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1.1 Background

Human life stems from the simplicity of life that can now be considered very modern. In this era, everything can be solved with practical ways. This is the impact arising from the presence of technology. Technology is something that is beneficial to facilitate all aspects of human life.

A world of information at this time if the technology can not be separated from. The use of technology by people to make the world more and more sophisticated technology. Communication that used to take a long time in the delivery, now with technology everything seemed to be very fast and without any distance.

With such rapid advances in technology, the old saying that "The world is not as wide as the leaves of Moringa" appropriately changed to "The World as wide as the moringa leaves." This is due to the rapid access to information in their daily lives. We can know the events that are happening in other areas or even in other countries, eg the United States even though we are in Indonesia.

Initially, the technology was created to simplify every human activity. The technology was born of human thought which seeks to facilitate activities which are then applied in life. Now the technology has developed rapidly and increasingly sophisticated along with the times that the addition of technology functions that increasingly pamper human life. One example of this is the current advanced facilities phones.

At the initial appearance, the phone is only owned by certain circles that really need to smooth their work. However, over the times, mobile phones are owned by all the good that is really needed and which are less demanding teenagers are no exception.

Now the phone is no longer just a communication device, but the phone is also a tool for creating and entertaining with voice, text, pictures, and video. The teens are now vying to have a mobile phone because it is not only a means of communication, but also among teenagers as well as mobile lifestyle, trends, and prestige.

In addition, the rapid development of several other communication technologies such as the Internet successfully influence the youth. Now the internet is not just technology for sharing data via e-mail, ftp, and others. However, the Internet also offers a variety of websites that provide a variety of things like social networking is very popular among teenagers. This social networking allows teens to communicate with other people in other areas or in other countries.

Among adolescents, using communication technologies, such as mobile phones and internet as a multifunctional tool such as multifunctional teenagers can use technology in a positive or negative depending on the individual. Positive examples of the use of communication technologies are utilizing this technology to assist them in the learning process. However, there are a few things to worry about in the use of communication technology by teens such as use conditions are not appropriate. Say, a used mobile phone in the learning process for sms's with a girlfriend or use the internet to access porn sites, and others.

Based on the arguments above, the authors are interested to explore the influence of advances in communications technology among teenagers.

1.2 Problem Formulation

Based on the background of the above problems, the problems in this paper are:

1. What understanding of communication technology?

2. What about the positive impact of advances in communications technology?

3. What about the negative impact of advances in communications technology?

4. Any action taken to avoid abuse of teen communication technology?

1.3 Objectives of Writing

This paper aims to:

1. To know the meaning of the communication technology.

2. To know the positive impact of advances in communications technology.

3. To determine the negative impact of advances in communications technology.

4. To know the measures taken to avoid abuse of teen communication technology.

1.4 Benefits of Writing

The benefit of this paper include:

1. Can add insight into the author and the audience on matters relating to the effect of advances in communications technology to teenagers.

2. As reference material for the reader.

3. Can train students in general and writers in particular in developing self-insight to develop systematic thoughts in the form of paper.


2.1 Definition of Communication Technology

Technology is the knowledge of the use of tools and crafts, and how it affects the ability to control and adapt to their natural environment. The word technology comes from Greek technología (τεχνολογία) - Techne (τέχνη), 'craft' and-Logia (-λογία), the study of something, or the branch of knowledge of a discipline. The technology can also be interpreted objects useful to humans, such as the engine, but it can also include a broader, including systems, methods of organization, and techniques. This term can be applied generally or specifically: examples include "construction technology", "medical technology", or "state-of-the-art technology".

Thus, understanding the technology are the tools created or designed by man that aims to facilitate the activities of human beings.

Meanwhile, the notion of communication is a process of delivering information (messages, ideas, ideas) from one party to another to enable the mutual influence between the two. In general, communication is done verbally or verbally that can be understood by both parties. If no verbal language that can be understood by both, communication can still be done using body gestures, showing certain attitudes, such as smiling, shook his head, shrugged his shoulders. This method is called the language of nonverbal communication.

Based on the above, it can be concluded understanding of communication technology is an electronic system that is used for communication between individuals or groups of people. Communications technology facilitating communication between individuals or groups of people who do not meet physically in the same location. Communication technologies can be telephone, telex, fax, radio, television, audio video 'electronic data interchange and e-mail.

Communication technology is hardware equipment, organizational structure, and social values
​​by which individuals collect, process and information is exchanged with another individual (Rogers, 1986).

2.2 Positive Impact of Communications Technology Advancement

Today's communications technology is growing very rapidly. Some examples of the results of development of communication technology is the presence of the internet, mobile phones, televisions, and others. This leads to faster access to information and tools tersenut certainly be a source of information both positive and negative information. An update is said to be positive if the information is to benefit research.

The following describes the positive impacts of advances in communications technology.

    Internet as a communication medium, is a function of the most widely used internet where any internet user can communicate with other users from around the world.
    Media data exchange, using email, newsgroups, ftp and www (world wide web - a network of websites) Internet users around the world to exchange information quickly and cheaply.
    Media to seek information or data, the rapid development of Internet, making www as one important source of information and accurate.
    Community functions, internet establish a new society whose members include Internet users from around the world. In this community of Internet users can communicate, find information, shop, conduct business transactions, and so on. Due to the nature of the internet which is similar to our everyday world, the Internet is often referred to as cyberspace or virtual world (virtual world).

5. Facilitate the learning process. Online services in education is essentially providing educational services to the users (students) to use the internet as a medium. Online services can be composed of various stages of the process of educational programs such as: registration, test entry, payment, lectures, case assignments, case discussions, exams, assessments, discussions, announcements, etc.. Distance education can utilize Internet technology to its full potential, it can provide effective in terms of time, place and even improve the quality of education. Forms of matter, exams, quizzes and other educational means can also be implemented into the web, such as the material the teacher made a presentation on the web and can be downloaded by the students.

6. Facilitate communication to connect relationship, such as the mobile phone is equipped with features and phone orders that allow us to communicate with people in other areas or in other countries. Even now, mobile phones have been adopted based 3G systems where one can communicate via phone, and see the face of his interlocutor.

7. Means for entertainment. Some of the results of the communication technologies providing gaming facilities, audio, and video.

8. Ease trade and business in the areas of trade, so no need to go to the place offers / sales.

9. Students do not stutter technology, students can follow the development era technologization world and students can be more productive, effective and efficient in time, energy and money because there is no means of communication that allows business.

2.3 Negative Impact of Communications Technology Advancement

Advances in technology, it is to be thankful for. Because with touch technology, a variety of human subsistence easier. Basically, the technology brings positive implications in human history. In fact, evidence of the development of the technology advances the human ability to use reason and mind in managing natural and human potential itself. However, if the results of technological achievements and then abused, then that arises is diverse adverse effects. Not only is the main goal of the development of science and technology is not achieved, but the abuse of engineering technology itself will make human life more difficult. Uncontrolled. Become a daze. Even being ambiguous.

The following are the negative impacts of advances in communications technology.

· Pornography
Assumption that the Internet is identical with pornography, it is not wrong. With the ability to deliver information possessed internet, pornography was merajalela.Untuk anticipation of this, the browser manufacturers equip their programs with the ability to choose the kind of home-page can be found internet akses.Di images of pornography and violence can lead to a boost to someone for a criminal act.

· Violence and Gore

Too much cruelty and sadism displayed. Because the business and the content on the internet is not limited to, the owner of the site using all sorts of ways to sell their sites. One way to display things that are taboo.

· Fraud
It is indeed rampant in any field. Internet was not immune from attack fraudsters. The best way is to ignore it or confirm the information that you get the information provider.

· Carding
Because of its real time (live), how to shop using credit cards are the most widely used in the Internet world. Internet criminals even the most committed crimes in this field. With the open nature, the criminals were able to detect the existence of transactions (using credit card) on-line and record the card code used. To further their use of the data they get for their evil purposes.

· Gambling
Another effect is the widespread gambling. With the available networks, the gamblers do not have to go anywhere special to fulfill his wish. You just need to avoid the site like this, because gambling sites are generally not aggressive and require a lot of approval from the visitors. And more worrisome if the gambling site is visited by teens who are still unstable, so they are very vulnerable to damage morale.

· Reduce the social nature of human beings because they tend to prefer to connect via the Internet rather than meet in person (face to face). From the nature of social change can lead to changes in the patterns of interaction. Crimes such as cheating and stealing to do on the internet (crime also changes).

· Can make a person addicted, especially those involving pornography and can spend the money as it is only to serve the addiction.

· The use does not match the condition, for example, using a mobile phone during the learning process lasts for sms's with friends or girlfriends or open social networking sites (facebook, twitter, plurk, yahoo tumble, etc.) at the time of study.

2.4 Measures to avoid abuse Do Communication Technology

Actions that can be taken to avoid abuse of communication technologies, such as:

    Use the technology that you control to forge a more intents with friends or people you know who have previously been the real world. Do not be obsessed to find new friends on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media because of the tendency, you know they are only virtual world will not provide the value of a mutual friendship or mutual support between one and the other real world.
    If you want to find new friends virtual world, find a positive community that is often met in the real world, commonly known by the term kopdar or ground coffee. Communities like this is really going to hone your communication skills because these communities often gives us inspiration and support optimal on your life.
    Refusing an invitation to keep friends and see things that meyangkut pornoaksi and pornography.
    Do not bring cell phones to school or turn off the phone when the lesson so as not to disturb the concentration of study.
    When at home you should set the best time between learning and the use of communication technologies, such as mobile phones, internet, etc.
    Avoid accessing porn sites or downloading porn content
    Utilizing communication technologies as needed.

In this case the control of the parents is also very important. Given the majority of juvenile delinquency conducted by adults who received less attention from parents.


3.1 Conclusion

1. Technologies are tools that are made or designed by man that aims to facilitate the activities of human beings. Meanwhile, the notion of is a process of delivery of information from one party to another to enable the mutual influence between the two.

2. Understanding Communication Technology is an electronic system that is used for communication between individuals or groups of people. Communication technology facilitates communication individuals or groups who do not meet physically in the same location. Communication technologies can be telephone, telex, fax, radio, television, e-mail, and others.

3. The positive impact of advances in communications technology, among others:

o Internet as a communication medium

o Media data exchange

o Media to seek information or data

o The function of community

o Facilitate the learning process

o Facilitate communication untu connect Hospitality

o Means for entertainment

o The need for trade and business in the field of trade.

o Students do not stutter technology

4. The negative impact of advances in communications technology is pornography, violence and gore, fraud, carding, gambling, reducing the social nature of man, can make a person addicted to, and use of incompatible conditions.

5. Actions taken to avoid abuse of communication technologies is necessary to use communication technology and its use in accordance with the conditions.

3.2 Advice

1. Expected to society in general and youth in particular to use reason and mind in using communication technology, communication technology and its use as necessary in accordance with the conditions for a variety of adverse effects of communication technologies does not happen.

2. With the assignment of making paper such as this, will spur creative thinking, broaden the horizons of thinking, and increase students' interest in reading.

3. To all the readers would give constructive criticism so that what we expect of the contents of this paper may be useful for the community.

Semoga bermanfaat yaaaa,,,dan Terima Kasih Untuk kunjungan anda..

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