Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kumpulan Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Internet Education


Classical problems that occur in cities with metropolitan life issues such as transport (congestion), regulation of street vendors, as well as the lives of the people that are underground, such as gambling, drugs and businesses circulation Sexual involving teenagers. These problems do exist but it was very difficult solution. For that all development stakeholders (executive, legislative, education, NGOs and the various components of society) should be able to work together and go hand-in-hand work in the same vision and mission of building a city in a dignified manner.
tried to shoot another problem that is implicitly visible but affect underground. The new issue is the impact of Internet use for students. trying to throw a discourse and facts about a new problem in the big cities that also can not be underestimated. Although still in the form of initial symptoms, but if not addressed will certainly develop into a "chronic disease" that more difficult to overcome.
We recognize that the socialization of Internet use in Indonesia arguably relatively successful. It also occurred in the City of Sragen, which currently students ranging from elementary-high school and even the students are very familiar using the internet. We can see how the dominance of students and students at Internet cafes Sragen City. They've looked confident (PD) visited internet cafes and no longer able to play awkward internet. This is very different from the situation about 6 years ago, where the adults are more dominant to internet users.
In observations, that at this time there has been a shift in the profile of Internet users and also shift the orientation of utilization. Most Internet users today are followed by junior high school students and college students actually ranks third (except in the cafe adjacent to the campus). There are interesting trends is the advent of the internet and the elementary school play was "brave" bobbed internet. The parents would now have to be "willing" to spend more to meet the wishes of his children to play on the internet either at home or in the cafe. Hope the parents certainly want the kids are not outdated and the internet are playing the children can grow smart. But is it so?
Increasing prevalence of Internet users on the one hand it is very encouraging, but the shift in the orientation of internet usage is very alarming. In observations, that the junior, high school and elementary school most (> 75%) use the internet "just" to play GAME and CHATTING. And on average they are willing to spend 3-5 hours / day to spend money Rp.7000 - Rp.30.000/days for Internet play. And "strange" his activities are supported by the parents. I believe that the shift in the orientation of the use of the internet has not been captured by the parents, so that every child asks for money to play any internet always given. In fact, what happens is that there is no element of any education to be gained from playing GAME & CHATTING. While not all students "just" use the internet to play the GAME and CHATTING. Among them are also using the internet to find the means of knowledge, but the amount is not doing that much. GAME & CHATTING could take effect "addiction". And when it certainly addiction side effects will make your child learn to be lazy, lazy Koran and every chance he always tried to play the GAME & CHATTING. The negative impact of playing GAME is almost the same as the impact of the Play Station game where someone who has been addicted to endure a day of play and even forget to eat, forget to drink and forget that there is still tomorrow. While playing CHATTING effect may be described by a lively INTERKOM game about 20 years ago. Where most people "delirious" and every day it works just playing intercom (if you already hold the mic so people tend to be lazy to go to school, go to work lazy, lazy petrified parents, lazy to recite lazy to eat, drink and so lazy). Likewise with CHATTING .. students who undertake this activity assumes a 5 hour equals 10 minutes. And they tend to use CHAT to just chat here and there with a date on the internet and even did not rule out also led to discussion of "slob-slob". GAME & CHATTING Effect game is even more dangerous than our fears about 5 years ago about the rise of porn sites. Because based on observation, it affects only porn site on the euphoria and in no time they will get bored. But the effect GAME & CHATTING is "Opium Effect" that could make the users become addicted and this is very dangerous for our education. Some of the events in Indonesia showed no cases of rape by a friend CHATTING, CHAT fraud by friends. Because it is possible that the "new friend" who acquired it in the virtual world FINALLY followed by "See you land" and some even directly into a date. I'm also concerned that the junior was unwitting victims of the criminals who exploit CHATTING means to find their prey. This can happen because of a familiar CHATTING could easily fool his opponent CHATTING. For example, a "PLAY BOY" 35-year-old, could have been a 17-year-old confessed to attract the attention of a junior high school student who was 15 years old. Simply by mastering the language "in internet slang" Om Om-a 45-year-old may be admitted was 17 years old. For those who are important to "close" and it can be fun opponent CHATTING while looking for opportunities and adjust strategy to be able to execute his evil actions.
As part of the Information Technology, the Internet is like a double-edged sword. On one hand, this technology can be useful when used to do things good and useful, such as: search for school learning materials, discussion subjects, looking for scholarship programs, consultation with experts, distance learning, and looking for methods of teaching multimedia-based. But unfortunately internet use it even shifted to the negative things and this should concern the entire community in Bogor, Because after all we still need the internet as a means of information and communication that is global, but on the other hand we also must also be prepared to anticipate for overcome the negative impacts. And this is the problem with us.
As long as all this is still a phenomenon, it is good government, parliament, the education, the observer "IT" and social observers sit together to discuss and find solutions to overcome them. "Virus" that makes them "addiction" and "virus" that could trap them into a problem. The most important thing is how we package this technology in order to have the charge of education but still interesting to be visited by students as Internet users (netizens) the majority.

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