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Contoh Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Pengaruh Facebook Bagi Siswa


I. Background
In the era of globalization and the development of science and technology is increasingly sophisticated, information dissemination and access to telecommunications and transportation increasingly faster and easier. It is inevitable that either directly or indirectly have an impact on the community, be it positive or negative impact. The impact is not limited to certain circles, but has extended to all circles both academics and others.
The Internet is one of the results of the sophistication and advancement of science and technology man-made. Internet stands for Interconnected Networking which when interpreted in the Indonesian language means a series of computers connected in some network settings. Internet functions vary, and one of them is a social networking community where cyberspace. Social networking is a service of a range of internet software system that allows users to interact and share data with other users on a large scale. Social networking sites on the internet many types and shapes, but the most well known and much loved teens today are Facebook, Friendster, My Space and Twitter. Then, if the social networking sites benefit or bring new problems in life?Lately found many reports in the print and electronic media to preach about the misuse of social networking sites. Some of the most hot news is the case of a young teenage boy who carried off a young teenage girl who is known through social networking sites (facebook), and the use of social networking sites (facebook) as venues for prostitution among teenagers. This situation is indeed very ironic with the main purpose of social networking sites was created, which is to expand social relationships.
Not only the general course of life are affected by the social networking site, but its influence began to be felt in the world of education. The worst impact in the world of education that may result from the social networking site was started declining motivation and student achievement.

II. Current Conditions
Social networking as a social structure consisting of individual elements or organization. This website shows the way in which they relate to the similarity of sociality, from their day-to-day known to the family. Lately found many reports in the print and electronic media to preach about the misuse of social networking sites. Some of the most hot news is the case of a young teenage boy who carried off a young teenage girl who is known through social networking sites (facebook) and other cases.
The impact of social networking sites may be more felt by the youth, for the majority of users of social networking among adolescents is of school age. Because it is so easy to become a member of social networking sites, it is no wonder if many people either intentionally or just try to register itself into the social networking site users. It did not take long will become a habit for open access and social networking sites, and interact passively in it. As a result, users in this case learners (students) can not forget the time because it was too engrossed with the activities in the virtual world.
The most worrying is that in the era of technology and globalization, as now, cell phones are used to merely serves as a receiver and caller remotely, can now be used to access the Internet and social networking sites. So, students no longer need access to the cafe for friendship site, but can access it directly on their mobile phones. This further adds to many cases of abuse of social networking sites that do not comply with the rules. Not only the students, the mahasiswapun not escape the impact of this social networking site.
A recent study from Ohio State University, showed that the students active users of social networks like facebook apparently have lower scores than students who did not use the social networking site facebook. Of 219 students who researched, 148 students turned out to users of the site facebook has a value lower than students of non users. The social networking users learn to recognize when they are already taken. On average the students' social networking users lose time between 1-5 hours to 11-15 hours of study time per week to play social networking on the internet.
Motivation and student achievement may decrease as the social networking site. The proof is in the research that has been done. Academic achievement of the students in this case declined due to too many open social networking sites on the internet. This may be due to students' motivation will also be reduced because more concerned with social networking than academic achievement alone.
III. Negative Impact of Social Networking Sites (Facebook)
At least there are some negative effects of social networking sites especially Facebook, are as follows:
1. Make Anyone Solitary and Hard Mingle
Social networking sites allow users on the Internet has its own world, so that not a few of them do not care about other people and the surrounding environment. Someone who has been addicted to social networking sites often experience this. Which resulted in him no longer care about the environment.
2. Lack of socialization with the Environment
It is quite alarming for the development of social learners (students). They were supposed to learn socialization with the environment instead spend more time surfing the internet with family friends in the social networking community, an average of discussing something that is not important. As a result, the ability of student interaction decreases.
3. Spend Money
Internet access to open the social networking site clearly affect the financial condition of the student (especially if access from Internet cafes). Not infrequently students use their tuition money to go to the cafe just to open the social networking site. These can be categorized as a waste, because it does not use the money productively.
4. Reduced Time Student
It is already clear, because with the Internet and open access social networking sites students will forget the time, so he did just that's it. According to one observer of social media and information technology, in addition to be vigilant, parents also have to delve deeply into social media is the future of the children. Based on its search, found that of the 17.6 million owners of facebook social networking accounts from Indonesia, and 360,000 of whom was 13 years old.
IV. The Things Parents Need to Do their children to avoid the Negative Impact of Social Networking Sites (Facebook)
There are some things that need to be done by parents as a way to keep their children from the negative effects of social networking sites, which are as follows:
1. Giving Understanding to Students About Dangers of Social Networking Sites
This step is necessary so that the students know the dangers of using social networking sites, and can use it more wisely. Besides these measures also can make you feel alert to students so that in using social networking sites to be more careful.
2. Try Not To Provide Cell Phones to Access the Internet
 (social networking site)The sophistication of today's communication tools has enabled mobile phones to access the internet. Even some of the leading mobile phone brands competing to release products that have the sophistication and the ability to access the internet, which allows users access social networking sites very easily. This can lead to addiction student access social networking sites with their mobile phones. That is why as parents, try not to give mobile phones to early childhood, as most early childhood can not use the Internet properly, it will lead to their achievement in school because of too many access the Internet or social networks. Since the main purpose of a cell phone is a tool for communication only.
3. Supervise students in the surf or Social Networking
Supervision of student interaction in the virtual world of social networking is necessary, because if students are not supervised they will easily access social networking sites and use it towards that is not good. Socially they will be easy against the words of the parents, and our efforts to save the child not to use excessive internet access will be wasted and not getting maximum results. Socially-free children and the influence of friends also can facilitate children to access social networking sites with ease. Therefore they need to be supervised not to access the internet freely.
V. Conclusions and Recommendations
The suggestion that we can ask is, as a student who has a reason and critical thinking to the existing problems, it would be better if you use social networking sites more wisely and in accordance with the rules, so that the negative impacts become more reduced. So that the students' motivation and achievement maintained they can be improved further, in accordance with the duties and responsibilities as learners. Benefits of this paper is to provide solutions regarding the negative effects of social networking sites for motivation and student achievement. In order to minimize these impacts will be. The impact of this work is the idea of ​​providing solutions and problem-solving portion of the diverse negative impact of social networking on motivation and student achievement, so that student performance can be improved

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