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Examples of Scientific Work On Smoking Dangers

           Thank God we prayed for the presence of God who has given His mercy and grace to us, so that we as authors have successfully completed this simple paper.
Prayers and peace we hanturkan to master the Prophet Muhammad and his family, companions, and his family until the end of time. We put together the paper themed rooms. This paper describes about the various dangers of smoking and the effects caused by smoking especially among students. This paper was prepared with the aim of telling smokers, especially for students, that smoking is harmful to health. We realize that there is no ivory that is not cracked. Papers we compiled this did not escape from the flaws and far from perfection. Therefore, we as authors are looking forward to any constructive criticism and suggestions from readers.
Finally, this paper may be useful to readers. Amen.


     The habit of smoking in Indonesia is very worrying. Any time we can meet members of the public of all ages, including students smoking in public places. In fact, various studies and studies that have been conducted showed that smoking is harmful to health. Not only harm the smoker, cigarette smoke is dangerous when inhaled by people around him (secondhand smoke). Even some studies have shown that passive smokers have a higher health risk than the smokers themselves. Diseases ranging from cough to lung cancer threatens smokers, both active and passive smokers. We are aware that information about the dangers of smoking to health is very important to be known by the public, especially the students. This is what prompted us to develop a paper on these cigarettes. We hope that, by knowing this information can dissuade students to consume cigarettes, or even stop smoking.

       The basic ingredients are tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco consists of a variety of chemicals that can make someone drug, even though they do not again try again.
Actually, whether or not a student may be permitted in the school, the community or the other. Because it can have a negative impact on health, school, and others. Usually this is done by the students because of their emotional state is unstable to make them do anything to vent his emotions.
      In the big cities, especially Jakarta population of smokers at an early age is very high. This is caused by a lack of education about the dangers of smoking among school / community. Or maybe jugaa lack of awareness of themselves so that they do not pay attention to the dangers and also later in the future. By kaarena, we as students would socialize about the dangers of smoking as well as due to the time in the future through this paper.

       The first time smoking from a variety of research results include: trial and error, me-too, want to know delish cigarettes, just wanted to feel, lonely, in order to look stylish, imitating parents, fun, relieve stress, habit socially, though not sissy said, eighth symbol, for inspiration. Another reason is the stress reliever, relievers saturated, seekers of inspiration, pride, hard to break away, the influence of the environment, fun, oral anti-acid, dessert, delight.
      Especially for teens and children, a study in Australia in 1981 to 5686 children showed the influence of advertising; children were interviewed twice with an interval of one year and found that the possibility to be a smoker in children who approved the advertising of cigarettes two times greater than those who did not approve cigarette advertising.
For most students, starting to smoke caused by the impulse. For instance, the student feel uncomfortable to her friends because she does not smoke. So he started smoking cigarettes and
finally enjoy it. Most students also assume that the smoke he was very great, stylish, and feared. In fact, if he's not very clever to keep him, smoking is the beginning of impac someone to drugs.

     Below, are some of the characteristics of a smoker  smokers look cool by smoking cigarettes smoked to enjoy cheeks look sunken smokerü
 Skin so blackü The redü nails turn blueü lips and gums become black  Easy peyakit attacked coughü His breath smellsü breath a smoker not strong and longü Other effects of smoking can also cause
1. Teeth become yellow because of nicotine stains
2. Disruptive olfactory
3. Compromising Taste
4. Infection of the throat
5. Lung Cancer
6. Ulcers in the intestine
7. Impotence
8. Disorders of pregnancy and fetal


       When smoke a cigarette, in fact we have inhaled a lot of substances that can damage our body, including Nicotine, addictive, damaging brain tissue and blood clot easily.Ø
Ø Tar, causing damage to the cells of the lungs, increasing the production of mucus or
phlegm in the lungs, and can cause lung cancer.
      Carbon monoxide, which can reduce the amount of oxygen that can be tied up blood, preventing oxygen transport in the body.
 Substance kersinogen, can trigger the growth of cancer cells in the body.Ø
 irritant substances, can cause coughing, lung cancer, and lung irritation.

For themselves,
1. Smoking more harm than benefit to the body
2. Pose suggestions to ourselves, that if we do not smoke mouth feel uncomfortable and sour
3. Curiosity, eagerness to learn, and there are many positive things to ourselves lost when we become a smoker
For others,
1. When we're smoking, we can smoke bothering others and also causes air pollution
2. Cause someone close to us being a passive smoker
3. If you throw a cigarette butt carelessly without first turning off previously, can cause fires
Teen causing ozone layer

     Several efforts have been taken by the government
1. The efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Health is not it an anti-smoking campaign, but
the extension of the relationship with health cigarette.
2. Targets to reach the goals is finite, namely: health workers, teachers, school students, elders, children and adolescents, women, especially pregnant women
3. Priority on prevention activities for those who do not smoke.
4. Instilling the notion of ethics smoking, for example:
a) Do not smoke in public places, such as cinemas, buses, buildings, meetings and so on.
b) Do not smoke when you're carrying out the task, for example a doctor examining a patient, so teaching and time teachers.
c) Do not smoke near baby or childrend
Our advice for those of you who have never smoked, you should not try smoking because it can endanger lives. Moreover, in a time that is not healthy, we have to be very clever to maintain health. Get used to living healthy, because healthy living is the beginning of a success.


      The habit of smoking among teenagers is very harmful to both in terms of education and health as well as social and economic. In terms of education it is clear that this will interfere with their learning, while in terms of the health consequences of smoking will cause various diseases (coronary heart disease, impaired per-spiro-and so on). From an economic point is an unnecessary expenditure or waste.
Parents and school teachers to be more stringent take positive action in tackling juvenile delinquency including smoking habits among adolescents. The youth should be actively followed the lecture on the dangers of smoking.
      Thus this simple paper. We hope this paper can be useful for the reader so that they can avoid smoking and live a healthy and does not endanger the health of those around him.
Sample Papers Smoking Drug Dangers

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