias, if present from the warm to the happens it is something that occurs naturally, as the rules of the law of nature.
Factors Residents

Today, the inhabitants of the earth (human only) already account for 7 billion more other living all equally engaged one another in accelerating or enhancing global effect general, the causes of global warming caused by residents is as follows:
A. Increased carbon gas emissions.
Earth is basically carbon naturally produced gas, but still in the low levels and are managed by the earth this time, the level of gas production has been greatly exaggerated. Solar energy that enters the Earth's atmosphere not everything can be absorbed and utilized by the energy that is not absorbed should be reflected out of the atmosphere because many pollutant gases (carbon) in the atmosphere, the energy becomes carbon has the nature to resist energy (heat) to pass through. This phenomenon is called the greenhouse effect.
B. Leaking of the ozone layer
Before the solar energy reaching the Earth, the energy will be pre-filtered by the ozone layer is in results showed the occurrence of depletion due ozon. can guess what happens if the ozone layer is damaged, or even a cause ozone depletion is the increased use of Chloro Flouro Carbon (CFC). CFCs used in everyday life on the refrigerator, air conditioner, driver of the throwers materials, foam maker, and as a solvent.
C. Reduced Carbon Gas converters
Before the modern era, where the industry has not yet developed, life on this planet has been producing gas numbers are not as powerful as many converters available carbon gases that are able to convert all of the carbon gas into environmentally friendly gas, even required by life , such as oxygen.
One of the converters is is home to trees and endowed ability to consume carbon gas and gas produced due to increased population, coupled with the increasing demand for residential land, industry-land, agricultural land, land for public facilities such as roads and buildings, causing the number of forest again reduced demand for timber growing market soared.

A. The melting of ice in the polar north & south
Global Warming
        According to researchers, slab-shaped ice a very large permanent floating around 1609 kilometers south of South America, west Antarctic Peninsula. In fact, ice is believed to have been there since 1500 years ago. Now, after the separation, the remaining ice chunks live 1950 square kilometers, 5.6 kilometers plus the adjacent ice chunks and connects the two islands. Changes in Antarctica are complicated and more isolated from all parts of the South are the polar continent with the mountains and the ice-covered lake surrounded by ocean. This continent is much colder than the Arctic, so the ice melts there are very rare, even layers that never melts in history. The average temperature is minus 49 degrees Celsius, but it never reached almost minus 90 degrees Celsius in July 1983. No wonder the phenomenon of melting ice on the continent which contains nearly 90 percent of the ice in the world that deserve the attention of researchers.
B. Rising sea level.

          The melting of ice at the north pole and the south pole has a direct impact on the increased level of
sea ​​level. Experts estimate when all of Greenland melts. Sea levels will rise up to 7 meters.
Change climate / weather gets extreme
          NASA stated that the global warming impact on the more extreme changes in the weather and climate of the earth. Rainfall patterns change can be predicted without causing flooding in one place, but drought elsewhere. Typhoons and tropical storms will be popping up with the trend of more and more strengthened by NASA statement above you can already see the effect on the environment around us. Do you realize how hot the temperature around you lately. You can also see how it can not be forecast arrival of the rainy season or dry season resulting in losses for farmers as planting should be done during the dry season turned out to rain. You can also look at cases of extreme storm hit certain areas in Indonesia. In recent years, we are increasingly being affected by the storms that disrupted shipping and transport either via sea or phenomenon in the country is still not enough for you, you can also watch international news on natural disasters. Typhoons in Japan and the United States continues to break new records from year to year. You can look at this information through the mass media and the internet. No single continent in the world is an escape from the extremes of climate change.

D. Heat waves become more malignant

           Global Warming cause heat waves become more frequent and more powerful. Year 2007 was a new record-breaking year for the temperature reached by the usual heat wave hit the United States. Heat wave of attacks even forced the government in several states to declare emergency status mode 1. That attack that takes some of the victims died (due to heat), turn out hundreds of freshwater fish, damaging crops, triggering a great forest fire, and killing animals, Southern European regions also have got great heat wave attack resulted in no less than 35,000 people died with casualties from France (14 802 inhabitants). France is a country with the death toll due to the unprepared residents and local governments from the phenomenon of heat wave it. Other casualties spread from England, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and other European countries. The heat wave also caused severe drought and crop failures prevalent in European regions.
Glacier Water-Source World

       The melting glaciers threaten world water supply, and in the long run will contribute increasing sea levels world. NASA noted that from 1960 to 2005, the number of glaciers in different parts of the world who lost no less than 8,000 cubic meters. NASA Scientists now realize that the melting glaciers, melting ice at both poles of the earth, global earth temperature increases, until rising sea levels are evidence that the planet Earth continues to heat up.


The temperature rise in because of soaring gas discharge CO2 levels during the past 350,000 years global temperatures other changes such as rising sea levels, increased intensity of extreme weather phenomena, agricultural output, loss of glaciers and the extinction of various types this continues to happen at the hands of our fellow human beings continue to let this happen without doing the anticipation and prevention of this condition, perhaps humans themselves who feel threatened by habitat loss due to global warming, and from now on we have to do prevention, such as reforestation, energy efficient allow that global warming is not man we have to keep this earth because then we can prevent on earth created by God to keep therefore we must always protect the world we live in, with so the earth will life our children and grandchildren will.
-As we know now there has been global warming which, as human beings we should prevent and reduce the impact of global warming then we also keep the earth and the survival of living things in it.
-We should not cut down forests wild, but we have to maintain and tree is planted is the food of life.

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