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Total Recorder VideoPro Edition 8.4 Build 4990

HighTech IT Solution - Total Recorder VideoPro Edition is a new edition to the Total Recorder product family that provides recording from any combination of video and audio sources. This edition includes all of the powerful features for working with audio as Total Recorder Professional Edition.

The VideoPro Edition allows you to play, record, and edit video files in AVI, WMV or FLV format. You can record screen activity, record from a video device plugged into your computer, such as DV camera, web camera, TV-tuner or DVD player, or background record Internet video streams in WMV format.

Total Recorder VideoPro Edition Main Features:
  • Support for video files in AVI, WMV and FLV formats; in addition under Windows 7 and above in MOV (for playback only), MPEG-4, and 3GP formats.
  • Ability to capture and record screen activity as well as on your computer, including full screen capture, window video capture, region capture, cursor movements, and menu selections (see How to Record Video from a Screen or Software Player).
  • Record video from hardware video devices, including DVD and cassette players/recorders, USB web cameras, DV cameras, and TV tuners. For more details, see How to Record Video from Video Devices.
  • Watch and record streaming video in WMV or FLV format. For example, you can record Internet television. For more information, refer to Background Recording (Capturing) of Video.
  • Ability to convert a video file from one type to another using different video codecs. See also How to Convert Video.
  • Perform editing operations on a video file. For example, you can save, cut, copy, or paste a selection. Editing of a video file is performed without re-encoding. This saves time and does not lead to a loss of video or audio quality. For details, refer to How to Edit Video.
  • Support for multiple monitors. You can specify the monitor from which a window or region will be captured, as well as specify the monitor to be used when playing video in full-screen mode.
  • Use the time-shift feature, which lets you listen during the recording or the background recording of an Internet broadcast.
  • Support for video files with multiple audio streams. This feature allows you to select an audio stream to play, select a particular audio stream to save as an audio file or to select the audio streams to save when re-saving a video file that contains multiple audio streams.
  • Ability to slow down or speed up playback, with support for a wide range of speeds (from x0.01 to x300.0).
  • Schedule playbacks or recordings using Total Recorder's powerful built-in scheduler. For example, you can schedule a recording from your favorite streaming video services and websites, such as YouTube, or record screen activities on your PC. Refer to Using the Scheduler for details.
  • Support for video files with multichannel audio streams, provided that an appropriate audio codec is installed. For example, Total Recorder can work with video files that contain audio streams in Dolby Digital (AC3) format.
  • You can use the predefined sample links provided with the product, or you can add a video file or URL to your Total Recorder Favorites list for later access. Favorites can be exported and imported.
  • Extract an audio or video stream from a video file.
  • Replace an audio stream in a video file or add an audio stream to a video file.
  • Save a video frame as a bitmap (.bmp) file and copy the current frame to the Clipboard so that you can paste it into another program such as a graphic editor or a word processor.
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Total Recorder VideoPro Edition 8.4 Build 4990 Full | 7MB | Mirror
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