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Stretching the urban metropolis, making happens in it influenced many interesting things. Jobs that previously may be considered normal, but today has become a lifestyle trend much loved urban youth.
Here are 5 types of jobs unique com show the lifestyle of urban youth:

1. Photographers
Photographer or photographers are the ones who create images by capturing the light from the subject image with a camera and other photographic equipment, and generally thinking about the art and technique to produce a better picture and try to develop their knowledge. Many photographers who use cameras and tools as a job to earn money. The trend that is close to the glamor world, increasingly putting the work on this one as a favorite urban youth.

2. Modeling
Model or sometimes called  or model is a person employed for the purpose of displaying and promoting fashion clothing or other products and for advertising or promotional purposes or who poses for works of art. Moreover fashions being promoted are the property of famous designers, which makes the job of one is synonymous with sparkling views of city life for a fee. Being a modeling course required to look attractive, beautiful and smart. Therefore a model so loved urban women today.

3. Stand Up Comedian
Comedy is an attempt to make others laugh, or just to make someone else happy. Way vary, depending on the comedian and usually adapted to the conditions that will be made to laugh. The most common way is by saying a joke, a joke subjects another person, or ourselves. Another way is to conduct a made-up to look funny and laughable performances in front of others. Lately, comedy became one of the main programs at several television stations in Indonesia and abroad.

In the United States the more famous is standup comedy, in which a comedian standing in front of an audience and say monologue about something. Types of jokes like this is more dependent on the delivery and content of the story. Examples are standup comedian Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Jeff Foxworthy, and Eddie Izzard. No wonder a stand up comedian can make a person have a broad association.

4. Disc Jockey (DJ)
Disc Jockeys, DJ abbreviated, or sometimes "deejay" is someone who skillfully selects and plays recorded voice or music that has been recorded previously. Commonly used media recordings are discs or disc media, and as skillful in playing the disc makes this profession known as a disc jockey, or better known as disjoki (disc jockey). Now the term refers not only to the skill set song / music discs in the medium, but also in the form of medium the other . Job this one, now starting much loved urban teens. Ranging from fashion to the DJ console that is often used to separate trends that captivated many young people. Expertise of someone with this type of work, a lot of us have encountered in program musical events or nightclubs in the city.

5. Bartender
Bartender or waiter bar, is a mix alcoholic drinks behind a counter in a bar, pub, or the like. Bartender expected to mix hundreds to thousands of different drinks, to be presented to the visitors bar. But with development, job one is involved displays a dazzling entertainment attractions by way of playing technique bottle. Besides luring many visitors because of the attraction, what the bartenders are a distinct trend among urban youth.


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