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1.1    Background of the Study.
There are some ways to express ideas, especially in a literary work. There is a literary work that brings us to the world of dreams and takes us away from reality. It has to be contrasted with a literary work that needs our interpretation. Literature is a personal expression of feeling including  experience, idea, motivation, convidence in the concrete  description by using  language. Novel is a part of prose form beside  short story. The most of people read novel and short story. A novel expresses  some aspect of human’s love and existance. Because novel talks about human activities  and describes what  happened in surounding ,so it is written in long composition. Novel is generally thought of as countaining about forty five thousand words or more (Kenney, 1966; 103). So novel is longer narrative than short story and novella.
Novel as aliterary works has known since eighteenth century in England.With the result as like novel, poem, poetry, drama, and prose. Prose is often as specific terms for all discourage spoken or written which is not patterned  into reccurent matrix united that we call verse. Prose has longer meaning because it covers everything  that is written as literary work but it includes some of non fiction work.
Characterization as one of the elements structure of fiction, plot is like the bones of a person, not interesting like expression or sign of experience, but the support of the whole. in fact, plot is of the highest importance in expressing that can understanding of a work of novel, so we can conclude that an understanding of plot is very important in understanding of fiction.  Plot of a story is deals with events that accure in temporal sequence. The event connects each other. They emphasize falling on cassuality. Plot makes us aware of events not merely as elment in temporal series but also  as an intricate pattern of cause and effect (Kenney, 1966; 14).
Character is personality or traits. Character is ones who are involved in the story .If we talk about personality or traits. It is meant we will know the method of characterization. Method of characterization is the techniques an author uses to reveal the personality and character of a fictional person an author reveals a character’s personality. Character is also meaner person. In the literary work there is character that never develops until end. It is called flat character. There is also character  that develops or changes.It is called round charactsr.
As we see the rule of the character in developing plot. It can be deferred  to be main character and the support character or the mayor character and the minor character.
Theme as the meaning of the story which especially account  of the largest number of its elements in the simplest way (Stantion, 1965: 30). The theme is something that has traditionally concerned writers and that therefore is a legitimate concern of readers  (Kenney, 1966; 88)Theme is simple the meaning of the story realise; themeaning the story discovers. By theme  we mean  the necessary implication of the whole story. Not as a sparatable port of story. Theme in fiction is what is able to make of the total experience rendered.
        This study is chosen because the writer is interested in studying literature. By reading literature work automatically we can develop our knowlede and science. And we can arrange the works that are chosen  by the author . Beside that, the writer can also get the author;s feeling  or experiences  from the object of the study in “A Special Delivery” by Danielle Steel. After reading and studying this novel, the writer can give some information concerning with the novel through the way  of play based on  the characters characterization of the story. Because the reader  of this research  can get an understanding of more general aspect  through it such as human character, love, relationship, behaviour, mistery or massage of life  that may not hate someone else. And it often spoke about family, love and the luxury of a life in the city.
The writer educated a study concerning with the characterization of the main  characters of Danielle Steel’s “A Special Delivery”. As we know that characterization has a very close with the story. To support the study, the writer reviewed the reference material such as books and some literary theories.
Realizing the fact above, the writer decided to do as good as possible in the study of “ A Special Delivery”. By having careful analysis of the characterization of the main characters as they are so well emphasized by its author Danielle Steel. 
1.2  Scope and Limitation of the Study
The writer gives a limited knowledge in literature time, sources and facilities. The literature cannot be sparated from life and literature does not include drama only, but it course prose, poetry, fictions. At this time, the writer chooses a novel to his topic of his study. There are many kinds of novel, however, the writer is more interested in Danielle Steel work, that is” A Special Delivery
The study is primarily taken with in the scope of studying of the characterization of the main character of Danielle Steel’s “A Special Delivery”. In order to make the disscussion more specific. That is why the writer wants to limit the problems to the main characters characterization of Danielle Steel’s “ A Special Delivery”.

1.3  Statement of the Problems
The characterization of the characters of Danielle Steel’s “A Special Delivery” is elaborated the following questions:
a.       Who are the main characters’ of the story?
b.      How is the main charactes’ physical appearance?
c.       How is the main characters’ personality?
d.      How is the main characters’ social status?
e.       How is the main character’ social relationship?

1.4  The Objective of  the Stud
Every dioscussion has certain purpose. The purpose of this study or discussion is to grasp  the content of the novel, find out the discription and to know:
a.         Who the main characters in the story are.
b.         How the main charactes’ physical appearence is.
c.         How the main characters personality is.
d.         How the main characters social status is.
e.          How the main character social relationship is.
Moreover, the writer also wants to apply his ablity in the novel by appreciating and studying a work art based on theory that is got from some other theories. Therefor, the writer can construct a study that connects the literature and another science.

1.5  Significance of the Study
This study has significance for the students, especially for the English Department. First all, this study is meant  to encaurage the students to study more about literature. And this study gives informations concerning the novel through the role of ply based on the character’s characterization of the story.  Then, to give the information to the students to study the novel as one of literary works and the reader a better understanding about the content of the story. The most important thing is that this study is meant to provide a model for those who are doing literary study. Finally the students to get science, sceaming and experience from those stated in the novel.
1.6  The Definition of Key Terms

-        Characterization
It can be defined as the depicting of clear images of person. (Jones, Edward H.,1968: 38).
(Wellek, 1978; 219) says:
“Pergeseran tokoh-tokoh itu dalam satu takaran, yakni dalam dalam proses menuju ke persatuan dengan zat Illahi.” The fiction of that figures attitude in one pressure, namely in course of going to associatin by Illahi.

The characterization as the ablity of the author to create the imaginary persons, so that the characters exist for the reader or audience as like; life like (Holman., 1986; 81).

-        Character
Aminudin (1995: 79)explaain that the character is:
“seseorang atau benda lain yang mengemban peristiwa dalam fiksi sehingga peristiwa itu dapat membuat cerita lebih hidup”. “ A person or an other thing that carry out of the event in the fiction till that event can make the story livelier.”

-        Phisical appearance, personality, social status and social relationship.

1.7  The Organization  of the Study
The writer would like  to give an outline to describe, it’s to make easier. Based on institution’s formation, Whether the writer wants to make a writing of research  or thesis, they will devide the organization of study into five chapters, which are:
Chapter   I                :      Introduction
The writer discusses about the background, Scope of the problem, statement of the problem, objectives of the study,  significance of the study, definition of key terms and organization of the study.
Chapter   II              :      Review of Related Literature
It will discuss the theory of study, characterization, the main characters/character, novel and analytical approach.
Chapter   III             :      Research Method
It will discuss about research design, object of the study, instrument, data source, data collection, data analysis.
Chapter    IV            :      Literary Analysis
It will discuss the writers presentation of a study of the characterization of the main characters in the novel.
Chapter       V          :      Conclusion and Suggestion
This chapter will discuss the writer‘s conclusion of own study suggestion.


          In order to make the discussion of this study clearly, the writer would like to talk about the theories of characters, characterization. This is stated on the title of the writer’s study and problems.

2.1    Characters

Before we talk about characters, first we should know the meaning of a characters it self. There are some theories according to the authors that’s taken from librariy’s book. In this connection Kenney (1966: 15) states that :
“ We are introduced to the story’s title character ; we are informed that he has a wife, we are told that, like her husbend, she is young and we are told that she is pretty.”

Kenney (1966: 20) continues saying about characters that she is adopted by E.M Foster that characters in fiction are devided in to two: “flat” and “round” characters.
 “Flat (simple) characters: the simple, or flat, character is less the representation of a human personality than embodiment  of single attitude or single attitude or obsesion in a character.  Foster calls this kind of charactert flat because  we see only one side of him. The simple characters can perform many important function in the work of fiction. Simple character many appear in minor role in serious fiction, but will a major part in interior fiction.”

Complex (round) character: at the other end of the spectrum is the complex character, called round by Foster because we see all sides of him The complex character is obviously more lifelike than the simple, because in life people are not simply embodiments of attitudes. The complex, or round character  is higher bind of achievement than the simple complexity of character tends to produce life likeness in the world of fiction. The complex character is in many ways difficult than the simple. The simple character need only reapeat  his basic formula each bussiness. The fictional character, however complex is not human being. He is himself an artistic creation.
Most simply a character is one of the persons who appears in the play, one of the dramatis personal (literally, the person of the play).
In other sense of term, the treatment of character is a basic part of the play wright’s work. Conventions of the period and the author’s personal vision will affect the treatment of character. Most plays contain main character and minor character essential to the play.
In addition, Aminudin (1995: 79) explain that the character is

“ seseorang atau benda lain yang mengemban peristiwa dalam fiksi sehingga peristiwa itu dapat membuat cerita lebih hidup”. “ A person or an other thing that carry out of the event in the fiction till that event can make the story livelier.”

Furtermore, Dickinson (1968: 17) states that: “Character is the person who can contribute to  a story in several ways.”
Therefore,  the writer can say that a character is not always someone but it can be a thing or authors themselves. A story can be told interesting when it depends on the play of the characters, because the character is the key of the way of story life. In this case someone, things although  the author can be the character, but they have to play in the story of the novel.
There are two kinds of character; they are the main character and minor character ( supporting character ). This explanation based on Aminudin (1995 :79-80) who states that:
“Para tokoh yang terdapat dalam suatu cerita memiliki peranan yang berbeda-beda. Seseorang tokoh yang memiliki peranan penting dalam suatu cerita disebut dengan tokoh inti atau tokoh utama. Sedangkan tokoh yang memiliki peranan yang tidak penting karena pemunculannya hanya melengka, melayani, mendukung pelaku utama disebut tokoh tambahan atau tokoh pembantu.”

It means that characters in story  have deverence character. A character has important character story is called main character, while a character that’s character is less important, because her/his play completely, to support, to work with main character only. It is called minor character or supporting character.

2.2  Characterization

In terms of characterization ,Jones says that characterization is the depicting of clear imagines of person: (1968: 84). He continuous saying about characterization as follows:

“ There are two methods of characterization: The Dramatic and the Analitic. In the dramatic we form our opinion of the charactars from what they do and say, from their environment and from what other characters think of them. In the analytic method the author  comments upon the characters explaining their motives, their appearances and their thoughts.”

In other words the writer can say that the characterization is showing a cleear imagination of a person or something  that has a relationship between literary woorks in this case  a novel and nature of characters. Really, it does not matter who or what the characters are, so long as we can identify ourselves with them. Such as how they live where they live, how their relationship with another character and so on.
Furthermore, little (1966: 83) says that there are some steps of how to study  a character of a novel. They are:
1.        Basic Characteristics
-            Physical ( age, physical oddities, etc)
-            Social relationship ( personal relationship in the other character in the works; wider social relationship  such as social class occupation)
-            Mental qualities  (typical ways of thinking, feeling and acting)
2.        Appearance from various points of view
-            How the character sees himself
-            How various other characters see him
In other words, the writer only analyzes and study the characterization of the main characters, the writer uses the analysis of the main characters which is based on these aspects:
1.        Physical appearance of  the main characters
It contains the physical or performance of the main characters, such as their age, physical oddities, performance, etc. The use of physical appearance is to describe: how old they are, how they look like, about sex (are the main characters both of them men or women, do the main characters have pale skin, handsome, beatiful, long, black, brown or white hair, etc)
2.        Personality of the main character
It describes the main character’s personality such as: whether or not are they responsible , neat persons or didisepline, romantic (romantic is a kind of person who can create the condition  or situation become beautiful) and careless (is not care the condition around them).
3.        Social status of the main characters
This point discussess the background of the main characters, such as: their educational background , their life in middle, high modern classes.
4.        Social relatioship of the main characters
In this case, the writer wants to discuss the relationship between the main characters and other characters surrounding them (minnor characters or supporting character).

2.3  Novel

Literally novel come from word “Novella” Italian language vocabulary, which in latin language mean novus or newly. As for definitively novel is story regarding remarkable event or occurence of life of someone is in it met by processing of soul altering  someone chance road, its meaning of someone which is narrated in the novel experience of life of problem in details, good in the form of grief, adventure, struggle, which is on finally the figure experience of change of chance which enough base, what experienced of that figure  basically represent of top from all distortion live and life which have happened. Equally can be said that by novel represent life life concentration at one time, which is determaine toward its perpetrator chance road.
Congeniality of this novel of said also by aminuddin (1987: 51) that:

“novel as one of the prose belles letters form, a structure can be in explaining and comprehended to pass intrinsic aspect analysis and aspect of extrinsic. A stucture, art text of belles letters represent something that of complex with elements which consist in it. Contained complexity cover element, disscussion, structure discourse, art signification, beauty, cultural social, good values of philosophy value, religion, and also phisicology and also its background.”

Situation the above is true result analysis  and understanding to art text bear miscellaneous approach of stream and theory.
Explained also by Jacob Sumarjo (1991: 29) that

“ novel is story in form of prose in wide  of size measure. Wide of measure here can mean story  with part, which is complex, immeasurable story admosphere and immesurable  the story setting also.”

If seen from cratin factor, hence novel can be interpreted as a master piece with intellect  image join to depict life in the form of imagination and story, controlled and instructed by intellect. In creation a novel, imagination element play a part in to braid story. Do that story can be accepted logically, this matter fully depended from role  of intellect element. Thereby to create a novel with interesting story at the same time can involve, hence, the story by realistic needed by the existence of solid compound between intellectuality and imagination.
By careful of the description above in the end can be concluded that  novel is a story which story life of its figures, finally  with change of chance of the story and figure basically represent solid author imagination  with intellectual element.
Therefore, strive to recognize and comprehend intrinsic elements and how function each its development element  is needed by a precise and appropriate approach as step or guider in analyzing the belles lettres. Ellection of precise and appropriate approach will really assisting in catching poured content through article which wish to be sent  by author at reader. That thing is as according to opinion of Saad (Yudiono, 1986: 49) that there is two way of to enjoy and comprehend belles letters, first coalescing and enguilfing it self into that belles lettres so that existing problem is feel and way of both is enjoying it consciously with method benefit or certon criterion to analyse belles letters  so that its problem “assessing” objectively.

2.4  Analitical Approach
In the literature study, an approach is the basic principle or the elment that is used to appreciate a work of literature. And in this thesis, the writer use analitical approach.  It is used to analyzing all of the aspect of the intrinsic elements such as characters, characterization.
The meaning of analytical approach is an approach that used for finding the idea, the writer’s may be typressing the writer’s attitude in presenting his idea , intrinsic element and mecanism relation in every intrinsic elements.
The implementation of analytical approach will help the reader in understanding the intrisic elements of literarywork . And through analytical approch the reader will comprehend the function of every elments in a literary work. The basic principles as background of analytical approach are a literary work that’s formed by certain elements, every elment in a literary work that has certain function and relation to each other although  they have different characteristic and the characteristic of the elements can be understood one by one, but finally every elements should be understood as unity.


This chapter will discuss about the aspects dealing with the research method which is used to analyze the novel. Those aspects are: (1) Research Design; (2) Object of the Study ; (3) Instrument; (4) Data Source; (5) Data Collection; (6)Data Analysis.

3.1  Research Design
 This study is design to obtain the answers about the main character’s characterization especially of Danielle Steel’s “A Special Delivery”.
Concerning the statement above, the method used in this study is using in structural analytical to start with reviewing literary research to provide research data. The data are carefully examined for the intention of this study is trying to analyze the novel descriptively with emphasis on the main character’s characterization of the novel “ A Special Delivery “.
The tecnique used in this method is library research, where all possible information  in and literary review that have relation to the study are collected and takes as source of information.
An approach is the basic principle or the element that is used by someone when appreciate a work of literature. Choosing determining the approach are much determined by the aim of someone who on the aim of appreciating the literary work, the reader can use some approaches.
As Aminudin (1987: 40). The reader can utilize of select one of  the different kind of approaches such as paraphrasing, analytical, emotive, sociological and diductic approach.
In this study or thesis the writer the writer will analyze the characterization of the main characters of Danielle Steel’s “A Special Delivery” by using structural analitical approach.
According to Aminudin (1987: 44) “The analytical approach attempts to comphrehend ideas, the technique of delivering idea, the attitude of the author in presenting his idea, the intrinsic elements and mechanism of their relationship. So that they can construct a harmony an unity form and meaning .”

3.2  Object of the Study
The object of this study was the main character’s characterization of Danielle Steel’s “A Special Delivery.”

3.3  Instrument
Due the fact that the writer’s research is about the characterization of the main characters in the novel, the instruments of this research is the writer himself.
3.4  Data Source
The writer had choosen the novel of “A Special Delivery “ as the source of the data. Whereas the data for the research comprised all sentences and dialogues which were related to the character’s characterization. Danielle Steel is the author of the novel “ A Special Delivery “. Danielle Steel is one of the successful English novelist, and published simultaneously in Australia by Corgi books in 1998. His novel is a work of fiction.

3.5  Data Collection
The data of the study are paragraph and dialogue quotated from the novel. They have been collected based on the purposed of the study.
In brief, the writer had to select carefully the data needed in “A Special Delivery. “ And the notes were used by the writer for the analysis.
There are some steps, which are to used to collect the data of this study. They are as follows :
1.        Reading and understanding the novel, “A Special Delivery“ written by Danielle Steel.
2.        Selecting the materials or sources are with the problems and the purpose of the study.
3.        Conducting survey towards paragraphs and dialogues in the novel.
4.        chosing the data dialing with the problems that will be investigated.

3.6  Data Analysis
The activity to understand and comprehend the literary work needed suitable approach. In this discussion, the writer used structural analytical approach as the data analysis.
The data of the study are paragraph and dialogue quotations of the event that exist in the simple of this study. The steps to analyze data are as follows :
1.        Reviewing the data that have been collected.
2.        Determining the component parts of the main characters characterization.
3.        Composing the theories that would be used for the analysis.
4.        Drawing the conclusion based on the data analysis.


A Special Delivery” is one of Danielle Steel’s successful novels, published simultaniously in Australia,in 1998. Her novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblence to actual persons, living or dead event, or locales is entirely coincidental.
Related to the title of the writer study and the problems stated in chapter I, this chapter discusses the characters, characterization.

Talking about the characters in the novel, the writer can devide them into two catagories. They are:

                 Main Characters
In chapter II, it was stated the main character is a person who is talked in the story from the beginning until the end of the story. She or he is so central in the action of the story.
After reading and studying the novel, the writer finds the two main characters.
First, his name was Jack Watson. He was a successful businesman. It can be seen in the following quotations:
….at fifty –nine, Jack Watson had everything he had ever wanted: a business that seemed to do nothing but grow and crank out money. (Chapter I: 10).
Jack’s reputation was known in L.A. He was good looking,seen everywhere, and famous for cruising in and out of bed with every storied and model who crossed his path……….(Chapter I: 12-13)

From the quotations above and according to the story it shows that jack Watson was talked about friequently from the beginning untill the end of the story. In the middle, he was also discribed and connected in the story. It can be seen from following quotation:
Jack  only called her one or twice over the next few days. He could sense what was happening to her, and he know how hard it was over her for the holidays.(characters V: 107).

So, the writer has conclusion that Jack Watson was the central subject of the quotation. He was discussed in each chapter of the story from the beginning until the end of the story.
Second, her name was Amanda Robins. She was beautiful mother, spectaculer-looking, and an actress. She is the main character after Jack Watson. Amanda Robbins was also talked in the story from the beginning until the end of the story. Furthermore, Amanda and Jack had family relationship. Their relationship began when their children had got married. They were family because they had been related as parents-in-law.
It can be provided in the following quotation:
Amanda seemed to hate everything he was, and everything he represented.And would not have surprised him at all to learn that Amanda had done everything in her power to dissuade her her daughter for marrying Paul Watson. (chapter 1:12)

Although, Amanda kept her daughter, Jan was married to Paul Watson. Jan and Paul Watson had got married, Amanda robbins and Jack Watson had special relationship. . It was begun when Jan wanted to her mother to attend to Jack’s party.Jack and Amanda chatted and then made appointment to have lunch and dinner. Next, Jack always picked Amanda up to have dinner, lunch, take a walk, to in the movie or just sit at Amanda’s and Jack’s house. They continued their relationship closesly until they made a date, and finally they got maried. As Jack said:
….he asked her causally if she’d like to stop somewhere for bite to eat, just a hamburger or salad, it was such a good chance to talk about their children. (Chapter III:73)

The quotation above proved that for the fisrt time, Jack was interested in Amanda’s performance. And it can be supported as the following quotation.
He said he had something to tell her, and invited her to come to the store, and gave lunch with him in his office. And she accepted without any hesitation. (Chapter IV: 83)

In brief, the quotations above can prove of evidence that Jack Watson and Amanda Robbins are the main characters in the story. Jack and Amanda were discussed and played from the beginning until the end of story.

4.1.2    Minor Characters
The writer can state that the major or the main characters play in almost in the whole part of the story, while the minor ones only play in small part of the story. So, the main character is a person or thing who/which was talked almost in the whole part of the story and minor character only supported parts of the main character’s role in the story in order that story become levier and more interesting.
After reading the novel, there are some minor characters.
They are:
1.         Paul Watson
He was twenty two years old. He was young successful producer. He was Jack’s son. He had a wife, Jan, Amanda’s daughter with Matthew Kingston.
2.         Julie Watson
She was Jack’s daughter and Paul’s sister.
3.         Gladdie
She was a manager, secretary of Julie’s story. She worked at Jack’s store. She was also Jack’s private secretary.
4.         Jan Kingston
She was the second daughter of Amanda. She was also a beatiful wife of Paul.

5.         Louise Kingston
She was the fisrt daughter of Amanda. She was stubborn.


Based on the explainations in chapter II, the writer will discuss the main charaters, characterization. This chapter talks about the physical appearance, personality, social status, and social relationship of the main characters.

4.2.1  Pysical Appearance of the Main Characters
As stated in the chapter II that the use of physical appearance is to describe how old they are, how they look like, about sex (are the main character man or woman, do the main characters have pale skin, handsome, beautiful, long, black, brown or white hair, etc).
In this case the main characters were a man and woman, but the writer will discuss them one-by-one.
Fisrt, he was Jack Watson. He was fifty-nine years old. He was handsome, rich genereous, intellgent, nice, and fun man. Jack Watson was also a fun gay, sexy, and adorable. Sometimes the women often called him a playboy, but he was not arrogant. It can be seen in the following quotations:

At fifty-nine, Jack Watson had everything, he had ever wanted: business that seemed to do nothing but grow and crank out money (Chapter I: 10).

He was good-looking, seen everywhere, and fomous for cruising in out of bed with very starlet and model who crossed his path, and made no apology for it. He was always kind to the women he event out with, too much so, in fact. He was generous, intellegent, and nice to be around and alawys fun to be with. (Chapter I: 13).
Jack Watson was a fun gay, terrific in bed and an incurable playboy, and never pretended for millisecond to be anything different. And at fifty-nine, he still looked a dozen year younger. (Chapter I: 14)
He was sexy, fun, and almost always happy. (Chapter I: 15)

However, his age was fifty-nine but he looked much younger. Actually, in his age, it was too old to think about women and love, but Jack was different from another guy in L.A. Jack was not only handsome, fun gay, rich, respectable, in his age, he was very interesting for the women who looked at his performance.
On the other hand, Jack Watson also had a good physical appearance that has been explained above. He had sandy blond hair, warm brown eyes, and athletic body. He worked out to swim in the ocean near his house when he had time. It might be a proud to the women around him. It can to be supported by the following quotations:
And he looked incredibly handsome with sandy blond hair, warm brown eyes, and chiseled features. (Chapter I: 25)
He worked out when he had time, swam in the ocean frequently, still had his house in Malibu, and he loved his women nearly as much as his red Ferrari. (Chapter I: 14)

Second, she was Amanda Robbins. She was fifty-years old. She was beautiful, skin pale, rich, intersting, sexy, and fresh. She had blue eyes. She looked like a young artist. Although, she was medium in her age she looked like a young artist teeneger with her fancy hairdo. It made Jack Watson fell in love the end after giving her attention, service, and love. This statement can be proved in the following quotation:
Amanda had just turned fifty. (Chapter I: 21)
She looked amazingly beatiful, and in spite of the years since, still very much a movie star. (Chapter I: 28)
She was laughing at him, and she looked sensual an young and happy. (Chapter IV: 87)

4.2.2    Personility of The main Characters
In the story, the main characters, Jack Watson and Amanda Robbin’s almost had the same personility. Jack give some attention to her daughters. Jack was also responsible to his children orn Amanda robbins. Amanda was paul’s mother-in-law and jack was Paul’s mother-in-law and Jack was Paul’s father. This can be seen in the following quotation:
I have two cars right outside. Whenever your mother wants to go home, I’ll have one of them drive her. (Capter III: 72)
…”you’ll take the lima. You shouldn’t be riding around at this hour in a taxi”. (Capter III:81)
“I had a lovely time, Jack, thank you for taking such good care of me, and thinking me to dinner to talk about the children”. (Chapter III: 81)
“What do you suppose will happen if they can’t?” He looked worried as he asked her, and she looked concerned too, since Jan had told her that Paul was not in favor of adoption. (Chapter IV: 85)
Moreover, Jack and Amanda were also discipline, neat person, and romantic when they made appointment they were on time. They were understanding each other. They wanted to talk about their children in their time. The statement above can be proved in the following quotation:
He arrived at Amanda’s door at exactly seven o’clock, and she was wearing a pair of gray slacks with a pale blue sweater set and a string of pearls. (Chapter IV: 89)
As a businessman, he sometimes forgot that he had made appoinment with other people except Amanda. It is stated in the following quotation:
He was twenty minutes late when he went to all saints and slipped quietly into a pew at the back of church. (Chapter I: 26-27)

The next, Amanda and Jack were not only discipline and responsible, but also neat and romantic. They were wearing a good dress when they went out. They often went out for dinner and lunch in the famous restaurant. They could escape their sorrow all their past time. They could create their strange condition into good and beatiful condition. It can be seen in the following quotation:
He was wearing a dark gray suit and a white shirt, and handmade French oxfords. And he looked incredibly handsome with sandy blown hair, warm brown eyes, and chiseled features. (Chapter I: 25)
In stead she chose a pretty navy blue wool dress that had always been too tight and now molded her figure beatifuly, and was much younger-looking than the first one. It was, in its own way, as ditinguished as she was, and she looked like the star she had once been as she tried it on in front of the mirror. She put on a pair of navy combed her hair back in the smooth knot that had been her signature in many of her picture, and she put so little make up….(chapter II: 58)

Sometimes they  only  sat and had dinner at Amanda house while watched TV in both. They also went out to watch movie and took a walk to see a beatiful panorama in Malibu near his small house. They spent out their time only to get happinss. It can be seen in the following quotations:
They were left alone, and ate lobster salad and caviar and drank champagn . It was very elegant little Luncheon (Chapter IV: 83-84)
“How about dinner tonight?” he asked without preamble, and her eyes opened wide, wondering if she had heard him correctly. (Chapter IV: 95)”Both our life. Between us that covers a hundred and ten year, it could take a while, and I figured we really ought to get started, though we made some good in roads last night.(Chapter IV: 95)
He came for a while and they drank mint tea in her kitchen, and then eventually he lit a fire in the living room, and they talked for for long time about the things that we important to them. (ChapterIV: 104)
They went to movies, walked in the park, talked anything that came to mind, or sometimes just sat together, in silence.(Chapter VI: 121)

Both of them had faced some family problems like thinking their children especially Jan and Paul and their past time. But on new year’s Eve, went they talked about love, they could forget about these problems. Such situation is shown in the following quotations:
It was ten o’clock by the time they were in front of the five againt, and he was kissing her, and she was returning his kisses within passion. He poured them each glass of compigne, and they drank it faster them planned, in the warmth of the fire, and the glow of the champagne, his kisses seemed headier than ever, and she had no idea what time was when his deep, sexy voice told her that he loved her, and asked her to go to bed with him. (Chapter VI: 125)

They also took care of the people around them. However, the situation was goodv or not they still respond what the people saying with them. When they were in a party, Jack’s party, Amanda and her daughter also jhoined it Jack welcomed them well. Next, Amanda and her daughter also joined it and  jack welcomeed. Next, Amanda did not want to make a date with Jack because she could not forget the death of her husband, Mattew Kingston. It was not good for relationship with their children. It was also done to avoid the gossip that would be written by Mass media, if they had a special relationship after Amanda’s husband had gone. Next, when Amanda was pregnant and went to her doctor Jack covered his face with news paper. He looked shy with the people around him. It can be seen in the following quotation:
“I am not going in, “ he whispered from behind the Los Angles Time. Every one in the waiting looked about fourteen to him. “It is exciting,” she whispered back to him, and he peeked  around the paper. (Chapter X: 235-236).

When they went out for dinner, they found their children. Then they went out to another restaurant. And they almost were known by his daughter, Louise and her husband that was having dinner. Because if their relationship had been known, it could be very dangerous for Amanda’s reputation. It can be proved in the following quotation:
….he could see was a young couple dinning that, but Amanda already out the door, and her heard was pounding. “Who was there?”. “My daughter Louise and her husband, Jerry “. (Chapter IV: 99).

4.2.3   Social Status of the Main Characters
The social status in this case deals with the main characters educational background and their live. Do the main charactes have low, middle or high education? Are the main characters from middle, upper or modern  classes?. After reading the novel, the writer has a conclussion that the main characters have not much education because; one of them was bussiness man and an actor, Jack Watson. A successful business man was not highly educated. He had to know about management, how to manage his business well for a good profit. He had some stores that had been handled by his scretary, Gladie and him. Based on this explanation, automatically Jack watson had to study and know about management.
….Jack Watson had everything he had every wanted: a busineess that seemed to do nothing but grow and crank out money.
 (Chapter I: 10).

Moreover, Jack watson had reputation well in L.A. so that, the people surounding him saw that Jack Watson had middle education. Amanda was almost same as Jack that she had ever married her. She retired from movie career and became Matthew Kingston’s wife. So Amanda had middle education. It can be seen in the following quotation:
She had given up an extra ordinary movie career twenty-six years before to marry a very staid, respectable, and as far as jack was concerned, extremely boring banker named Matthew Kingston.(Chapter I: 12).

Although they were not highly educated, they were from high and modrn class. They were successful person. They were also rich, famous and had good characteristics, especially Jack watson. He had a beatiful ferrari, some stores and houses in good places. He opened his store in Los Angles and Palm Spring, New York. And he had been thinking about opening a store in Francisco. Jack Watson had some links with artists. Actors and other sucessful businessmen. So it made him very famous, rich and spectacular. It can be proved by the following statements:
Whithout even trying, it seemed, he wound up with the store that every woman in Los Angles would have killed to shop in.
(Chapter I: 8).
He had opened a Palm Spring store before Dorry died, and another in New York five years later. (Chapter I: 10).

Therefore, Jack and Amanda were from high and modrn classes. Such as when they had dinner or lunch, they went out in the best restaurants. They went out to the party. They were wearing good clothes and jewelry. They spent out their money to take a walk, shoping, eating, party, and only for fun. It can be seen in the following quotation:
Looks good to me Jack. Really good”,she said as she admaired all the details. She loved his party. They were always terrific.(Chapter III: 62).
Instead she chose a pretty navy blue wool dress.
….she put on a pair of navy blue high-heel pumps, and apair of sappahire earings,…(Chapter II:58). “Maybe we should go some where a little less public for dinner…”, L’Orangerie was the best restaurants in L.A., …(Chapter IV: 98)

4.2.4   Social Relationship of the Main Characters
In this case the writter wants to discuss the relationship between the main characters and other characters sorounding them.
Human beings cannot stand alone in solving a problem. Furthermore, when a person associated, certainly we must find a new strange a life. But if a person stands his idea and cannot accept a new life in the sociaty, of courese, we will have conflict in society.
Jack and Amanda were the main characters. Jack had two children, Paul and Julie. And Amanda had two daughters, Louise and Jan. Paul was Jan’s husband. So, Jack and Amanda were related as parents-in-law. They all good relationships. Jack Watson loved his children such as Amanda loved her daughters. Jack and Amanda always tought their children especially Paul and Jan. They taught about Jack and Pauls relationship. Therefore, Jack and close relationship with his secretary and employee, Gladdie. She knew about Jack. She had also attention about Jack’s business, love with Amanda, or his problems. Gladdie was helpful in Jacks activity. However, Jack and Gladie had close relationship. He never made a date with his employer. It can be proved in the following quotations:
The only things he really care about, and was seriouse about, were his children. Julie and Paul were the lights of his life, and always would be. (Chapter I: 14)
“Oh, mom”. Jan cradled her mother in her arms like child as her mother sobbed, and loise quietly left the room and found Paul in the kitchen. (Chapter I: 33)
Jan and his sister, Louise, were only slightly more than a years a part,but in every possible way they were entirely different. (Chapter I: 30)
“I had a lovely time, Jack, thank you for taking such good care of me, and taking me to dinner to talk about the children”. (Chapter III: 81)
They walked on the beach the next day, holdinghands, and talk about the children. She was still worried about Jan, and hoped that she would be able to get pregnant. (Chapter VII: 140)
…his secretary, Gladie. She knew him too well to be afected by him. She had worked for him for five-years, knew everything there was to know about him. And the one group of women who were sacrede to him, that he never mesed around with, were the ones who waorked for him in his office. (Chapter I: 17)


5.1. Conclusion
Based on what has been discussed in the prvieous chapter the writter would like to make the following the conclusion.
To find out the answer to the fist problem, who the main characters in the play are the writter used the teories based on the literary books. The writter had found out that Jack Watson and Amanda Robbins are the main character in the story because they have contributeds much in story. And the minor or supporting characters are Paul Watson, Julie’s Watson, Jan Kingston, Louise Kingston and Gladie, because they have suported and played in the story become more interewsting and more real.
Than, about the characterization, four problems or topicts have been discussed by the writter. They are about the main characters phisycal apearance personality, social status, and social relationship. Fist. About Jack Watson pisycal apearence, Jack was fivety nine years odl. He was a handsome, rich, generous enteligent, nice, and fun. Jan Watson was also a fun guy, sexy adorably. Second, about Amanda Robbins phisycxal apearance, Amanda was fivety years odl. She was beatiful, skin pale, rich, interesting, sexy and fresh. She had blue eyes. The last, is talking about the main characters personality, Jack Watson and Amanda Robbins almost had the same personality. Jack and Amanda were also discipline, nead, romjantic and understand each other. Jack and Amanda were not highly educated but high and modern class live. The last is about their social status. Jack and Amanda had good relationships with their children, Gladie and the people surounding them, becase the story tells about problem solvings, love, family, relationships and the luxury or live in the city.

In our social daily live, there are many defference or characteristics or among individuals. So, we must be aware that these characteristics may effect social relationships. We may not look or jugde the people oround us by phisycal apearence but we have to consider about their personality first. It is true we can not live without social relationships. We must relaise that our fate on our God. We may not had one onother, because we love her that we hated at onother time.
It is sugested to the teachers that they could use prose to teach english to student trough literature work. The novels given could be created intent level difficulty. By using the prose the teacher not only provide the students with the english exposure but also provide them with exercise concerning language component, like vocabulary and struture. In addition, theacher good also moral values and iner conflict that might be happened real lives people. By so doing in this suspected the student not only have better propitiously but also become monitory.


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