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1. Background
            In this globalization era, sex has become a trend for teenagers in particular high school. This is caused by a lack of public awareness about sex education or sex education. Here parents have a very important role in a child's sex education not to be involved in things that are not good. But in fact usually parents underestimate it. This is because parents are less aware of the importance of sex education and parents consider talking about sex education is still taboo. Though sex education is very influential in the association of a teenager who has a high curiosity.
There was also the era of globalization influence of western culture is very strong. Their culture that is contrary to the norms of religion in Indonesia. This should be a concern for us, because we know the Indonesian nation is a nation that values
Examples of external influences is usually called promiscuity or free sex in teenagers today. It is already starting to grow in culture teenager Indonesia because many facts that prove that one of them is a young marriage. Therefore parents should supervise their children more closely, especially parents who have teenagers.
Teen has the curious property that is quite high due to the influence of growth hormones in their bodies. It is therefore not impossible that the teens tried things like sex. As a result, there are teenagers who become pregnant outside of marriage, abortion, early marriage and genital disease.
That is why sex education should be implemented, so that parents can socialize their children, especially teenagers. So the mindset of young people have to have the mindset that sex outside of marriage has an impact that is not fun.

B. Problem Formulation
            Problems deviation about sex education in teenagers pretty much because a lot of the impact we have felt one of them was a young marriage as what has been described above in the background. But teenagers generally much less know about sex education was then "how important is sex education taught to the young?"

C. Destination

            The author's purpose for writing this paper is to find out what exactly teenagers sex education and learn about sex in general. Besides, I also want to tell people not to misinterpret that sex education should be taught to the next generation, both formal and informal.

D. Benefit
            If sex education has been done, both formally and informally, the percentage of young marriage, venereal disease, pregnancy is not in want, and others will be reduced sehinngga next generation will be the future generation of the nation can be expected.
As if sex education has been made public so know the sex education. Therefore parents do not misunderstand sehinngga parents can socialize it to children in an effective and efficient in order to be targeted teenagers. If a child is automatically tearah child can control themselves so as not to be a child who belongs to a class of children with a bleak future.


A. Understanding Sex Education / Sex Education
What is sex education? Sex education is not just a way to learn about how to have sex. But sex education includes many things such as sexual deviance, reproductive problems, sex crimes, legal, moral, and others. So sex education is not merely how to do sex (how to have sex).
According to the national education figures Arif Rahman Hakim, sex education is a conscious and systematic treatment process in schools, families and communities to deliver according to the sex and religion set forth by the community.
Sex education in terminology by Moh. Roqib is an effort to transfer knowledge and values
​​(knowledge and values) of human genetic and physical function, particularly with regard to the type (sex) of men and women as a continuation of the trend of primitive animals and human beings are interested and love the opposite sex.
Abdul Aziz Qussy say sex education is a right to notice of the child in order to help in adjusting to life in the future as a result of giving the experience that she will gain a good mental attitude towards sexual issues and problems descent.
So the conclusion is the effort of teaching sex education, awareness, and information about sexual matters given to the child, in an effort to keep children free from bad habits and cover all possibilities that lead to illicit sexual kehubungan. Direction and a healthy understanding of sex than the health aspects of physical, psychological, and spiritual.

B. Stages of Age To Teach Sex Education
When is sex education should be done? According to Dr. Rose Mini AP, M.Psi, educational psychologists, sex of the child's parents must be given as early as possible. "Sex education must be given to parents on their children as early as possible. Precisely begins when children go play group (ages 3-4 years), because at this age children are able to understand more about their bodies and organs can also be followed by the introduction of the internal organs.
One way of delivering sexual education in children can begin to teach them to clean up their own genitals.
Teach your children to clean their genitals properly after pee (urinate) or defecate (BAB), so that children can be independent and does not rely on other people. Education is also indirectly teach children to not carelessly allow others to clean their genitals.
            In providing sex education we should adjust to their age. Here are some steps age and how to provide sex education in accordance with the age of the child:
a. Toddlers (1-5 years)
At this age, you can begin to begin to introduce your child to the sex organs of his brief. For example, when bathing your child, you can tell the various organs of the body, such as hair, head, arms, legs, stomach, and do not forget the penis and the vagina or vulva. Then explain differences in genitalia of the opposite sex, for example, if your child has a younger brother of the opposite sex.
b. Age 5-10 years
At this age children are active tend to ask one question is where I come from Mom? Sometimes parents do not understand pertnyaan could respond with answers that can make children more confused.
Here parents can say "Son, you're from here (pointing to stomach)" or his parents can be cited with a child who is looking pregnant.
Besides, parents should tell the child if there are others who hold pubic child without parental consent for your child to scream. This is one of the preventive efforts in order to avoid the child sex criminals.
c. Age Ahead Teens
            In this period children are experiencing puberty usually where changes in the morphology of the body-the body had been seen. The role of parents is to explain them that they are purely natural changes occur so that they do not ask many questions that cause them to come in to ask that should not be questioned?
d. Age Teens
This period is the period in which it can be said the sex organs mature. Here the role of parents are in need in providing moral values, and the negative impact of the law. That children who do not fall into the problem of early marriage.
Thus the need for closer scrutiny of the existing children in adolescence. In order to avoid information that does not educate. For example inforrmasi from friends, pornographic VCDs, magazines, and the Internet.

C. Do Importance of Sex Education / Sex Education
Ignorance teens about sex will lead them to the feeling of wanting to try new things. Therefore, sex education is very important to give, remember as a teenager going process of puberty so that they experience sex drives are affected hormone explosive. If sex education is not given when the child stepped on adolescence, it will have a negative impact, not only about their respective ideologies of the impact of sexual behavior that they do, but they were unprepared to bear the consequences of sexual activity such as: teens who become pregnant out of wedlock, high abortion rates, young marriage, and venereal diseases are the result of a lack of sex education for teenagers.
According to a psychologist, Sarwono, in his adolescent psychology, sex education should be given to adolescents should include a prevailing norms in society, what is forbidden, what is dilazimkan and how to do it without breaking the rules prevailing in the society. Sex education aims to describe aspects of anatomical, biological, psychological, and moral, and cultural values
​​and religion. The core aim of sex education is to form healthy emotional attitude towards educating adolescents about sex and healthy adult life and responsible.
The explanation of the result of the impact of sex for teens:
1. Pregnant Outside of Marriage
Pregnant outside of marriage is a very popular case. But who gets the suffering here is because we know prempuan containing / pregnant women. Besides, after a lot of women are abandoned by people who impregnate as pacarnnya or other person who raped. Even here not only other people who rape but depraved actions of his own father. Imagine the psychological impact that may be incurred by women who become pregnant outside of marriage is primarily in adolescents.
Teens will feel alienated / or stay away by their peers. Sometimes the teenagers who become pregnant outside of marriage is getting negative views of local residents so that local residents were away from teenagers who become pregnant out of wedlock. Consequently adolescent depression resulting in teenage suicide.
2. Abortion
Sex outside of marriage brings quite a lot of negative impacts on the environment and the actors themselves. One is abortion, abortion is an abortion process. The act of abortion, it also has a very high risk to the safety of the women themselves. Here is the risk that occurs when an abortion, especially teenagers:
Ø Death due to too much bleeding
Ø Sudden death due to anesthesia failed
Ø slow death due to a serious infection around the womb.
Ø A torn uterus (Uterine Perforation)
Ø Damage to the cervix (Cervical Lacerations) which will cause subsequent disability in children.
Ø Breast cancer (due to an imbalance of estrogen in women)
Ø Ovarian cancer (Ovarian Cancer)
Ø cervical cancer (Cervical Cancer)
Ø Liver cancer (Liver Cancer)
Ø Abnormalities in placental / umbilical cord (Placenta Previa) which will cause subsequent disability in children and severe bleeding during pregnancy.
Ø pelvic infection (pelvic inflammatory disease)
Ø Being sterile / not able to have children again (ectopic Pregnancy)
Ø Infection of the lining of the uterus (endometriosis)
Ø reproductive infections due to perform curettage (medically) that is done is not sterile. This makes adolescents experiencing infertility later after marriage.
Ø The risk of bleeding so that teens can experience shock due to bleeding and neurological disorders. Besides bleeding may also result in the death of both mother and child or both.
Ø The risk of uterine rupture uterus or reptur larger and uterine wall thinning caused by curettage. Infertility due to tearing of the uterus, the risk of infection, the risk of shock to the risk of maternal death and her unborn child.
Ø The occurrence of traumatic genital fistula is a passage or a relationship between genital and urinary or gastrointestinal tract that normally does not exist.
That little effect of abortion especially for young prempuan therefore parents should be supervising the children they have, especially teenagers who are prone to have sex outside of marriage so it does not lead to a risk of abortion.
3. Young Marriage
This case is the result pregnant if a man take responsibility for impregnating a woman. But this has a considerable impact berperpangaruh if that impregnates teenage girl is still a student in other words, teens are still riding in the elderly. Here are some impacts that can be felt when married young teens:
• Vulnerable divorce for any problems encountered with emotion and blame.
• Has sufficient psychological impact negatively.
• Loss of opportunities for education.
• Loss of opportunity to enjoy the youth to hang out with friends.
• Loss of career opportunities.
• Risky sexual disorders.
4. Sex disease.
The teens, not only that, but adults also need to know a lot about the dangers of venereal disease. The disease is divided into several kinds and types, can spread through viruses, fungi or bacteria. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that attacks the genitals and even mouth. Although syphilis or Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease that can be cured with antibiotics. Venereal diseases such as Herpes can not be cured and the worst is that AIDS is caused by HIV viruses that have the potential for death.
Of the four reasons proficiency level is enough to make sex education proficiency level is very important to teach kids, especially in adolescents. Not only in adolescent sex education should be given to the public, especially the parents so that parents can direct their children to be children with a future-bright future that our nation into a developed nation and a role model of every country in world.

D. Research
            From some of the questions about sex education that has been given to people who have different professions, it turns out they have a different perception about sex education. One of them is a teenager who is in school writer. The author collects around 20 students of class X SMA Negeri 2 Selong to answer some questions. These questions are provided:
1. What do you know about sex education?
2. Did your parents ever give you a sex education? How?
3. In your opinion how important is sex education? Explain?
4. Have you ever been compelled to want to know about sex problem? Why?
5. When you think sex education should be taught?
Of the 20 subjects who collected it is still much confusion about such questions. Here the question is emphasized most in question number 2 is "Do your parents ever give you a sex education?"
Response data table subject "Did your parents ever give you a sex education?":

Nama siwa/ siswi
Tidak Pernah
Ari Budiman Setiawan
Bq. Lasmining Putri R.
Bq. Ru'ya Annisa
Bq. Zurriyatun Shalihah
Dana Putri Maulida S.
Dini Putri Maulida S.
Intan Permata
Isnu Gema Satria Putra
Khairil Umami
L. Riko Elandre Kurnia
Lulu Bianglala
Neni Septiana Aini
Nurul Yeni Safitri
Nuzulul Kholifi
Panca Nugraha
Saptohadi M.
Siti Herdianti
Ulfatus Syarifah
Yuni Hidayati

Description: +: Positive Feedback
                            -: Negative Feedback
From the table above it can be concluded that many of the subjects with a negative response in the sense that there are still many who have not received sex education from parents subject. In fact, the subject here is a student of class X that can be said of students who are teenagers. While teenage students should receive sex education teens should receive.
Adolescents are vulnerable to these influences are negative, such as: Pregnant out of wedlock, abortion, young marriage, venereal disease, and others. Therefore it is fitting teens get sex education for teens is not affected by the problem the problem is negative.

In SMA Negeri 2 Selong not only the students that authors use as a subject but also teachers, Mr Zainul Muttaqin. He is one of the existing Sports teacher at SMAN 2 Selong. The author uses interviews to determine bagimana Mr Zainul Muttaqin opinion about sex education. He argued that sex education is very important because he considers sex education can menaggulangi things that are not in want as the young marriage. He also suggested that sex education Do the children who are 7 junior class by introducing anatomy-anatomy of the reproductive organs and teach moral values
​​and religious beliefs about sex education.
There's also the author interviewed how many people are there in the village Emigrants, Selong East Lombok NTB (Nusa Tenggara). Some contend Sex education That education is to teach how to do sex. But there is also the opinion that sex education is not just how the marital relationship? But sex education actually teaches a child, especially teenagers about sex in terms of moral and positive and negative impacts. But in general, many people do not know, whether sex education was?

E. Attachment
These photos writers who are doing research in SMA Negeri 2 Selong:
Here are photographs of victims of the lack of sex education as a young marriage, pregnancy out of wedlock (Documentation of LPA (Child Protective Services) Provvinsi East Lombok NTB):

 "Sorry this Forbidden Content"


From the description above all the author can conclude that sex education is an education that aims to provide learning about sex, anatomy biological sex, morals, law, and others. Sex education can overcome the proficiency level preventive juvenile cases are quite popular in the country of Indonesia such as: pregnant out of wedlock, abortion, early marriage, and venereal disease. Sex education is given to children according to their age. Because if sex education is conducted without regard to age level children certainly will not understand. As if curious children can make a child look for information from the media that do not necessarily give a good answer to them but give them answers that make them develop into children who are not virtuous character.


A. Adolescent
• Teens can do positive activities keep them busy such as: organizing, music, and other berdrama
• Teens need to think ahead and think about the impact that can happen to them when having sex outside marriage.
• Young people should be able to behave when meeting the opposite sex of their own age.
• Youth must be diligent to avoid acts of worship such as the above.
B. Parents
• societies have had to change their views about sex education that sex education is not the only way to have sex but sex education is concerned with the morals of a child.
• People should teach their children sex education appropriate to the age of a child
• Do not allow a child is curious about sex because it can cause the child to seek information from the media is not clear information so that it can be fatal.
C. School
• Schools should encourage curriculum on sex education.
• Schools must hold socialization annually to students / students about sex education.
• Schools must hold socialization annually to parents and workers who taught at school about sex education so that teachers and parents can convey to students that sexual problems or teenage children effectively and efficiently.

D. Government
• The government should hold every school program and must have a sex education curriculum by providing funds to each school to conduct socialization of sex education.
• The government should be held equally socialization of sex education in every town and village in Indonesia.


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