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Culture is a way of life that developed and owned jointly by a group of people and passed from generation to generation. Culture is made up of many complex elements, including religious and political systems, customs, languages, tools, clothing, buildings, and works of art. Language, as well as culture, is part and parcel of human dignity that many people tend to think of inherited genetically. When someone is trying to communicate with people who difference culture and adjust differences, proving that culture is studied.
Culture is a holistic lifestyle. culture is complex, abstract, and broad. Many aspects of culture helped define communicative behavior. The elements of socio-cultural and multi-spread human social activities.
      contains a view on its merits alone. "Image of the force" took different forms in various cultures such as "rugged individualism" in America, "individual harmony with nature" d Japan and "collective compliance" in China. Cultural image force is equipping its members with guidance on appropriate behavior and set the logical world of meaning and value that can be borrowed its members the most humble to gain a sense of dignity and coherence with their lives.
Thus,  that provide a coherent framework for organizing the activities of a person and allow predicting the behavior of others.

Definition of Culture
Culture is closely connected with the community. Melville J. Herskovits and Bronislaw Malinowski argued that everything contained in the society is determined by the culture of which is owned by the community itself. The term for that opinion is Cultural-determinism.
Herskovits view culture as something handed down from one generation to another, who then called superorganic. According to Andreas Eppink, contains the entire understanding of the culture of social values, social norms, and overall knowledge of social structures, religious, etc., in addition all intellectual and artistic expression that characterizes a society.
According to Edward Burnett Tylor, culture is a complex whole, that it contains the knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, customs, and other capabilities from any person as a member of society.
According Selo Soemardjan and Soelaiman Soemardi, culture is a means of work, taste, and the copyright community.
Of the various definitions, it can obtain an understanding of the culture is something that will affect the level of knowledge and includes the system of ideas or the ideas contained in the human mind, so that in everyday life, the culture is abstract. While the embodiment of culture are objects created by human beings as a cultured form and behavior of objects that are real, for example, patterns of behavior, language, equipment life, social organization, religion, art, etc., which all of which is intended to help establish a life in human society.

Elements of Culture

According Koentjroningrat, cultural elements consist of:
1. System of religion and ritual
2. Systems and community organizations
3. Knowledge systems
4. Language
5. Art
6. Livelihood systems of life
7. Technology systems and equipment

Bronislaw Malinowski said there are four basic cultural elements include:
- System of norms that allow cooperation between the members of the public to adjust to the surrounding nature
- Economic organizations
- Tools and institutions
- Organization of power (politics)

Kinds of Culture

East Cultural Values 
 Speaking of eastern cultural values ​​which basically comes from many religions. The essence of human personality lies in his heart east. With their hearts unite intellect, intuition, and feelings intelegansi. Thought eastern emphasizes the deepest element in the soul. Various cultures have values ​​greater emphasis eastern disciplined restraint, simple, is not concerned with the world. Something good in the eastern culture not only in the world of objects, not by manipulating nature, or change the look him.
Baby something good in eastern culture is something that is gained through a single search agent, did in us or outside. Way to gain wisdom safety and freedom from suffering the world does not lie in the mind, but through meditation, prayer, or penance.

         Indonesia as part of a culture that embraces the eastern region of the east, to be about spirituality, feelings, mutual help and keep the harmony between man and man, man and nature, and man to God. That is why a variety of cultures possessed indonesian have criteria similar to eastern cultural values.
          The problem that then arises is the influence of the Western culture began to hit. Elements of Western culture should be absorbed selectively and carefully. Western Progress in science and technology we should emulate. The form of western culture such as attitudes cohabited style luxury, individualism, and away from a life worthy to be emulated  walkin.

Western Cultural Values

          Various cultures are owned by western culture tends to be the opposite of the values ​​culture east. Western culture emphasizes the objective world than the feeling that thoughts produce results  science and technology. Values ​​of western culture with more emphasis on the mind. West just believe something that makes sense, so that the religious ritual is seen as something that makes no sense.
        More enamored of western life and live material progress. West lives in the world of scientific and technical minds so they assume the values ​​of life that asks sensitivity of the heart as something inferior. Values ​​such that most of it seems to sort-kinds western culture.

Impact of Foreign Cultures entry into Indonesia

        The entry of foreign culture to Indonesia due to one of them because of the poisoning of globalization crisis Indonesia. The effect is running very fast and related to various fields of life. Of course, these effects will result in a very broad impact on the cultural system. How quickly the foreign cultural influences lead to culture shock (culture shock), which is a state where people do not able to hold various cultural influences that come from outside so that there is an imbalance in the society concerned. The existence of uptake of foreign cultures are handled quickly and not through a process of internalization can lead to profound discrepancy between the form in the show and the values ​​which it rests or so-called cultural inequality.
The technology developed in the  affect social and cultural character of the social environment. According Soerjono Soekanto (1990) the entry of foreign culture into Indonesia has the effect of a very sensitive and has both positive and negative.

1) Positive Impact

Modernization is happening in Indonesia is growing development in Indonesia can change Indonesia's economy and achieve a just social order of life, progress, and prosperity. It  expected will realize a prosperous society both mental, physical and spiritual.

2) Negative Impact

Culture into Indonesia as the dress code, ethics, relationships and more often cause many social problems including; socioeconomic inequality, environmental degradation, crime, and juvenile delinquency.

a) Socio-Economic Gaps

Socioeconomic inequalities is an unbalanced situation in the social and economic life of the community. This means that there is huge gap between the rich and the poor, due to uneven development. If this gap is not promptly addressed and cause envy people that can lead to social unrest in social community . Social inequality itself will result in the following:

• Birth of the particular social group like a lot of singers who roam the streets leading to the presence of the singers are disrupted and often cause problems that can be disturbing people around besides that there is also a group of unemployed who are increasingly growing and if not addressed quickly it will give rise to a case or crime

b) Environmental Damage

Contamination that occurred in the community have an impact as follows:
• Air pollution, causing shortness of breath, eye pain and blurry eyes.

• Pollution of land, causing land to be damaged.

• Pollution of water, causing the water is not clean and unhealthy contents
c) Crime Problems

Crime is an act that violates the law or the things that are crimes, such as corruption, theft, fights, murder, rape and others. In criminology crime due to the conditions and social processes that generate the same social behavior. That is, the relationship between variations in the crime rate and the variation of the organization - a social organization in which the crime is said to EH. However  Sutherland (in Soejono Soekamto, 1990: 367) crime (malicious behavior) is the process of differential association, because what is learned in the process as a result of interactions and behavior patterns of evil.

d) Adolescent Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency is a distortion behavior do young people (youth group). For example, fighting, destruction of public property, sexual perversion and abuse of narcotics and illegal drugs. Juvenile delinquency can be caused by several factors, namely external and internal factors.

1. External factors are factors derived from the teen or teenager's own personal circumstances. For example, negative attitudes and traits are controlled like that also leads to mischievous deeds. In addition, the juvenile may be due to the fulfillment of basic needs that are not balanced by the desire teens giving rise to the conflict itself and the unqualified teenager adjust to the environment.

2. External factors, ie factors that originate from outside the teenager's meaning, derived from environmental teens. For example, family life, schooling, social, and media. A person living in families that are not in harmony tend to be less well have behavior and deviate from the norms and values ​​that are in the community. For example, a child who often see their parents fight to escape the drugs because he could not stand seeing her parents quarrel.

Foreign culture into Indonesia a huge impact in the lives of young people today . not  all foreign culture a positive impact on today's young generation, for that we as young people should be able to sort out foreign culture into indonesia. in addressing the culture that we should seek to mitigate them go so that our identity as children of the nation are not damaged.

The number of crimes committed today are also not free from foreign cultures entered, crime, drugs, fights, rape, promiscuity occurs because our younger generation according to imitate foreign culture that they are not taboo anymore to follow. This is a phenomenon that occurs in our young people today can not sort out the effect of foreign culture enter . in  this government and we as the younger generation from now, do not just accept the foreign culture in order to enter Indonesia's young generation is not destroyed and we all Indonesia can build a country forward without the influence of a foreign culture.
Of all the underlying problem is that globalization is not irreversible.
Globalization so quickly penetrated into the community, especially among the young. The influence of globalization on young people was so strong. The impact of globalization has made many young people we lost ourselves as a nation of Indonesia personality. This is indicated by symptoms that arise in the everyday life of young people now.

From how to dress many of our teens dress up like a celebrity who tends to Western culture. They use material skimpy outfit that shows part of the body that should not be visible. In terms of dress code is clearly incompatible with our culture. Not to forget their hairstyle dyed various colors. In short if people prefer to be someone else in a way to cover his identity. Not many teenagers who want to preserve the national culture by wearing decent clothes according to the personality of the nation.

Internet technology is a technology that provides unlimited information and can be accessed by anyone. What else for a young internet has become their daily meals. If used properly of course we are benefiting useful. But if not, we will incur losses. And now, many students who use improper. Eg to open porn sites. Not just the internet, there's more they are required to handle the phone. Social sense of the society into nothing because they prefer using the phone busy.

Judging from the attitude, many young people whose behavior is not known manners and tend to ignore no sense of care for the environment. Due to globalization embrace freedom and openness so that they act at their leisure. Example of a real motorcycle gang of young people who commit violent acts which disturb the peace and comfort of society.

If the effects on the left, like the young what happens? Moral generation of people become corrupted, anarchy arose among youth groups. His relationship with the value of nationalism will be reduced because there is no love for their own culture and sense of care for the community. And the younger generation is the successor to the nation's future. What are the consequences if the nation does not have a sense of nationalism?

Based on the foregoing analysis and the negative effects of globalization more than the positive effects. It is therefore necessary steps to anticipate the negative effects of globalization on the value of nationalism.

The steps to anticipate the negative impact of globalization on nationalistic values ​​were:
1. Fostering a strong spirit of nationalism, such as the spirit of love domestic products.
2. Inculcate and practice the values ​​of Pancasila as well as possible.
3. Embedding and practicing religion as well as possible.
4. Realizing the rule of law, implement and enforce the law within the meaning of good faith and fair as possible.
5. Selective about the impact of globalization on the political, ideological, economic, socio-cultural nation.

With the anticipatory measures are expected to fend off the impact of globalization can change the value of nationalism to the nation. So we will not lose the personality of the nation.

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