Thursday, January 24, 2013

Artikel Bahasa Inggris Definition and kinds of LOVE LANGUAGE


       Language is often slow to keep up with changes in the peoples . things can be seen in the language used to describe the people we love in the sense of Harvey romantic .Keith Report:
Love is something that makes the world go round, or at least that's what they say. If you love someone, but you do not get married, what you call a person? Do you feel comfortable describing someone as your love partner? For example: Person A had just joined the English language BBC program asked a group of people who speak English to give his opinion on the use of the word "love" to describe their loved ones.  "Love" hm .... it just sounds love or liver, it just surrender to what is done in bed.  The word "Love" You do not tend to use it in a conversation with your friends.  "I have no love"  "I do not know, it is a statement that is not direct . perhaps  you do not live with a lover or maybe you are the one".  "It made me a little embarrassed, actually when people say" love "I always thought, I really do not want to know the problem"  The man did not like using the word "love" to describe someone having a relationship. One of them even find the word embarrassing.  But if you are not married and have a relationship with someone, what word would you use to describe them? Girlfriend?
Maybe you think the word boyfriend too old, too young to adult relationships, so maybe you just call them "Friends" or "Everyone else" or phrases like "man I've ever seen at that time" or whether you would prefer a description the more modern "couples"?
Well, I used to say "couple" I think not because I think it is an expression to say the privilege of an item. but because I think people are a bit disproportionate.
If it is someone you do not know me well, I may say "girlfriend"
I think I'm a little too old to have a "boyfriend" now. It was the words of a teenager. I've heard words like "Everyone else" it is other people who come in, but then you imply that you do not mean it.  I'll call him "my boyfriend"  I'm just going to say "Hello, Kathy"
It depends on who I was told to use the word "Partner" "girlfriend," Beloved "may not be used, as we have heard, none of those words accepted by everyone. The words were too formal or informal, vague or unclear, how the word "relationship"?  
Leonard Michaels of the University of Berkeley in California to explain why he does not like the word.  Those words are not tangible or abstract, technical, cool, it gives a distance to people when it is used to describe, in particular, the relationship is romantic, it is a requirement said. It shows that your relationship with others is just a few limited interest, perhaps we also tend to replace them with other words that are sweeter than the relationship as said girlfriend, love, beauty, or lover, date and so on. it describes a relationship while the excess of the "Dating"  That is why you are not married, Find the right word to describe that special person in your life is not easy. Although the law in the UK says about people living together without getting married.  Language slow in following developments in other words we have to surrender to the lovers who have not married. Furthermore, we say that language reflects different attitudes that still exist in society.

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