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Kumpulan Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Pendidikan Anak


          Actually keeping a positive attitude and behavior was not only the responsibility of the teachers and their families, but everyone, teachers are always seeking his family became the front line in providing education with an example, is a reflection of the commitment and a deepening sense of a teacher. The teacher should strive to be good and not corrupt her family so that she can teach her students who are the next generation teens have good morals and the moral corruption and, trying not to lie to his students as adolescents are either a liar, not heat in juvenile delinquency.
The teacher is a noble profession and not easy to implement and has a very lofty position in society. Everyone will surely justify this statement if understood the extent to which the roles and responsibilities of a teacher. Since I was only 6 years old to adults, my parents who is a teacher, always giving instructions that remind us of the children is the son of a teacher who should always behave so that is always good and not to do a mistake. Is that heavy, that why should we act So what professional relationships with parents with their children, if only the son of a teacher who should be?.
The teacher's role is not only limited tasks to be performed in front of the class, but did have his whole life dedicated to education. Not only delivering academic theories alone but the models described by the behavior of a teacher in their daily lives.
Impressed a perfect teacher is a person who does not make mistakes in demand at all, there is little wrong in the teacher-spoken word will be embedded so deeply in the hearts of the youth. If the teacher has a bad habit and it is known by the students, no doubt if it will be used as a reference for the other teens on justification mistakes he is doing, and this can be a cause, a reason why the delinquency.
Looks like the teacher's philosophy deserves to be made in the philosophy of life, because almost everyone will become a father and a mother who is a teacher note closest successor to the children of this nation. It would be difficult for a father to forbid their teenagers not to smoke if a father is a smoker. It would be difficult for a mother to teach teenagers to always be honest, if the home the mother lied to his father and his environment, or vice versa. so how could the parents not to prohibit teenagers while their own naughty naughty?
One afternoon I was a little sad to see a young junior high school is cool to smoke a cigarette with his younger class who are still in elementary school, it was visible from the uniforms worn and the age is somewhat still a teenager. Who is to blame in this case. Is teens, it seems unfair that we only blame the teen was alone, the child born is like a sheet of white paper, what is the future going to be like in the old days hanging with ink and write anything on a piece of white paper. The first person is probably to blame teachers, good teachers at home (parents), school (teachers), or the environment to be unwittingly scored the teens to commit acts that fall into delinquency.
The role of the parents are responsible for the safety of the teens certainly do not let the child fall asleep with facilities that can sink into the adolescent delinquency, good control by always providing moral and religious education both expected to guide the adolescent into the street true, how parents can educate their children to be a pious youth while parents rarely run something that reflects religious , to the mosque for example. So do not be surprised if there delinquency, because the juvenile delinquency patterns imitate parents.
Not easy to be a teacher. Being a teacher is expected to not only based on teachers' salaries to be raised, not a last option after can not be in another profession, nor by chance. Ideally, aspires to become a teacher based on a lofty idealism, to create the youth as the next generation of quality.
Teachers should not only be seen as a profession, but it is part of life and idialism a teacher must uphold the highest. Idealism should not be replaced by anything, including money. But teachers are human beings, with a vengeance last man she was still human, if the temptation is too strong exposure to humans can make mistakes. Most recently in the news media was undermining the image of the teacher is the news about the abuse Person teachers towards their students. If the old saying pupil teacher stand up pee pee ran it right, it means that one teacher how many students did worse than that, until finally creating a pattern of delinquency was not like we were expecting.
These symptoms have been shown the truth. We take the nasty case of teenage students committed by young teenagers such as juvenile cases in the garden sari nasty provincial capital Pangkalpinang Pacific Islands, teen dating site on the hill Dealova pangkalpinang and adolescents Chicken campus began to bloom again plus photo- junior teen exciting photos Jebus, this suggests that the saying shows the truth.
Work team consisting of parents (as a teacher at home), teachers in schools, and the environment (as a teacher as children, teenagers playing and learning) should be in shape. begins with good communication between parents and teachers in schools, intensive meetings between the two will each provide excellent support for the education of youth. The role of environment must be more concerned, with regard teenagers in their environment is a shared responsibility, the environment must also be able to provide the correct information to parents about the adolescent's behavior and could then be used to evaluate progress in order not to get caught up in delinquency adolescents.

see how the role of parents plays an important role in shaping the behavior of teenagers, after all the information about the growth of his son in the can, the parents  must be clever to manage the information correctly.
Regardless of the pros and cons of a teacher a teacher of philosophy seems to be to hold on to all of us, especially for parents to counter juvenile delinquency, let us together to become a teacher for the children and our youth young teens, by always giving examples truth and encouragement to do the truth. The teacher for adolescents is parents, school teachers and the environment in which he was raised. If the teacher can give a good example hopefully there will be a generation of our youth on the right path and survived the culture of "juvenile delinquency" that destroy the lives and future of young people, hopefully.
Policies to Guide to Preventing Delinquency May we agree, through Tri Centre for Education (family, school, and community) can doing together and shoulder to shoulder in warding  children / adolescents with full wisdom to achieve noble seven with the smallest risk, both by educators , parents, community leaders, religious leaders, law enforcement, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, and government officials, both preventive and repressive.
A. In the Family
The Family  is adjective  the primary and fundamental. Therein child, obtain the initial discovery, and learning that allows further development of the self. In the first family also gain protection first. Each member should feel the peace, joy, and comfort in the family's security. Each family problems should be through consultation to achieve consensus in the unity of opinion. We recommend that families begin to crack especially if broken, then that's where the source  children. however busy husband and wife work outside the home to earn a living, and  saying but also attention of parents towards their children remained neglected, so as not to cause mischief.
Preferably in their policy and deter delinquency member family notice the following:
a). When parents see their children , then give an explanation of the risks or hazards caused by such act.
b). To protect  circulation of pornography should be useful readings according to the child's interest, it will have an interest in reading children.
c). Prevent follow children in the "alley", by filling the family busy, by mutual help.
d). Increase faith and piety towards Allah SWT view of participation in religious activities.
e). Parents should always provide a good example to their children in everyday life. And responsive to the delinquency symptoms.

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